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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nexus (Chapter 12)



----------END OF TRANSMISSION----------
Author's note:
Nexus is a story stemmed off from a super-short story called 'The Shell' which involves a journey and adventure of an information gatherer dwelling a supercomputer called Earth. The idea Earth as a unique computer has already mentioned by other authors (as also mentioned in Nexus) such as Douglas Adams in his novels. But the idea of information gatherer is entirely my own (as far as I know).
I do believe that we are all in a tangled mess of networks (or nexus), like the brain cells. And I do believe that if we attempt to severe the connections, the results would be very interesting: an individual entity with own knowledge and information, unable to pass to anyone else and free from encumberances.
Throughout the course of writing, I've made several errors. To that, I thank my dear friends Roy and Silvertongue for pointing out the flaws (indirectly) and editting them as well as taking their time to read my story. Their way of hunting clues has made me move forward and tight for a better chapter. And also, I would like to say that, this story is for my bruder (brother), an avicor, for without him, I would have lost my confidence in writing again. It's your bedtime story, my brother, if you want.
Lastly, to add more thrill in reading and solving riddles, here are some questions that require some proper answer. The answers are well hidden in the story. Find them out:
a) Why didn't Dave killed Jane in the beginning?
b) Is there any other Eraserheads besides Dave after the year 7098?
c) Where did the 42 survivors come from?
To me, Dave is an interesting character. I also asked myself one question: since the cryogenics knew the existence of Dave, what is Dave's future after that? Will N.O.N. remains? Does the cryogenics know about the existence of N.O.N.? How do the Superior Beings look like?
And most importantly, should I write a sequel to this?

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