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Monday, April 30, 2012


Seriously, I don't even know what I'm illustrating. It is like torn fabric or glass mosaic. It is like floating roses, it's like sunken roses. Argh!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Early Days of Othripus

Revathor, named after the first Elven Kingdom Reva-ne (Lantern City), was a beast that swam and flew as if the skies are the seas and the seas are the heavens.

"Gurvs, you fool! Light will only blind you!" Samhanar cried. 'Gurv' was a calling made to the Elves by him, which meant 'filth' but eventually the Elves took the name and slowly changed it to 'elf'.

"We were awaken by the Lights of the Ethereal Lords, not blinded," Antuhra, the Lightkeeper shouted over the battle field, raising his shining milky white sword in the air.

"You should now know that most lights are ceased to exist!" Samhanar cried again.

True enough, the world was bleak and dark. There was no sun, no moon or stars. There were only thick black clouds rolling above the sky, threatening to strike down anyone who comes to pass. The Light of Men had been consumed by Samhanar a long time ago because they didn't heed Antuhra's warning when they were sailing across the Great Sea.

"Most lights except ours!" a lady spoke. Her voice was strong and commanding. She was tall. Taller than Antuhra, almost twice the height of his. She was glowing brightly under the night sky in radiant gold. "Lady Varquette will never allow darkness to survive forever!" She pulled an arrow across her white bow.

Her bow sang.

A white arrow streaked across the lands in flashes of white. It struck at Samhanar's heavy armour and burst into white flames before fizzling out, leaving a bright white scar.

Samhanar groaned and roared. The clouds spun around. Thunder boomed from the distance.

"Vanquish the lights!" he cried. His minions of dark began running towards Antuhra and Varquette.

"Bring light and justice, my Revans!" Antuhra cried, his face glowing in white. He led his Elven armies and answered the blades of the darkness.

"Archers, fire at will!" Lady Varquette commanded. Streams of silver rain fell on the running minions, many were slain. She pulled another arrow and aimed at Samhanar at a distance. "Starsea, bless upon this arrow and wipe out the filth one," she muttered.

She fired.


The Nightshade Battle lasted for many years. The Dark forces seemed to be never diminished and Antuhra was wearing out fast.

Lady Varquette had difficulty in slaying Samhanar. His thick armour blocked every arrow she had fired. She had only able to blind his one eye with her arrow. Her volphon riders had successfully raided Samhanar's camp and rescued the remaining souls who were not succumbed to Samhanar's filth.

"You are bold, but you are foolish," Samhanar yelled across the distance. He wielded a deep purple magic between his fingers. Everybody knew this force was fatal. It was a magic of pure magic. It was said anyone who cast once, he will remain powerless for many months till his energy returns.

"I do not think you are going to kill me with that force," Varquette smiled, pulling another arrow on her bow. "You are making yourself weak."

He released the energy on her.

The battle went silent. Even when the swords clanged, no sound was heard. Then, Varquette cried in agony. Antuhra turned and looked for her. There she was laying on the ground, breathing very hard. Her chest was darkening into purple and it was spreading all over hear fast.

"You are wrong. I have Ingridnar to assist my dominance even when I need rest," Samhanar laughed.

"Leave me," she panted. "Do not let darkness consume you. I will let it take over me than all of us!"

"I will never leave you!" Antuhra cried, holding her hands.

"Antuhra, please, I think I can heal her," a golden-hair archer interrupted.

"You are?"

"The Healer," he said. He picked her up effortlessly and brought her into a deep forest nearby with his volphon beast.

That was the last Antuhra could see Lady Varquette, and the rest of her archers followed the Healer.


The Nightshade Battle was over after a long while. Nobody could remember how long it took. Some said it took about at least 500 years. But it didn't matter.

Lady Varquette was not dead. Her body was glowing before the battle, because she had swallowed one of the Lights of Elves. The Dark spell did not kill her. It just took away the Light of Elves, leaving her soul alone. Had she not swallowed the Light, she would be dead and under the service of Samhanar. The Light had protected her.

But at the same time, darkness stained over her, granting her immense magic powers. But she chose not to come out from the forest. She feared Antuhra's light sword - Revira. She feared Anturha would kill her if he came to understand darkness had taken her over.

Her dwelling in the forest gradually stained her people and the surrounding. The intense pure magic stained the forest into purple. And the name was given as Amethypurle Forest.

When all lives in that forest were succumbed to the magic, a beast from the lake had taken in so much of the energy that it had turned into a magic dragon, Revathor. The dragon was very ancient and old. It appeared long before Varquette had war with Samhanar.

It was once a beast that swam the Great Seas. Antuhra had nearly slain it for causing sea storms when they were on their journal to confront Samhanar (which at that moment, they saw the Last of the Men before their entire ship was consumed by darkness).

Antuhra blessed it when he knew it was upset with the Elves and Men disturbing the seas. It was making their way to the Land of the Darkness difficult. Antuhra blessed it and asked it to let them confront the Dark Lord and bring light to the world. He placed a jewel from his crown onto its chest and naming it 'Revathor'. He pleaded Revathor to look after the seas and let no Darkness falls beyond the Western shores.

Revathor being surprised, had sword to protect the Great Seas. But when the sea was drying up, it took the skies and was attracted by the Forest.

Revathor, never quite evolved into a proper modern dragon, remained a mythical creature in the Forest. Nobody had seen such dragon before. They claimed it had either died of old age, or died because of the magical suffocation.

Varquette, on the other hand, continued to rule the land for thousands of years.


"Suriel, get me some fresh meat," Varquette ordered her Healer.

"Again, milady?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, again," Varquette said. "It needs to be fed. It's coming."

She stared into a thicket of bush, and saw a gleaming white jewel.

She smiled.

The Elders of Elves - Antuhra (or Anturha). Main hero in confronting Samhanar. The Elders have different features than modern elves. They had strange eyes and glowing tattoos to guide them in the dark.

So, did you notice the text is getting darker and darker as you read? Welcome to Amethypurle Forest then.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Achieved this effect by drawing something huge, then shrink it, then enlarge it. Result is this.

PIXELATED: Things might go smooth from surface.
People might be perfect at some point. But when you start to focus things down, being critical, you find a flaws. Either you choose to embrace a bigger picture, or pick on the smallest details.


Highlight the empty space below and find out whether your choice is listed! If your choice is not listed, you are very creative! Tell me about it! Comment on your choice!

  1. Vegetable
  2. Glass mosaic
  3. Tetris
  4. Confusion
  5. Nonsense
  6. Sunny/Summer
  7. Spring/Flower
  8. Papaya
  9. Maze
  10. The picture itself (You have no damn imagination)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Yacht

Another post of mine that requires reading and listening at the same time. But this time round, you don't have to immerse yourself in words. You have to imagine the picture. Imagination is a powerful tool. Turn it on and imagine!

The story of a little yacht
sailing across the vast blue ocean

The sky is blue
The ocean is bluer...

The waves grow tall
The yacht struggles
The waves grow fast
The yacht struggles

The yacht climbs on the crest of the wave
slides down gleefully
- Sinks below the surface
- Bobs up

The waves carry it up
The waves carry it down
The waves carry it away
The waves carry it with the winds

The little yacht
basks in the golden sun
Watching the seagulls cry
and fly

Storm clouds come rolling by
Lightning flash
Thunder crash
Winds howl
The yacht lolls
The rain pours

The yacht fights


Out in the shadow
out comes the sun
shining on the little yacht
as it sails across the ocean
further and further
and vanishes...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Faerie Dragon

Mystical creature based on Warcraft of a Night Elf clan. It is very elusive and cute.

I drew this for 30 minutes using Paint (the typical software embedded in every Windows computer). I know it doesn't match 100% with the colours of Warcraft's Faerie Dragon, but hey, I tried my very best. Haha.

Well, there isn't any "LIKE" button for blogspot, but there is some feedback you can give!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dancing Shoes

Before reading further, it is very adviseable that you play this song and read it while it is playing. It's only a piano music ensemble. No videos. So just listen to it and read the story according to the tempo and feel. Hope you'll like it.

In a dark woods,
the moon is merely casting its light
on the autumn leafy ground.
The sycamore trees standing tall
and the owl hooting soft.
The crickets buzz in sync
with the blinking stars in heaven.
The stream washes the grey round stones
as they glimmer the moonlight glow.

All are quiet and mysterious...
Everything is asleep and in dreams....

A girl with flaxen hair
steps on the wet fallen leaves
she follows the leaping toad

She's cold.
She's hungry.
She's lost and she is trying her best to find her way out.

The sun has deceived her
the moon has shown her nothing.
"Follow the stream," her spirit tells her.
She breathes in hard.

Thorns from the vines cut her hand.
But she dances through the woods.

Even though she is lost
She finds the dark woods never cast a shadow on her.
The woods is beautifully eerie.
Or eerily beautiful.
She cannot be sure.

A drop of blood drips on her feet
Her forehead is cut by a vine.

She pulls away the curtain of thorns
and find herself in the middle of a green meadow
where the moon blesses her grace
and the stars shimmer their light

A pair of dancing shoes
she waltzes into the night...

She is not lost
She has found herself
She has found a dream
and does not want to be awaken...

A pair of dancing shoes
she is taken to another land...

A pair of dancing shoes
she waltzes into the night...

A pair of dancing shoes
she smiles upon her beauty...

And never to return...

Saturday, April 21, 2012




Feed the fish before you read, please, or they will haunt you in your dreams by firing flying sheeps to your sunken colony full of cockroaches.

Just nonsense.

Yeah, you noticed the background and layout changed too. Anyway, *Ahem ahem*, I drew the background entirely on Paint! (the software embedded in every Windows computer) Yeah, I even drew the piano using straight and curve lines.

Crazy huh?

Well, I realise there are 100 things to do after my exams:

1) Clean up my room (Again)
2) Finish up my novel
3) Be lazier
4) Cook something for my family and 'family'
5) Play DotA in a pro way
6) It is related to 7
7) Make sure the rest of the list (till #100) must not be figured out or I'll be busy till death takes me.
8) ...
100) Do not sleep

I am CRAYZAYYYY... period.

*sigh* back to study

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ms Hulk, Mr Mocker & Mr Popular

Yesterday, Ms Hulk, Mr Mocker and Mr Popular went for a dinner.
OK, my bad. Let me rephrase that: Yeaterday, Rachel, me and my brother went for a dinner at a very 'ulu' place, just for the noodles and stuffs.

It's pretty sad when we come to think about it: Rachel is going for internship next sem, and we are going for the following. After that, she graduated before we have a chance to meet her in uni.

"I know!!!!! Sad right???" -------- an SMS from Rachel to me
So, we make a feast out of it. Talked and laughed like nobody business. And worse, we discovered a worldwide conspiracy that there are at least two aliens inhabiting Kampar, specifically UTAR.

How evil.

It's nice chatting by the way, literally every single bit about us has been squeezed out. Our past events, our lives, our friends, OUR ADMIRERS (See??? See??? There goes)... and Ultraman, boyfriends and girlfriends, being cute, "Racisitic" people, Russel Peters, Dorian Gray, and stuffs like that.

Global topic. There is nothing we can't talk about.

I don't know what to blog about, seriously. It's like, it's too abstract to put it into words, and yet I want it to be treasured forever (electronically). That's why I chose to write it out, but I got stuck. Lack of vocab I guess.


I think among all my friends, these are the two that I feel I don't have to fake out myself, or make some face to make people happy with me.

I am natural!
I am me!

OK, it's not about me. It's about us!


Peace, Racist and Democracy

I just don't understand why generations like this could behave like this. As university graduates, I thought you could be more sensible and wise, as well as smart in dealing things and conflicts.


You complain that race is being racist, but did you know, if you start to condemn them being racist, you yourselves are actually behaving like a racist guy! If you start to hate that race, the other race might just as well hates you, then when will this end? Tell me.

For everyone's sake, it's the 21st century now. If you don't like that person, you could just walk away. You don't have to shout and yell like an idiot and post it on Facebook to incite other people's anger against others (as well as each other).

 Racist, dear God, you claim them racist, but are you not?

Do you seriously think that rallying all your race at one point to slam down another race that they are racist? Don't you think what you do is also racist? Please, pakai otak sikit. If you want to stop racist, stop being a racist person. If everyone embrace each other as they should, then it should be fine! Somehow, I am sad to see tertiary-ed people acting like kids: they insist on what they want, they cry when they don't get it and they turn rebellious.

Spoiled eggs in a community, I dare say.

If you hate that policy, you can vote for another party. It's all to simple. Why do you have to waste your voice and effort in protesting here and there, post it on Facebook or Twitter. You can vote. If you are a minority, you can learn from mistakes the government did and try making a change next time.

Seriously, you think yelling and kicking, cursing and beating will actually help to solve this problem? Shame on you! You hate people who use violence, but think again, what you did is incite violence. You think you play no part on it, or in it?

Please, youths, Wake UP! You are in a knowledge society. Intelligent individuals. Surely you can do something more sensible than that! Dislike the party? Don't vote them. You don't have to ask everyone not to vote for them. That's not ethical. They have their choices too, you know. Even if they vote for a party you dislike, you should respect them and their decision, not spit on them.

Who are you to spit on them?

You demanded full democracy. Right? You want a clean, pure democracy? So, if something as simple as respect and you can't even do it, do you honestly think that there will be a pure democracy?

My God.

Bless the poor EQ underlings!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How To... Jerk Dick

OK, this is easy. Hold your hand in a loose fist, make sure you have a cylindrical hollow within. Now, practise pulling it hard as if you are taking out a carrot from a soil.

Done warming up?


Get a fellow named Dick and just grab his arm like you have warmed up on. Then JERK HIS ARM!



Monday, April 16, 2012

TIny Blog 4 (Busy)

Busy bumblebee buzz buzz buzz...

Well, I am a bit offended by the word busy. No, if I understand you are busy, then I am okay with it, but if you are busy and you claim you can't even talk for 3 minutes, now that's bullshit.

I do not believe that even a meal you are unable to consume when you are busy.

I bug you when you are busy, not because I am bugging you, but I want you to know I am near and I need you to accompany me. Not shove me away like an annoying fly to be caught later.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Sacrificing vs Stupid

There is a blurring line between sacrificing and stupid. I think.

Many people do stupid things for love. We might look at it as stupid but the doer actually thinks of it as sacrificing or romantic. OK. Now to clear things up: Sacrificing is an intersecting set with Stupid. Love is the subset of both.

Got it?


Then you're stupid. (aka you're loved. XD)

OK, this is my personal thining and experience, you have the right to disagree, but just don't yell it in front of my face.

I have a funny trait. When I love someone, I will sacrifice something to do it. For example, someone wanted dinner. Even though I have assignments, I will still go for it because dinner is a must. No matter how busy you are, you still need to have your dinner. So, what's the harm going for dinner?

That's not excessive sacrifice though. Excessive sacrifice happens when even you discard your job and your valued time for someone you love. For example, someone wanted to go for vacation. You are in the middle of your assignment. Impossible for me to go fo that vacation trip. It's... unacceptable.

But when we turn the situation around. If I asked someone for dinner and they say "I'm busy. Assignments." I will feel stupid and disappointed. I mean like, does it take long to have dinner? It's only 30 minutes!

Johnny Bravo suddenly comes into my mind while typing this blog. So is he stupid or sacrificing for his love, though he was slapped and rejected? Or, is he romantic?


I really cannot accept people rejecting me on a simple reason. Sometimes it's worse when this happens:

"Hey, wanna go out?"
"No. I am busy."

Then 2 hours later, you saw that someone going out with others. You held down your temper, and asked:

"I thought you are busy?"
"That was 2 hours ago."

How would you feel?
Your fault or that someone's?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tiny Blog 3

I don't whine for nothing. If I do whine, means I need help. For example: I am bored. Don't you dare to say, "Go find something else to do." because I have tried everything and I am still bored, that's why I approached you and asked you to chat with me or play or visit.

I am really bored.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tiny Blog 2 (Not really)

Today, around 1pm, I called delivery service and have myself lunch. I was hesitating to make a call to order which food: RM6 Japanese Chicken Chop Rice or RM5.50 Oat Fried Fish Chips Rice. I made my mind up and ordered after 5 minutes.

Then, I divested myself, took off everything. Stark naked. And I walked into the bathroom for a bath. Hot day. Can't be blamed.

 I opened my bathroom door after shower and stepped out.

Gawd. The curtains weren't closed. I wondered anyone from the opposite could see my *ahem*. Shit. I quickly dressed up and the delivery uncle came.

Went down and found my meal to be RM5.50. Wait, I thought I wanted to order Japanese Chicken Chop Rice? I asked the uncle and he said its not what I've ordered. I wanted to reject the order and wait for my real food. I argued with him. He then made a call to the restaurant.

"Yes, yes..." he replied with a frown. "It's yours, sir. Only one order has been placed from this house and it's not Japanese Chicken Chop Rice."

I took the rice gingerly, blushed and went upstairs to unleash my wrath on the poor service.

I paused.

I saw I circled Oat Fried Fish Chips Rice for my lunch on the menu.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Tiny Blog 1

"Mr Popular!" I screamed.
"Can we just stop this topic already?" he sighed, raising two arms in defeat.
I grinned and gave him a hug. That 'Mr Popular' calling is just a way I want to see him smile.
"'kay, I am going now," I said while still hugging.
"Be careful alright?"
"Yeah,' I stepped away. I began my march to my bike.

"Don't get raped!" he screamed back.

I sighed, raising two arms in defeat.