Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Yacht

Another post of mine that requires reading and listening at the same time. But this time round, you don't have to immerse yourself in words. You have to imagine the picture. Imagination is a powerful tool. Turn it on and imagine!

The story of a little yacht
sailing across the vast blue ocean

The sky is blue
The ocean is bluer...

The waves grow tall
The yacht struggles
The waves grow fast
The yacht struggles

The yacht climbs on the crest of the wave
slides down gleefully
- Sinks below the surface
- Bobs up

The waves carry it up
The waves carry it down
The waves carry it away
The waves carry it with the winds

The little yacht
basks in the golden sun
Watching the seagulls cry
and fly

Storm clouds come rolling by
Lightning flash
Thunder crash
Winds howl
The yacht lolls
The rain pours

The yacht fights


Out in the shadow
out comes the sun
shining on the little yacht
as it sails across the ocean
further and further
and vanishes...

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