Saturday, April 21, 2012


Feed the fish before you read, please, or they will haunt you in your dreams by firing flying sheeps to your sunken colony full of cockroaches.

Just nonsense.

Yeah, you noticed the background and layout changed too. Anyway, *Ahem ahem*, I drew the background entirely on Paint! (the software embedded in every Windows computer) Yeah, I even drew the piano using straight and curve lines.

Crazy huh?

Well, I realise there are 100 things to do after my exams:

1) Clean up my room (Again)
2) Finish up my novel
3) Be lazier
4) Cook something for my family and 'family'
5) Play DotA in a pro way
6) It is related to 7
7) Make sure the rest of the list (till #100) must not be figured out or I'll be busy till death takes me.
8) ...
100) Do not sleep

I am CRAYZAYYYY... period.

*sigh* back to study

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