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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ms Hulk, Mr Mocker & Mr Popular

Yesterday, Ms Hulk, Mr Mocker and Mr Popular went for a dinner.
OK, my bad. Let me rephrase that: Yeaterday, Rachel, me and my brother went for a dinner at a very 'ulu' place, just for the noodles and stuffs.

It's pretty sad when we come to think about it: Rachel is going for internship next sem, and we are going for the following. After that, she graduated before we have a chance to meet her in uni.

"I know!!!!! Sad right???" -------- an SMS from Rachel to me
So, we make a feast out of it. Talked and laughed like nobody business. And worse, we discovered a worldwide conspiracy that there are at least two aliens inhabiting Kampar, specifically UTAR.

How evil.

It's nice chatting by the way, literally every single bit about us has been squeezed out. Our past events, our lives, our friends, OUR ADMIRERS (See??? See??? There goes)... and Ultraman, boyfriends and girlfriends, being cute, "Racisitic" people, Russel Peters, Dorian Gray, and stuffs like that.

Global topic. There is nothing we can't talk about.

I don't know what to blog about, seriously. It's like, it's too abstract to put it into words, and yet I want it to be treasured forever (electronically). That's why I chose to write it out, but I got stuck. Lack of vocab I guess.


I think among all my friends, these are the two that I feel I don't have to fake out myself, or make some face to make people happy with me.

I am natural!
I am me!

OK, it's not about me. It's about us!


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