Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dancing Shoes

Before reading further, it is very adviseable that you play this song and read it while it is playing. It's only a piano music ensemble. No videos. So just listen to it and read the story according to the tempo and feel. Hope you'll like it.

In a dark woods,
the moon is merely casting its light
on the autumn leafy ground.
The sycamore trees standing tall
and the owl hooting soft.
The crickets buzz in sync
with the blinking stars in heaven.
The stream washes the grey round stones
as they glimmer the moonlight glow.

All are quiet and mysterious...
Everything is asleep and in dreams....

A girl with flaxen hair
steps on the wet fallen leaves
she follows the leaping toad

She's cold.
She's hungry.
She's lost and she is trying her best to find her way out.

The sun has deceived her
the moon has shown her nothing.
"Follow the stream," her spirit tells her.
She breathes in hard.

Thorns from the vines cut her hand.
But she dances through the woods.

Even though she is lost
She finds the dark woods never cast a shadow on her.
The woods is beautifully eerie.
Or eerily beautiful.
She cannot be sure.

A drop of blood drips on her feet
Her forehead is cut by a vine.

She pulls away the curtain of thorns
and find herself in the middle of a green meadow
where the moon blesses her grace
and the stars shimmer their light

A pair of dancing shoes
she waltzes into the night...

She is not lost
She has found herself
She has found a dream
and does not want to be awaken...

A pair of dancing shoes
she is taken to another land...

A pair of dancing shoes
she waltzes into the night...

A pair of dancing shoes
she smiles upon her beauty...

And never to return...


  1. cool!! Nice and enjoyed reading while listening. !

  2. Thanks, Adelyn! Haha, my first attempt to write from a music! haha... really thank you for enjoying it, hope i can start to write more!

  3. yeah it's really nice! Could really feel the music with the story written. Hope to see more of such posts from you!!

  4. haha... sure sure! Wait till inspiration comes! I sure will post it up!