Monday, January 31, 2011

Mama Says (II)

Hmm... after three days in Ipoh (a wee bit spending in solitairy) I think I can now fully refresh my mind on those 'E.M.O.' things. LOL...

I remembered what my mum said: 'Don't choose a flower that is blooming vibrantly. It doesn't stay long that way. Instead find a pot of flower that has no flower buds, in that way you can groom it.'

Nice. Finally I have got the meaning of this. That 'Q-thing', I have decided. It's a blooming flower. No point complaining over that. Time to move on, yeah.

Another of my mum saying: 'Don't eat the same delicious dish all time. You get muak (fed up).'

So, no point chitchatting and scribbling over each other 'every day' (seriously, no misunderstanding here), later if I get muak, who is going to give me new food?

Blah blah blah, I think, let it be. We all studied the new product development process and how the sales goes along with its profit (unless you are a science student), so we know there must be a point of 'product maturity' and 'product decline'. If I don't want to 'decline', then it might as well I skip the entire 'maturity' part.



XD... Happy Chinese New Year everyone! (And don't simply leave notes on Facebook, I don't get online often enough to see your 'paparazzic' notes.)

[PS: thanks for voting me!]

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just a Dream

I keep telling myself yesterday:

It's all just a dream. He is a shadow. Nothing more.

I don't know whether my mind is going to make up tricks for me, but I am pretty sure my mind is not going to agree with what I have told myself. Sounds a wee bit crazy eh? No choice, mate, or else I will fall in deeper and deeper, unable to resurface.

Thinking back the previous days, I can honestly say that I am the one who started the topic to chat with. Silly me. Paradoxical heart. I shouldn't. I shouldn't start a topic. If I start a topic, then of course Q will join in. How doofus am I!

So, now, I am pretty relaxed and laid back. I know what am I going to do. I am going to stop it at the impersonal conversation and never continue to personal conversation with Q. Just ordinary chitchats if Q started a topic.

So after Chinese New Year, I am going to be more focused on my work, like keyboard teaching and academic. No more tolerance with Heartstompers (unless Q did something out of ordinary). Besides, I am going to have a simple 'Hi' and 'Bye' instead of 'Hi, whatcha doing?' and 'Bye, see you later!'

Call me a quitter, I don't care.

If you come in and mess my heart, you are going to take a responsibility to get it off my heart, unless you can prove it otherwise (which, I strongly recommend Q NOT to do this to me, it's torturing)

It's just a dream. He is a shadow. Nothing more.


Haiz... Complicated feelings. Hope someone can understand. Everyone seemed to be busy on their Chinese New Year holidays and no one is here to listen my voice.

Heartstomper is unofficially and unconfirmed to be here in my life. If you notice me nowadays, there is this someone who stomps into my life since last week. I think YOU know who am I talking about. Out of ordinary life, Q suddenly came to know me, or rather, Q knows me already, but he didn't talk to me much.

A year ago, Q never say 'hi' or 'bye'. It's just we passed by each other like nobody.

But last week, Q started to talk to me.Weird, I know. But what should I do? I can't just simply ignore him. So I talked. A careful and cautious one. No personal stuff. Something like 'Wah, so early.' And I will answer 'Ya.'

'Ya, ya, ya'
'No, no, no'

That's my answers.

Things got way too complicated this week. Personal stuff becomes a chat topic. Jokes become bullies. Speech becomes smiles. It happened way too fast for me to comprehend. It's like a flower blooming in 3 seconds.

Impossible. And yet, it did.

Now, maybe because of Q's character, I am drawn to it. Call me whatever negative remarks you want, but seriously, out of my control, it just happened.

Now, I am not planning to take Q as a best friend or buddy because I don't wish something that happened me before happens again. It feels awful. I need time to heal. {Conscious: or maybe he can heal?} TTM= think too much.

Now I feel difficult. The 'joint project' is coming soon.

What should I do?

I feel complicated. EMO-ing....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fizan, my buddy

Fizan, dear buddy,

Too long we didn't meet each other. It's about 2 years... how are you with Ikin? Sorry I am too busy nowadays as I am in Degree Year 1 Semester 3, 2 more years to graduate.

On your 20th birthday, I am sorry I can't play the piano for you because I have no piano around me in the hostel. But the promise I still hold. I WILL play for you in the near future, perhaps your wedding. LOL.

I don't know did you make any Chinese friends or not. LOL. Hope you did find one like me, hehe. And I see you love to open up your own business. I see the passion. But I hope you can listen to one advice of mine: take your time, business doesn't bloom in months, it takes at least 5 years of real business.


I don't know whether I am going back to Kedah this Chinese New Year, but I will try my best. Will you come to visit me? LOL. I don't think so, because I might not be at Kedah, even if I am in Kedah, my relatives are going to take me somewhere else to play. LOL. Sorry ya!

Well, how's your first day in your 20's? Tweenage. Supposed to be fun eh? Make some wish for your 20 years old. Make 20 wishes. And I will be beside you helping your pray for your wish come true.

I still keep a piece of yellow paper which you write your name and signature during our PK class, a scarf from your PK performance (remember that performance which you be the pirate?) and the page of my book where you write your thoughts on me.

And I will keep them forever.

Well, I got to go to school right now, my class starts at 8am to 8pm nonstop. Pity me. So, before I go, let me say something:

You are still my buddy, the best.

"Happy Birthday!"

From your buddy

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love the Hate

I don't hate people. Seriously.

OK, I lied. I do hate people, provided that particular person is bugging my a** off with pissed off attitude against me after a period of time of precipitating negative feelings.

Gosh, how ketam my definition of 'hate' on me.

Look, here's the story:

It was almost a year ago when I first met X. The first time I saw X was filled with negative remarks (sorry for that prasangka though), such as: boastful, "act cool", threatening (in the sense that X threatens my position) and else.

I never talked to X. Never. X talked and I grinned and smiled away like an idiot. No. I didn't want any kind of communication and contact with X. Dammit. X is too 'famous' to be talked of. I tried avoiding X, only staring at X with suspicious eyes and offensive stares.

That's it. I didn't like X. No, I don't mean I hate X. I just, you know, dislike. If you hate someone, you are trying to bash a person's head in your imaginative world. In this case, I just tried my best to ignore and 'look down' on X.

Then it was this moment X turned out to be the entire opposite of what I thought. I know, I know. But this is different. X is, well..., how to put that in words... 'impactful'. X leaves impressions on everywhere X goes.

Sadly, X really goes.

Blah. Just another piece of ketam here. How I wish I can tell out my feelings now to any listener.

Hello? You there?


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stones as Diamonds

Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel? No? Then in Chinese I think is 'Candyhouse', if I am not mistaken, about a brother and sister being cast away by their parents in the woods where they stumbled upon the witch's candy house.

Sorry, that line was supposed to be ketam. (Remember what is 'ketam'? No? Check the archives) Because somehow many students (or young generations) do not even know who is Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, Mahatma Gandhi... Great goodness...

OK, that was another ketam.

Well, my mum used to say, not only opportunities come knocking once, challenges too, but challenges are a bit nasty. They knock your door once and you HAVE to answer it, because if you don't, they will find other members and come banging your door. At that time, you have to answer ALL of it.


No. You cannot escape challenges. Some of the frequent excuses I heard are:

"Pass enough because I know I am weak"
[Me: if you know you are weak, why don't you put more effort?]

"Cincai lah, nobody is testing my English pronounciation on science report"
[Me: try saying that when one day your lab professor is asking you to speak about it]

"I weak ah, so what?"
[Me: Coward! You use that term to cover up your mistakes]

"I don't know English. Try translate it and explain next time"
[Me: Newsflash, I won't. You see those angmo words, you better learn it, QUITTER~]

As you can see, giving yourself an excuse in living is making your life closer to dying. People are progressing but you keep consoling yourself over useless excuses. If you want to continue being like that, no harm dude, you will just be left out sooner or later.

Your predecessors cast stone behind them when they walked the journey of life. You are supposed to pick them up and polish them into diamonds. Not kicking them away or hopping them over. They want you to be the excellence. Not quitter.

Leave stones for your new generations.

No spoonfeeding. Not to you, nor your next generations.

Be smart, be hard.

New Age Confucious. XD

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lunar River (Episode 8)

It wasn't long before the ship woke her up. After gathering herself and ate some food, she moved to her deck to check her updates. She scrolled down the screen and read it one by one. Most of it were technical glitch and her ship had successfully repaired it and sent her an error report. But there were certain things made her caught her breath.

The first one was the anomalous large object that swooped over her just before Vohne had died. The ship had investigated and analysed all available information, now the ship presented the possible explanation of what was going on there.

The object was not very large, only seven or eight kilometres long and two kilometres wide. That size had made the ship think that would be a cruiser, or an arustaship (a ship that travels close to the speed of light). The illusion of being 'big' was because the volume surrounding the cruiser had a less dense orbs swirling around, like miniature attendants of fish around a big monster fish. The cruiser had moved to the direction of Vohne and was heard no more.

She thought hard. It couldn't be Adema. Her ship was far smaller. It was impossible she could grow her ship that large. Sylvina didn't think much. It was over now. Both Vohne and Adema were not here anymore.

She looked at the other message.

It was said that there were several hundreds of ships around the Booster. It was unclear what they were doing but results showed that those ships had Rimdi's identification.

She paused.

What was Rimdi doing out here in this deserted sector?

Then, the ship shook. Alarms and klaxons rang wildly. The ship had sustained minor injuries. Another time made the ship shook even more violently. She had to held on tight. The ship screen showed that someone was behind her, firing nonstop.

She calculated the time the weapon needed to recharge. It's about four rounds. After four shots, the weapon recharged which meant the weapon was of medium power, something resembling a weak gamma-ray cannon.

She issued a neural command to the ship. She wanted hydrogen slugs to be fired back. From a liquid hydrogen to a gas hydrogen, the phase change would release so much energy that she doubt the ship could survive the hit.

Indeed, in just a few gunshots, her opponent became quiet. She ordered the ship to swerve back and planned to dock the enemy ship, taking it as her own prize. It wasn't that bad. She had got every reason to take it, especially the size of the ship was huge enough to contain her ship.


Suddenly I fall back to my deep thoughts.

Distance is not good. Especially you are having a relationship with someone. When I mean relationship, I don't mean LOVE, I mean friendship, family and lovers as well.

Do you have a friend which you always meet somewhere, some time and somehow you didn't manage to say a simple 'Hi!' to him? Or you just can't find a time to say 'Hi!'. Alright you did say 'Hi!' after all. But what about some long chats?

'Hey, I am busy. Catch ya later ya!'

That's the phrase we often hear. But do you honestly think that he/she will really catch you back later? It's just a polite and indirect way of saying, 'I am busy and I don't wish to talk much. Bye.'

That's harsh.

I have friends, but it is sad to say that some of them, even they stay so close to me, our hearts are like miles and miles apart. When we meet, we don't know what to talk. The eerie silence. The uncomfortable quietness. It sends shivers down my spine.

In PINK's song 'Sober,' 'I don't want to be the girl who fill the silence, because the quiet seems to be screaming out the truth'.

Instead, my friends who are far apart from me, they keep on asking me how am I doing. Anything interesting, Blah blah blah.

Is there a inversely proportional relationship between distance and relationship?

(i) The further two persons are, the better the relationship.
(ii) The closer two persons are, the worse the relationship.

I don't know. You make a choice.

Like I've said,
It's not a thousand miles that keep us apart,
it's what you didn't say to keep us close

How To Kill A Planet

Now you have learnt how to kill a star after I posted the blogpost. So this time around, I am going to teach you how to kill a planet.


1. Whamming
Some of you might think whamming a planet-sized asteroid, or simply a planet the size of Mars to the surface of the Earth might crush the Earth into jagged pieces. Well, newsflash, it won't. It will only send heat shockwave around the Earth and back, peeling of its outer crust, leaving a smaller size Earth.

True, I tell you.

Let's upgrade the size of the whamming object into the size of a Jupiter. Terrestrial planet. I mean, a rocky planet of Jupiter size. Well, I would say Earth can be annihilated if the collision is perfect. Otherwise, the immense pressure beneath the Jupiter-sized Earth will be released like a bomb, killing itself before colliding.

2. Burning
Let's induce a solar flare from our Sun by pumping it with gravitational energy. A whip of flames can be produced and strike towards Earth if the calculation is correct. A solar flamethrower (yeah, this can be found in my novel. XD) is created.

First it strikes our atmosphere, removing it like stripping your blanket away by your mum. Then it boils the ocean into vapour and scorch the Earth into cinders.

The Earth stays.

OK, Earth is strong. Gotta admit that. But to really remove and destroy Earth, you have to keep burning the same direction till it reduces to ashes. Literally. But in order to do that, you must have almost the energy of the Sun can produce in about a million years.

Yeah, talk about energy efficiency. This method is OUT.

3. Sucking
Yup, when talk about sucking in space, it always go down with the term 'blackhole', a region of tightly warped space that even light cannot escape. We can persuade a proper blackhole into the crust or mantle of Earth. Yes, proper blackhole, not mini-blackholes because they evaporated into Hawking radiation.

The blackhole will consume the Earth's matter and slowly ingest it. It wouldn't take long before the heat surrounding the blackholes accretion disk to melt down the crust and turn it into hot plasma.

4. Shining
Ignite a gamma-ray burst from a nearby massive star. You can do that by inducing a premature supernova. The gamma-ray burst can be directed to the Earth.

Gamma-ray burst is a jet of light of high energies and radiation. The burst can blast away the atmosphere in seconds and boil away ocean in a blink of an eye. By just minutes, the heat can travel to the night side of the Earth and incinerate everything.

But the Earth is tough to be destroyed. You need a continuous burst of gamma-ray till the Earth is reduced to ashes. That would take some decades, or even centuries if the intensity of the gamma-ray burst reduces.

5. Cancelling
This is obviously rare. In order to wink the Earth out of existence, you need a large sphere of antimatter of almost the size of Earth. Antimatter is somewhat the opposite of matter. Its electrons are called positrons as they are positively charged and its protons are antiprotons, which are negatively charged.

The collision between matter and antimatter would cause each other to annihilate, leaving a bright light of energy that shines through the galaxy. Don't understand? What you get by adding +1 and -1? You get zero. That's it. The atom poof and gone into energy.

How large that energy is going to be? E=mc^2. If the mass is gone, you get E=c^2. Now you get it.

But antimatter of such size is unimaginable, and impossible to survive in physical space for long period as they will be annihilated every second by ordinary matter.

6. Stretching
OK, maybe one blackhole isn't enough playing. Why not try two instead? By placing two blackholes at opposite sides of Earth, the Earth can be shred into pieces. Term? Spaghettification.

Nothing much to say here. You know how it ends.

7. Strange... just strange
Normal protons are made up of 3 quarks, and so do the neutrons. They consist of up quarks and down quarks bind together by something called gluon (glue + on). Now, there is one hypothetical particle, called a strangelet, or a strange particle. This particle is strange because it doesn't have up quarks or down quarks, but other strange quarks like charm quarks. Ah, in simpler terms, it is not usual and normal.

This strangelet is very metastable and reactive. Once it touches another atom, it transfer its 'strangeness' to the victim. Which means, any atom reacts with strangelet will become strangelet itself.

So, throw a tiny strangelet to the surface of the Earth. In no time, the entire Earth is transformed into strange matter of gooey surfaces.

Now that's how you kill a planet.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nearly-Invisible Blog

My novel is almost complete. Sorry for the recurring phrase. It's about time. I didn't finish a long time ago because my laptop go haywire a couple of times and I didn't save a copy. Stupid me.

Weekends are so boring. I exercise and copy notes. What else can I do? DOTA? I did that already. FACEBOOK? Of course you silly dummyhead I have done that.




Well, I guess I have nothing to say.


Stop Licking Own Wounds (SLOW)


S.L.O.W. : Stop Licking Own Wounds.

Straight to the point.
Last time, or recently (somewhat), I have been admiring people are having fun here and there. For example, SiewCheng went to Sabah for a trip. I saw those photos and I was like... WOW... that was fun! Wish I was there... But thinking back the family I have in Ipoh, I halted.

Then, last semester I was complaining no one accompany me for dinner, keep ordering delivery till sick (virtually). This time is a long semester, 14 weeks. I don't want to fill those days with delivery uncles honking the motors and carrying by food package.

How pathetic...

But then, hey
They spend RM700 for the Sabah trip when Chinese New Year is coming, while I can help making cookies and hang out with my Poi Lam friends.

Hey, I can eat whatever junk food I have in my hostel.

So, S.L.O.W.

I am happy to be me. (after all I am Neruvatar of the Vastusmere). I teach music, I guide my friends, I help my friends, I blog, I write songs, I write novels, I play piano...

There are lots of funs in those things if you pay close attention!

So, gee up and let's get going!

Internet Line

Ya, my hotmail account actually 'established' officially when I was 14. Half a decade ago. But I utilised it during my foundation. LOL. Reason? My house cannot go online. Even if I go online, the line is super duper slow, about 42.5 Kbps. And I don't even know what to do online.

So, during my foundation, people suggests me about Facebook, and thank God, I found a purpose of online. XD. And also I hate myself for it, because I spend my time there without knowing how much time I have wasted.


I don't know. I can survive without Internet. But somehow, if you provide me Internet service, you better give me good service. No poor line or interrupted line. I hate it. Who doesn't. eh? I've heard from my friends that the Internet line overseas are far far far far much faster than here.

Malaysia boleh.

C'mon, this is REALITY. If you wanna give people service, you have to give your best. If you cincai give, then it might be better you don't give.

One more thing though, Danish House Oxford line at my house seemed to be quite fine here. No DC. No lag. Perfectly smooth. No downloader, No PPS-er. Hehe. 1188, the best ya!

I have heard some of my friends are squabbling over the line.

Come to 1188 la! RM1 per hour!



... ...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Light Wonder

Blah blah blah, yup, that's right. This is me AGAIN (I know you ARE disappointed). But hey, I love buzzing you guys. So what?

So what? I am a rock star! I got my rock moves....

So, in this article, I am going to share with you the amazing facts of light. Ya, it's so BORING. Then, turn away, go click the [x] button on the top-right corner of your screen.


Did you know that as a person travels closer and closer to the light speed, the person you see becomes narrower and narrower, as if compressed by unseen forces ahead and behind him?

Did you know when YOU are travelling closer to light speed, you can see a point like thing ahead of your eyes where everything distorted and converged there? Imagine you picking up a handkerchief with a nip of your finger, that's how the wrinkle pattern resemble your visual.

Did you know as you are only a few hair breadth speed of light (say, 99,99999999 percent the speed of light), the thing ahead of you looks blue while everything behind you looks red?

Did you know, everything you see now, including food, is actually a past tense? This is because the light travels from the food to your eyes takes time (although the time interval is negligible).

Did you know, travelling close to the speed of light will make you feel heavier and heavier?

Did you know, light speed is constant? By throwing a ball ahead of you when you cycle, the ball travels much further than you stand still and throw it. By the same token, if you cycle and switch on your torchlight, and stand still to do it, the light still travels same. The speed never increased.

Did you know, we can virtually STOP light?

Did you know that time moves much slower when you move much faster? (OK, this is seriously nothing to do with light anyway)

Did you know that time moves faster and faster when gravity is weaker and weaker? (I know this isn't about light facts)

Blah blah blah.... if any of you would like to pinpoint any mistakes above, please, you are welcome to do so, because I might type something wrong due to my messy mind I am having now. LOL...

So, everyone, drive faster ya! So that you can remain young while others get old faster! And you will ease traffic jam when you get compressed when you speed.

Pooh, BAH! That's a joke. It WON'T happen. That two scenarios are just nonsense. Yes, you can drive fast to remain young, provided you travel near light speed! LOL

Byebye, my dear Pembunuh Ketam

[PS: Want to know what is Ketam all about? Go scuffle through the archives, find the title 'Ketam' and you will know]

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Paper Doll Nightmare

I just had a nightmare. I don't know why am I sharing it out. But I sense some familiarities, like it is from a Japan horror film or Korea. Don't know. Maybe you guys can tell me.

I was walking in the mall with my family. There, in a corner, I saw a stall selling paper dolls. Their paper dolls were quite comical and creative with all colours blend together, but they looked much like origami, with sharp edges and abrupt angles.

I walked up.

The stallholder, a lady with pale face but jolly smile. She showed me to walk on the printed footprints on the floor. So I did what she said.

She smiled and gave me a paper doll. I paid for it and I left. My younger brother was next buying the paper doll and we continued shopping.

In a food court, I saw a little girl sitting on a stool all lonely. She was holding her paper doll. Her paper doll was much nicer than mine. The kimono-like paper doll dress was tainted with cherry red splats flower. But she looked sad.

She saw my paper doll.

'Throw it away,' she said.
'What?' I was surprised.
'Throw your paper doll away. It's hideous,' she said.
'Hey, that's an insult!' I said.

Someone tugged my sleeve. 'I saw something...' My younger brother said, pointing to the cashier direction. 'It's coming... It's looking at us...'

Without waiting, both of us scrambled away. I didn't bother to look at the direction my brother was pointing. I knew it was something horrible the moment I saw his white face of fear.

Next, we went to the mattress department. Mama and Daddy was selecting our new mattresses. We were joking around till I saw something ugly as a dog walked past me. It slowly gained invisibility as it walked.

I blinked.

'I saw it...' my younger brother said. 'There's the same thing that follow it and it is still watching us.'

'But I swore I didn't see anything except that dog,' I said.

Then my younger brother suddenly leapt and catch something on the ground, something like a cat pouncing on a mouse. He seemed to be holding an invisible thing in his hands.

He yelled and let go.

'What's wrong?' Mama asked.
'There's something here,' My younger brother said.
'What's it?'
'A monster...'

Mama laughed and walked away.

At night, the lights went out. I dashed out from my bedroom and saw my younger brother walked out as well with Mama and daddy, holding a torchlight. The thunder came out of nowhere. But there was no sign of my elder brother.

'He was downstairs washing his face. I thought he came up five minutes ago,' Mama said.
'He never entered the room,' I told her.

Beneath the stairs, it was pitch dark. I swore I heard something growl and a slurping noise. Then I saw my paper doll was watching me on the desk downstairs, which faced up the stairs.

There was something not right about the paper doll shirt.

It was stained in red.
And wet.

I woke up.

Heart Stomper

Since the crisis between me and my besties in the secondary school era, I am praying each day to get a friend like a brother, or at least somehow better than others.

One comes, one go...

I just felt like standing in the middle of the road looking at beautiful cars going pass me without stopping and say 'Hi'. That's how I felt. I saw many great strangers with great personalities, but, impossible to be great friends, because they already had their lives.

Imagine going up front and say 'Hi! Can I know you?'

In the case of females, they will say 'Yerrr... you fall in love with me meh?'
In the case of males, they will say 'That's so GAY.'


So, I choose to remain 'SINGLE'. LOL.

My friend once told me, female friends often break-up and re-bond or bond very quickly, like excited state of atom. They never feel the pain. Even if they feel the pain, it was short and brief.

But when male friends quarrel and break-up, bonding takes extremely long time to get over with. It's like a scratched tree bark, leaking all its sap. It really hurt your heart till the extreme point. It is super pain at the beginning and slowly (emphasizing on the word 'SLOWLY') heal. Just like a supernova of a massive star, bright and burst, but takes millions of years to cooldown.

Potong ketam:

I saw some of my 'recognisable' friends came into my life. It nearly became a dream-come-true before a great disaster outbroke between us.


I started knowing the person and muttered in my heart 'He is a nice friend'. Then, after a short period of time, either that person told you he/she has a bestie and wants to show you or he/she is leaving, making you hard to spend more time to 'bloom' your friendship with him/her.

That's what I called Heart Stomper.

It comes into your life, stomps around your heart, leaving all footprints on your heart and memories in your mind and then *poof*, he/she is not available to be your bestie.


Trying to spend more time with a new friend is tough. Not just ordinary new friend. It's those friends you think you can be like 'friends forever' or 'brother' or 'siblings' or 'gang'. Damn, I do sound like I am in love.

Now, in my mind, there are two more candidates. Either I just keep that or I forget.

Heart Stompers, you made my life miserable but exciting.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dependence Day

I bet you have heard of 'Independence Day' the movie. No? Let me refresh you a bit. It starred Will Smith, and a bunch of dunno-whos. It was a film of an alien invasion which shooots down thick beams of lights from a blooming flower under the flying saucer that annihilates everything.

Still don't remember it?

Puh, never mind, perhaps I am much older than you.

Well, let's see, huh, today, Danish House SMSed me about the rental. They said tomorrow is Thaipusam, so the office is closed and all rental has to be paid by today. OK, fine, never mind. NO PROBLEMO (remember what movie this phrase comes from? No? Never mind).

Then after class, I went to scuffle my wallet for the ATM card to get ready. But when I searched the house high and low, the card seemed to be... HEY, I suddenly remembered I left it at Home. I don't remember why I left it, but I KNOW I left it.

There you see me jumping and shouting. Panic. Hit the Panic Button.

Then, I asked Yu Xiang whether he can pay for me for the moment. Fortunately, he agreed. Thank God!

Lah, this is #1 Dependency.

#2 Dependency is I depend on someone for printing my lecture notes. How pathetic. In the end, to punish myself, I decide to COPY notes using HAND and PEN. Yup. Sadistic or masochistic? You make the point.

#3 Dependency is that I always wish someone to go out dinner with me or at least makan with me. So far, don't know Jeffry keeps asking me out. XD. Maybe he pities me gua. Donnoe. But since my ATM card is not with me, spending money is becoming a huge crisis to be solved here.

#4 Dependency is that I always seek people's advice before I do things. If not, I won't do it. Praise Puay Cian for her independence. Shame on me.

Happy Dependence Day to me... ==

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Hate You

Once upon a time in a faraway land, Prince Charming met with Princess UnCharming.

Prince: My dear princess, I fall in love with you in my first sight!
Princess: My dear prince, I fall to the abyss when I saw you coming.
Prince: Your eyes are like stars...
Princess: Your eyes will see the stars once I punch you.
Prince: Your dress is awesome...
Princess: I can lend it to you if you want.
Prince: I can't believe I have met you here, my dear!
Princess: I really CAN'T BELIEVE I met you here.
Prince: Together, we will have a happily ever after life.
Princess: Yeah right, you will have a happy afterlife.
Prince: Will you, my dear, follow me back to my castle?
Princess: You scared of getting lost?
Prince: Will you, my love, marry me?
Princess: I don't love you, therefore, I am not your love. Thus, I cannot marry you.
Prince: ...
Princess: ?
Prince: !
Princess :!?
Princess: WTF?
Prince: We have nothing in common.
Princess: I know that!
Prince: Wow, we have something in common after all since you also know we are uncommon!
Princess: FXXX off!
Prince: I hate you.
Princess: I hate you, too.
Prince: We hate each other, and I guess this is another common thing we have!
Princess: Ridiculous!
Prince: Wonderful! I am thinking of this word...
Princess: Would you please NOT marry me?
Prince: I will NOT!
Princess: FINE!!!

And they live happily ever after because of their common things they shared.

The End.

Why don't you see things in different perspective? Your enemies might be your friend if you can see it through.

C... O... L... D...

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Monday, January 17, 2011

13th Horoscope

Bah, because of the newspaper report, many people are surprised. I am not, actually.

The 13th Horoscope, Ophiuchus, exists far before human ever step on land. It is just after Scorpio and before Saggitarius. Now, let me tell you what about Horoscopes.

Zodiacs, or Horoscopes, are NOT as equal-length as each other. Previously (or presently, if you want to argue) the 12 Horoscopes are divided EQUALLY to accomodate the 12 months of our Earth year. Why? To ease calculation and astrology. Really.


Some horoscopes (constellations) are smaller than another. The biggest constellation in the nightsky is Virgo, it should span about 3 months appearing at the Earth's sky. But Astrologers make it available for only 1 month. Scorpio, is very small, lasting about 2 to 3 weeks, and yet, in the Zodiac, it lasts for 1 month.

Short conclusion: Easy calculation.

And, ancient people wondered the 13th horoscope appearing: Ophiuchus. They didn't take it in as one of the horoscopes. Reasons?

Number 1: There are twelve months in a year with each zodiac taking care of each month. What if there are 13th horoscopes? Imagine that. What, you get 3 weeks, 2 days, 4 hours, 32 minutes and 5 seconds duration for a horoscope (just a rough guess). So, by having 12 horoscopes, one horoscope duration is only a month. SENANG KIRA.

Number 2: Superstitious. People are so superstitious that they avoid number 13 everywhere they go. Trisdekaphobia. Fear of 13. Demon's number. Don't believe me? You won't find 13th floor in any buildings, including Malaysia. You won't find 13th house in Malaysia. They are simply named as 11A, or 12A.

So guys, the 13th Horoscope is always there, but if you are faithful enough, keep the one that you are born in. Because when you are born, the constellation Ophiuchus is not permanent yet. So stick to it, No point changing. It's like you are born in 1 December 1991 (365 days), then when the year 2012 comes, you said 'Hey, my birthday is 2 December because this year got 366 days!'

No comment.

So, stick back to your horoscopes. Nothing changes. OK?

Byebye my Stalkers.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lunar River (Episode 7)

(In case you have missed out previous episodes, please go to 'Collected Memories of the Deep' and click on '2010 (75)', from there, choose 'November' and you will see the previous episodes)

Sylvina had passed through the Booster. It was a magnificent alien structure looked like a ring. But, her sensors told her that there were some things around the Booster and the ship recognised it as non-hostile and probably of Rimdi's allies.

She couldn't be so sure. But her astrogation system was still mapping out where she was. Right now she was lost. That was it. The Booster was still active and it had cast her into deeper space where she might not know. She was like a stone shot out from a rubber band. She knew she had zoomed across space-time, but she didn't know where she was.

She waited.

She held her excitement when she made the transition. It was a fine privilege to have someone passed through the Booster which luckily the structure was active. The experience for her was sufficient to flood all other wonderful memories in her entire lifetime. The feeling was exotic when her thoughts suddenly became plural the moment she stepped through the structure. It was said that anyone passed through it a connection with all your counterparts in the visible universe and external could be established. You might be able to see yourself in the past, present and future in all different universes.

Then, there came a beep. She looked down on her screen. Presently, she was at the region of the galaxy known as Menidas Sector, a region where most stars were still at their younger stage, giving off bright radiation of yellow and blue. She calculated the distance she had skipped and she was amazed. She had skipped about twenty light years ahead. That would make her, she calculated, twenty-four years earlier to arrive.

Another beep made her jumped. She saw her message inbox was filling up by factors of hundreds. Hundreds of news was reaching her in a second. She remembered what Rimdi had told her about some slight causality problem caused during the transition.

Causality is a term that describe a cause always precedes the event. A slower-than-light bullet fired from a gun will cause a robot to spoil, but if causality was violated, the robot malfunctioned before the faster-than-light bullet appeared. Usually objects travelled faster than the speed of light would violate causality.

So, when travelling through a Booster, sometimes superluminal travel occured. The Booster prevented this problem of causality by encasing the entire transport in a impermeable membrane while excited its contents (here would be Sylvina's Nova) into a quantum superposition so that it could react with its counterparts all around the universe to gather information.

Then, the membrane collapsed just as the quantum state collapsed. Now, external information was rushing into Nova to update its system and news so that Nova could know the cause of the event before the result took place.

Complicated, it seemed. But she didn't care. She had leapt twenty light years ahead. It's too late to turn back by now as the Booster had deactivated. She quickly keyed in the coordinates of the Absence, or Vapidus cloud and let the ship handled the course for another twenty light years ahead. Maybe she should take a cold sleep, in stasis and wake up if anything happens.

So, she spun around.

But a beep came again. She walked to the bridge and looked at the display. She frowned. She commanded the ship to throw on a holographic display like before. The ship obliged and instantly she was blanketed by millions of stars. It was a realtime map and radar. She was the blue icon blinking regularly towards an empty void where the Vapidus was located twenty light years ahead. Behind her, a red icon shifted in and out of existence.

'Ship, take on the ID,' she ordered.

A few minutes later: 'Identification failed. Unstable object or anomalous information registered.'

Sylvina knew that the object behind her was tapping Nova's sensors. It knew exactly the point where the sensor swept and it would go quiet and dark. 'Drop probes,' she said out loud.

'Supplies are running low. Additional usage of mass is not encouraged,' the ship replied. 'Do you wish to abort or continue with the deployment of probes?'

'Continue,' Sylvina said.

'Thank you. Probes are now firing up and ready to be deployed in counts of five. Any loud and abrupt noise, interjection or abnormal vocal transmission could be recognised as a denial and rejection. If that case occurs, the deployment will be halted.' The ship said, 'Five, four...'

Sylvina weighed her chances in her mind.


'Stop!' Sylvina cried.

'Deployment aborted,' the ship replied.

'Listen here, Ship,' Sylvina said. 'In a few moments, I am going under a cold sleep. I want you to have a clearance of 2 light seconds volume. Anyone or anything that comes too close, you must destroy them even they are our allies. Address our standing point before they enter the exclusion zone. Do you understand?'


'If the trail or course of foreign elements are strongly suspicious, do not hesitate to let out a warning fire and wake me up. Clear on that?'


Sylvina spun and went towards the cold sleep chamber.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cookie Riddle

I have extra peanut cookies (homemade, super-melting effective) and I would like to share out to you guys (provided you are within reach of me).

If you are in Ipoh, make sure you can come to my house and get it.
If you are in Kampar, make sure you are near my house.

Sorry for those who are far, far, far, far, far away.... ><

The riddle is easy. There are 4 numbers below. One has been given. The other three must be solved by observing my Facebook status. My Facebook status can be a number, or a sentence referring a number. Be smart. There will be a hint. Collect all other 3 numbers and you get one.

First come First serve.

And... uh... it's not 4D by the way. Just try to find where are my numbers on Facebook starting 18 January 2011.



Funny Mummy

While baking cookies, jokes spilt out from my mum. It's not really a joke, just... erm... funny things, mainly pronunciation problems...

One day, I heard mum flipping stuffs in the kitchen, finding things that she has misplaced. She turn over the covers, open the periuk, open the fridge and everything imaginable.

Me: 'Mi, what are you looking for?'
Mum: 'My cooker handle and (something she said unclear).'
Me: 'I see the screws are here... (showing her the container)'
Mum: '(talking very soft, cannot hear what she said)
Me: 'OK... I help you find...'

10 minutes later...

Me: 'Nehh.... over here lah... (showing her the handle)'
Mum: 'I know. I need the screws...'
Me: 'I thought I saw the screws...'
Mum: 'Yeah meh? Show me...'


You know the ending... wasting all 15 minutes for nothing... ==


Mum: 'I cannot make geenut peakies already.'


Apa tu 'geenut peakies'?

My younger bro already started laughing, said, 'Mi, what geenut peakies? It's peanut cookies lah...'

My mum couldn't stop laughing. 'Tongue slip ok???'


Mum: 'Ei, long time didn't hear from Ceeley Mairess.'
Me: 'Siapa tu?'
Mum: 'Neh, that one ar... that one wat wat Montana girl...'
Me: '(on the verge of fainting) Oh... Miley Cyrus...

That was feally runny... Oops, REALLY FUNNY.

Thanks lor fistening.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Message In A Bottle II

I've heard a Chinese website about writing your heartfelt wishes and feelings or problems in a virtual 'bottle' and toss it into a website 'sea' anonymously and someone will 'pick' it up and reply your problems anonymously as well. Soon, your 'bottle' will land on the 'shore' where you can read it.


Feel like wanna try it out by having you guys post on the CLEPSYDRA on my page anonymously or with fake names, so see anyone can reply that. Is that a nice idea?

Busy Bumblebee

My holidays are going to end. I don't really feel like having a holiday at all. I was busy cleaning up the house wherea my bro was just lying around onlining, working and nothing else. Haiz.

Now, I am making cookies. Work 10 hours a day. So if I didn't reply your message, I am really sorry. But I will reply. Just.... late. OK?

That's it, the oven is calling me. Bye

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Call Me Biantai because

Call me biantai (crazy doofus/extreme-eccentric-er) because during the holidays I:
  1. Learn German.
  2. Compose 2 incomplete songs
  3. Find how to tap energy from vacuum or manipulate vacuum
  4. Pick up how to prevent causality problem involving in General Relativity
  5. Sleep 10 hours a day AT LEAST
  6. Learn why carbon is so rare and yet found in Earth organisms
  7. Learn how to kill a star
  8. Learn how to suppress inertia
  9. Plant ubi kayu.
  10. Keep saying 'indeeeeeeeeeeed' (emphasise on the 'deeeeeeeeeeeed' part) when someone is saying a statement.

Blah, the last biantai-ism (pronounced as bee-yan-thai-yee-zerm) is I do 10 biantai-ing acts for 4 weeks.

[PS: Results out... SMS me if you want to know... not online-ing that frequent...]

Of Ah Pek and Ah Moi

I remembered once, when a Malay friend of mine in NS called me Ah Pek. I ignored him because I didn't know he was calling me. Then I replied to him, reluctantly.

Then, I baru taw almost every Malay is calling us Chinese Ah Pek and Ah Moi. Stupid me! LOL

OK, so here I am to clear up everyone's mind to all races in every corner of the world, and even Chinese themselves don't know about this.

Ah Pek does not mean 'chinese guy'. Ah Pek means Uncle, or Pakcik in Chinese dialect. To create a better image, Ah Pek refers to a guy who is 50 years old and above, wearing thick black glasses, wearing singlet and slippers, reading newspaper and drink a cup of kopi-O.

So, it is a bit memalukan or humiliating to call a Chinese Ah Pek. Imagine us calling people who is young and handsome 'Ah Pek'.... it's not betul langsung. So, remember that ya~

Ah Moi, is also a misnomer. Ah Moi generally refers to Aunty, or Makcik in Chinese dialect. BUT, there are also other meanings, like pelacur, perempuan simpanan or hamba/pembantu rumah. It's a derogatory term. Terma menghina. Don't use it.

But then, how are you going to call Chinese boys and girls? La, just 'excuse me, bang/dik/cik/kak ...'

AND one more thing...
Chinese surnames is located at the front. Lau Ah Keong, the family name is Lau, so don't call them Lau or Ah Lau because once you call them this name, you can see millions of Chinese people will answer you. Just call them Ah Keong, the two names behind because that's their name.

Sometimes calling him Keong is not proper as well. Because what if there are Lau Ah Keong and Lim See Keong? Whom are you referring to? Jadi, take note lah!

No one calls by their surname/family name/ father's name, KECUALI, you put Mr/Ms/Mrs. Then you can call them Ms Lau, Mr Lau...

OK? faham semua? LOL....

Well, hope you all can change the way you call people... Bye bye...


Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year Resolution 2011

While people are whining about 300 days to 2012, the day the world ends, coming of a new age or whatever, why don't you make yourself useful?

Ok, I admit I am useless for the past few years, so I am going to make a change.

  1. Help at least 700 people in one year.
  2. Compose 3 songs for Neamhus.
  3. Finish writing my novels.
  4. Post up my Lunar River episodes on blog and heavily advertise on that.
  5. Seal up 'cracks' with my friends.
  6. Try to be more gila and sporting.
  7. Make keyboard class more successful
  8. Try find some 'eat-out' friends.
  9. Write a list of people who have helped me so I can do something about them
  10. STOP LAZYing around.
  11. Study every day at least 15 minutes (last time NONE at all)
  12. Stop pitying myself
  13. Study Physics (General Relativity and Special Relativity)
  14. Get in touch with Islamic Finance.
  15. Kill racism in every friend's heart

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My holidays doesn't seem to go well. It's bad. Before these holidays, I've planned myself to study German, write a song, write my novel and help mum. Now, it is disastrous.

First, my German is picking up at super slow speed. Not that I am a slow learner. It's just that I have lost much time to spend on my German. Out of 30 lessons, I managed to squeeze through 2 lessons for 3 weeks. Apalah.....

Second, my song is rewritten again and again due to lost of insipration. Why lost insipiration? Because of disturbance of people coming in and out of the house. I don't know when I can finish writing it.

Third, my novel is coming along quite fine till the old laptop was repaired. Damn. I have to remerge all the parts. That took me more than 18 hours just for 3 chapters. WTH. I have 28 more. So, ladies and gentlemen, do the math.

Fourth, mum is frustrated over spoilt oven and so am I. The oven is a magic wonder that keeps our peanut cookies tasty and melting. Those of you have makan before, I think you know the texture and taste. Now, the oven is spoilt and there is no more such version of oven in the market. It's an old but good model. Nowadays ovens make my cookies dry and burnt. How am I going to prepare and help making cookies when my holidays are going to be over? Especially Chinese New Year is coming up fast.

Fifth... argh I don't want to say it here. Just so sad that someone can have all 4.0s and still have a lazy, selfish, coward and bad-tempered one around in the house. Everyday after work go PPS. I don't think he spend a single hour with the everyone else. WHAT is so GREAT about KOREAN DRAMAS? It's fake. It's drama. You don't get that life in real world.


I felt hopeless. Seriously. I feel like I am not helping around. Well later going for a movie with Hui Xin. I hope someone could take things off my mind now.