Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stones as Diamonds

Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel? No? Then in Chinese I think is 'Candyhouse', if I am not mistaken, about a brother and sister being cast away by their parents in the woods where they stumbled upon the witch's candy house.

Sorry, that line was supposed to be ketam. (Remember what is 'ketam'? No? Check the archives) Because somehow many students (or young generations) do not even know who is Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, Mahatma Gandhi... Great goodness...

OK, that was another ketam.

Well, my mum used to say, not only opportunities come knocking once, challenges too, but challenges are a bit nasty. They knock your door once and you HAVE to answer it, because if you don't, they will find other members and come banging your door. At that time, you have to answer ALL of it.


No. You cannot escape challenges. Some of the frequent excuses I heard are:

"Pass enough because I know I am weak"
[Me: if you know you are weak, why don't you put more effort?]

"Cincai lah, nobody is testing my English pronounciation on science report"
[Me: try saying that when one day your lab professor is asking you to speak about it]

"I weak ah, so what?"
[Me: Coward! You use that term to cover up your mistakes]

"I don't know English. Try translate it and explain next time"
[Me: Newsflash, I won't. You see those angmo words, you better learn it, QUITTER~]

As you can see, giving yourself an excuse in living is making your life closer to dying. People are progressing but you keep consoling yourself over useless excuses. If you want to continue being like that, no harm dude, you will just be left out sooner or later.

Your predecessors cast stone behind them when they walked the journey of life. You are supposed to pick them up and polish them into diamonds. Not kicking them away or hopping them over. They want you to be the excellence. Not quitter.

Leave stones for your new generations.

No spoonfeeding. Not to you, nor your next generations.

Be smart, be hard.

New Age Confucious. XD

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