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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Internet Line

Ya, my hotmail account actually 'established' officially when I was 14. Half a decade ago. But I utilised it during my foundation. LOL. Reason? My house cannot go online. Even if I go online, the line is super duper slow, about 42.5 Kbps. And I don't even know what to do online.

So, during my foundation, people suggests me about Facebook, and thank God, I found a purpose of online. XD. And also I hate myself for it, because I spend my time there without knowing how much time I have wasted.


I don't know. I can survive without Internet. But somehow, if you provide me Internet service, you better give me good service. No poor line or interrupted line. I hate it. Who doesn't. eh? I've heard from my friends that the Internet line overseas are far far far far much faster than here.

Malaysia boleh.

C'mon, this is REALITY. If you wanna give people service, you have to give your best. If you cincai give, then it might be better you don't give.

One more thing though, Danish House Oxford line at my house seemed to be quite fine here. No DC. No lag. Perfectly smooth. No downloader, No PPS-er. Hehe. 1188, the best ya!

I have heard some of my friends are squabbling over the line.

Come to 1188 la! RM1 per hour!

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