Sunday, January 23, 2011


Suddenly I fall back to my deep thoughts.

Distance is not good. Especially you are having a relationship with someone. When I mean relationship, I don't mean LOVE, I mean friendship, family and lovers as well.

Do you have a friend which you always meet somewhere, some time and somehow you didn't manage to say a simple 'Hi!' to him? Or you just can't find a time to say 'Hi!'. Alright you did say 'Hi!' after all. But what about some long chats?

'Hey, I am busy. Catch ya later ya!'

That's the phrase we often hear. But do you honestly think that he/she will really catch you back later? It's just a polite and indirect way of saying, 'I am busy and I don't wish to talk much. Bye.'

That's harsh.

I have friends, but it is sad to say that some of them, even they stay so close to me, our hearts are like miles and miles apart. When we meet, we don't know what to talk. The eerie silence. The uncomfortable quietness. It sends shivers down my spine.

In PINK's song 'Sober,' 'I don't want to be the girl who fill the silence, because the quiet seems to be screaming out the truth'.

Instead, my friends who are far apart from me, they keep on asking me how am I doing. Anything interesting, Blah blah blah.

Is there a inversely proportional relationship between distance and relationship?

(i) The further two persons are, the better the relationship.
(ii) The closer two persons are, the worse the relationship.

I don't know. You make a choice.

Like I've said,
It's not a thousand miles that keep us apart,
it's what you didn't say to keep us close

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