Thursday, January 13, 2011

Funny Mummy

While baking cookies, jokes spilt out from my mum. It's not really a joke, just... erm... funny things, mainly pronunciation problems...

One day, I heard mum flipping stuffs in the kitchen, finding things that she has misplaced. She turn over the covers, open the periuk, open the fridge and everything imaginable.

Me: 'Mi, what are you looking for?'
Mum: 'My cooker handle and (something she said unclear).'
Me: 'I see the screws are here... (showing her the container)'
Mum: '(talking very soft, cannot hear what she said)
Me: 'OK... I help you find...'

10 minutes later...

Me: 'Nehh.... over here lah... (showing her the handle)'
Mum: 'I know. I need the screws...'
Me: 'I thought I saw the screws...'
Mum: 'Yeah meh? Show me...'


You know the ending... wasting all 15 minutes for nothing... ==


Mum: 'I cannot make geenut peakies already.'


Apa tu 'geenut peakies'?

My younger bro already started laughing, said, 'Mi, what geenut peakies? It's peanut cookies lah...'

My mum couldn't stop laughing. 'Tongue slip ok???'


Mum: 'Ei, long time didn't hear from Ceeley Mairess.'
Me: 'Siapa tu?'
Mum: 'Neh, that one ar... that one wat wat Montana girl...'
Me: '(on the verge of fainting) Oh... Miley Cyrus...

That was feally runny... Oops, REALLY FUNNY.

Thanks lor fistening.

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