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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dependence Day

I bet you have heard of 'Independence Day' the movie. No? Let me refresh you a bit. It starred Will Smith, and a bunch of dunno-whos. It was a film of an alien invasion which shooots down thick beams of lights from a blooming flower under the flying saucer that annihilates everything.

Still don't remember it?

Puh, never mind, perhaps I am much older than you.

Well, let's see, huh, today, Danish House SMSed me about the rental. They said tomorrow is Thaipusam, so the office is closed and all rental has to be paid by today. OK, fine, never mind. NO PROBLEMO (remember what movie this phrase comes from? No? Never mind).

Then after class, I went to scuffle my wallet for the ATM card to get ready. But when I searched the house high and low, the card seemed to be... HEY, I suddenly remembered I left it at Home. I don't remember why I left it, but I KNOW I left it.

There you see me jumping and shouting. Panic. Hit the Panic Button.

Then, I asked Yu Xiang whether he can pay for me for the moment. Fortunately, he agreed. Thank God!

Lah, this is #1 Dependency.

#2 Dependency is I depend on someone for printing my lecture notes. How pathetic. In the end, to punish myself, I decide to COPY notes using HAND and PEN. Yup. Sadistic or masochistic? You make the point.

#3 Dependency is that I always wish someone to go out dinner with me or at least makan with me. So far, don't know Jeffry keeps asking me out. XD. Maybe he pities me gua. Donnoe. But since my ATM card is not with me, spending money is becoming a huge crisis to be solved here.

#4 Dependency is that I always seek people's advice before I do things. If not, I won't do it. Praise Puay Cian for her independence. Shame on me.

Happy Dependence Day to me... ==

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