Monday, November 29, 2010

Lunar River (Episode 6)

She saw Vohne's ship began to disappear in the thick cloud of ionised gas. All sensors were already activated but the signal wasn't good. She couldn't guess where Vohne would head. She only knew both of them would head towards the direction of the Booster. But with all the clouds around, anything could go wrong.

The blip was still tailing them tightly. Nothing had come out of it yet. But Sylvina wasn't taking any chances. She got those weapons in defensive mode and sat tight. Ion cannons could not be deployed yet, she feared that the shield might disrupt and bloom the ion shells.

Her screen flashed red. She looked at it. It was the Angel's Scorch. The ship was telling her that the Scorch was growing in size and the threshold point was lowered. Anytime now the thing would explode and incinerate everything on its path.

She gulped.

'Vohne, you seeing this?' she could not stand the silence in her ship.

'Yup, the Scorch is rapidly growing. I think I need to deviate my path a little,' he replied. His voice crackled. The wavelength was disturbed by the strong EM field.

'Make sure you get to the Booster.'

'That's not even a question,' he replied. 'Weird shit is going on right here. I am seeing something shifting in and out on my sensors. It is unidentified.'

'Artefacts and debris?'

'They are moving swiftly like a bug. It's impossible to have a fix on them. I think it is something we need to pay attention,' he said.

'I am not seeing anything here. Perhaps your sensors are - '

'I am hit! I repeat, I am hit!' Vohne exclaimed.

'Light your beacon. I am coming,' Sylvina said quickly.

'ID antenna is out!' Vohne shouted panickly. 'Those things are hostile! I think they are Vapidus.'

'Vapidus are not found in this sector, Vohne,' she said, trying to be calm. She was now tracking the last exhaust signature from Umbra. 'Defend yourself while you can. Three more minutes and I'll be there. Just hold on.'

The signal was getting weaker. Vohne was trying to utter a complete sentence, but all she could hear was: '... dark... small... quick...' Then the transmission ended.

'Vohne!' she cried out. Her siren rang. Something large loomed over her ship, like a monster had shadowed over her. She checked her sensors for a display. But none came. The ship told her that the object had jammed the sensors temporarily maybe because of a strong magnetic field lines. She was scared because of both reasons: the monster was huge like a starship and it was moving at fifty percent of the speed of light and gaining.

That was what the sensors told her. If she slowed down the camera frame, she could see the shadow was actually moving at ninety-nine point nine nine nine nine nine nine eight percent of light speed. That was hellishly fast for a monster. Either data could be wrong.

For now, the monster was gone, ignoring her. She accelerated towards Vohne's last detected direction. She didn't care about the tailing target. But when she did, she realised the target had mysteriously disappeared.

Another set of sensors made her jump. The volume ahead of her ship had an increased concentrations of trace atoms and metalicity. She shuddered. She feared it was due to Vohne's ship exploded. Her sensors crackled and silenced after that.

She knew what was happening: one of the Scorches was approaching her. It was condensing more and more cloud to grow. But it didn't erupt. Unless it touched the metals of the hull debris. Then, she would have less than four minutes to escape. The only way to make it on time was to accelerate her ship to five thousand gees. But it was impossible.

She had to make choice again. She shut her eyes and thought about how she met Vohne at the first time. It was at Oroligath, the human city at Othripus planet, when she was investigating the rise of the machine kingdom. Through pikes and spears, both of them had been together till this very day.

She opened the communication window and set it to an omnidirectional signal. She lowered down the privacy channel settings and spoke: 'Vohne, I don't know where you are right now. I can't see you in this mess. I wish I could find you sooner but the Scorch is going to kill us both. We need to make it to the Vapidus. That is our promise to Rimdi. We must honour it. If it comes to a difficult decision, then... then I hate to say this. I am going to leave you now and continue the journey. Even if I managed to find you, we are both doomed before we could get out. Either one of us have to complete the journey. If it isn't you, then it's me. It's tough to be together. But I enjoy it. I like the time we have together, especially when fighting against the machines on Othripus. I never thought this is the end of our story. But the universe has more tricks up to its sleeve than we can ever imagine...'

She sobbed. She was crying now. 'I know. I never cry. You call me a brave woman. I thank you for that. Now, I have to leave you. If you are still alive, I hope you can make your way to the Vapidus to meet me and Rimdi there. If not... never mind. I am sorry for what I have done all these times, especially now. I shouldn't have split the ship like you have said.'

The sensors warned her of the approaching Scorch: Two minutes to impact zone. 'Vohne, listen to me. Listen carefully. I love you, Vohne. I never said that to you. But I really mean it. I find no guts to tell you this and I am telling you this. I might leave you forever, but my heart stays with you.'

She shut off the communication window and sent the message in all directions. She ramped up her ship's acceleration and zoomed away, never to look back.

The universe is cruel. Either you have this, or that, but never both.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lunar River (Episode 5)

'What are you going to do?' Vohne asked.

Sylvina ignored him. 'Ship, turn on your shield.'

'The external environment is unfavourable for such requirements. Risk of damaged hull will be upped for eight orders of magnitude. Are you sure you want to do this?' the ship asked.

'Yes. Shut down the entire ship system after deploying,' Sylvina said.

'You are not only going to make us deviate from our course, you are draining our power as well,' Vohne said.

'As long as we don't ram into the Scorch,' she said. 'Ship, now.'

'Shield activating in ten seconds,' the ship replied.

After ten seconds, the ship was moving smoother than expected, even it was under power. The shield had created a similar characteristics of a planet's magnetosphere, deflecting ions and charged particles around it, just like an aerodynamic head of a plane pushing through the clouds. But the 'thing' behind them was coming worryingly close and their ship's power was increasing at a dismaying speed. Passive sensors had already warned them about the closing target.

'It's time to break up,' Sylvina said.

'What? with me?' Vohne was surprised.

'I mean the ship, not you,' she said. She wasn't laughing at him. She was weighing the risk in her mind. The machines in her mind were calculating the probabilities and statistics. 'Umbraic Nova has to break up like it used to be.'

'You cannot do this. We cannot do this,' Vohne said, in fear.

'Umbraic Nova is only a combined ship,' she snapped. 'We will split into two directions. You take the starboard side and I will take the port side. Remember, get into the right ship. Your ship is - '

'Umbra,' Vohne said it for her. 'But this is preposterous.'

'Take Umbra and return to my Nova if nothing happens. No point losing both ships,' she said. 'If you don't see me replying your message for two minutes, I suggest you pull out a speed that God will put fear in it. Don't ever come back to look for me. Never.'

Vohne saw no sense in arguing. He left and began to find his own deck.

Actually Umbraic Nova consisted of two ships: Umbra and Nova. These two ships were not manufactured by Ataraxia, but from Othripus. They were the most powerful ships ever created and they were part of the clans called 'Seven Sisters' for there were seven of these similar ships of different power and characteristics.

Sylvina had forgotten what the powers were for the rest. She knew her ship Nova was capable of creating huge bursts of EMP, nuclear and antimatter in a short period of time. Her ship had several gamma-ray laser and energy turret, but in return, she had the lowest armour of all.

Umbra, however, had larger and more efficient engine. It can reach up to five gees of acceleration in twenty seconds. It was the fastest acceleration ever recorded. It was designed for stealth, speed and scout. It was never meant to carry any heavy guns. It only had rapidfire munitions, such as micropellets, proton specks and heavy energy guns of up to gigahertz.

But, in order to cover each other's weaknesses, Sylvina had agreed to merge both ships to form a single Umbraic Nova by an intervention from Rimdi, their friend.

Now it was the time to split. Sylvina had told the ship to break down its shield before the ship split. By breaking up into two ships, less power was needed to keep the ship together. They would have a forty percent chance to have their power back and seventy percent chance to have half their power back.

That's the best alternative available.

Sylvina's heart trembled. There would be a chance not to see Vohne again. She couldn't hold that feeling. He had been helping her all the time. They both shared the same feeling but neither had spoken it out. It might be the only time left, or it wouldn't be another chance. She wiped her tears off.

She must tell him how she felt before it was too late.

The ship shuddered as Umbra shook away. She checked her engine power and she was right. Power had been upped for forty percent and still increasing. She waited for the right moment to fire her engine and wham through all the ion cloud despite the risk of being paralysed.

Her radar came alive. She saw Umbra began to put off large distance. It was executing a high-burn.

She breathed in hard.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

FE Dinner Night 2010

It was my 2nd time performance in UTAR. Yup, playing keyboard.

The night was held at Restaurant 'Jia Hao Yue Yuan'. Honestly speaking, the food there was, erm, simple. Yup. Simple. Not not tasty. It's just... simple. Buffet style and I expected more. LOL.

First, sorry ya, Yi Ching, my so-called 'Crazy fan' for my song 'Moonlight Lover'. Haha. Sorry to demand food from you. Thanks anyway. You are a nice girl. LOL. Next time help you balik.

Second, kudos to the 'River of Death' Cocytus Chong (because Cocytus is one of the rivers in Hell). You have done a good job anyway. Your efforts are salutable. Good and responsible programme planner. A busy week for you all. Go take a rest. Yup, with your entire team as well.

Third, to Jing Cong, our precious saxophonist who is going to give up his saxophone to his friend soon. Don't be sad over the loss of possession. You did great. You can still get another saxophone at another time. You did great.

Fourth, to our 'table mates', singers Yen Peng, Kimiro and others, as well as my Neamhus band. Thanks for making all of us laugh till we can't finish our food. Really appreciate that moment. Great singers all four of you. Hope you have a great future.

Fifth, my dear Neamhus band. Yeah yeah, you all did great, but we all need to be better. Sorry for playing some errors in my own composed songs. Sorry ya....

Sixth, nothing more. Just... FUN!!!

A smile, A wave

Once, a friend asked me, 'You look serious all the time, can you be more friendly?'

I asked back. 'I am not serious. It's just I don't feel laughing. Nothing to laugh at. Why tiba-tiba laugh? Like orang gila like that.'

My friend shrugged. He continued, 'You know, you are like Blackjack, the Doctor.'

'Sorry, I didn't watch that anime,' I replied.

'Okay, I make it simple for you. I am going to make you joyful in a year's time.'

I stared at him. I don't know what to say.

Two years later...

Indeed, I have become more joyful, except sometimes I feel bad. The feeling is still there. Like a lurking monster. When the time comes, my face will turn gloomy all over.

But I met this guy. He is the only one who can make me feel the world is so light and delicate.

But, I screwed things up. Because I forgot about the advice given by the Blackjack friend.

Now, I know how to be friendly

It's simple.

A smile and a wave. That's all

PS: Feeling a bit sad all because of my pissed off attitude. Hope everyone can forgive me for that.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lunar River (Episode 4)

As Umbraic Nova ventured into the pinky-red nebula, lightning sparks could be seen flickering from one end to another. The electrical energy here was intense. Ionised particle was moving swiftly against one and another. Nobody aboard could guess how large this nebula is going to be, not to say the two mirage images. They were both quiet and they had stopped speeding.

A soft beeping voice echoed in the deck. Vohne looked at the screen. He frowned, muttering, 'Impossible... impossible...'

'What is it?' Sylvina asked. She walked over and took a look herself. She gasped silently in disbelief. She was staring at the particle composition collected by the ship's passive sensors. The particles detected was not of heavy molecules or atoms created by a supernova. It consisted of high concentrations of hydrogen, helium, lithium and other super-charged ions, with some traces of metals.

Angel's Flare was used recently, about a decade ago.

Angel's Flare was not of human technology. It was created by an alien culture called Angels. Only a few millenia advanced than human, Angels, however, had been seeking refuge from the Vapidus. A few thousands of them had survived and now they were busy running through the galaxy to find some place to settle down. In a rare occasion, they had met the humans in the last three centuries. It was miracle but the communication between the two cultures escalated to a mutual understanding. Several toys were exchanged. Angel's Flare was one of the rarities.

Angel's Flare was fired to a particular volume of space of unadjusted range and yield. It was so unpredictable that no one tried to use it before. A cloud of super-heated and super-charged vapour seethed the space in less than 3 seconds after firing. If some part of the vapour condensed, a highly metastable state of cloud existed.

Metastable is a state where a delicate equilibrium is achieved. One slight interaction would cause the entire state to fall to ground state. The metastable cloud from the Angel's Flare was also known as the Angel's Scorch. Small meteorites that whammed passed the Angel's Scorch would result in a quick-expanding metallic bubble. It was superconducting and could destroy a ship even a small spark of electric energy was injected.

In other words, stay out of the Angel's Scorch.

There, the two anomalic blips were appeared to be the Angel's Scorch. It was located two hours ahead. They were moving, in a matter of fact. Both Scorches were rotating around each other, with one of them moving slightly faster.

It spelled bad news. It meant that two Scorches would collide eventually and liberate a huge sphere of bubble that could vaporise Umbraic Nova into ionised gas.

'We need to get out of here,' Sylvina said softly, trying not to be panic.

'Copy that, but doesn't it make you wonder who did this?' Vohne said.

'No time for investigation,' Sylvina said. 'We need to pull out as soon as possible. Can we calculate the rotational speed of the Scorches?'

'Too risky. Sensors might be fried dry,' Vohne said. 'We don't even know how large this... this blanket is.' He shrugged.

'The Angel gun takes exactly twenty-five years to power-up. If the passive sensors are right, we are seeing a criminal act thirty years ago, or a little earlier. Problem is, who will reach this point of space?' Sylvina asked.

'Angels themselves, perhaps?' Vohne suggested.

'I don't think so. They have problem in running away from the aliens. If they deployed such armaments, the Vapidus could track them down easily by sensing the wake patterns of the Flare,' Sylvina said. 'I am worried someone had used the Booster before us.'

'Engines off,' Vohne reported.

'What?' Sylvina was surprised.

'No worries, a common issue faced by jogging through the nebula. Electromagnetic pulse. We will be back on opto-electric system shortly,' Vohne said.

'How shortly exactly?' Sylvina asked.

'Thirty minutes,' Vohne said. Sylvina wanted to say something but he cut it. 'Don't worry, we have a residual drift towards the Booster by about 15 percent the speed of light. Take it easy.'

'Easier for you to say,' Sylvina said. 'I am just thinking the possibilities of the enemies lurking somewhere.' She paused. She checked the screen again. She shook her head. 'What? Three Scorches now?' She pointed at a new blip appeared on the screen.

'I don't think so. This Scorch is tailing us tight. We need to ramp up,' Vohne said. 'Ship, engines on!' he called out to the ship's intelligence.

'Power failure. Optimum state would be attained in twenty minutes,' the ship replied cheerily.

'Vohne, I think we will be slamming into the Scorch if we continue to have a residual drift,' Sylvina said. 'I think we can ignite our retrorocket to reverse.'

'Power is down, Sylvina.'

'Oh, great,' Sylvina said, rolling her eyes. 'Have you prayed enough?'

'Prayed? Never,' Vohne looked surprised.

'Then now it is the best time to do so. Hold on tight, I am going to do something you've never done before,' Sylvina said.


For the first time ever, a girl tells me about how she felt towards a guy in UTAR.

That guy was handsome in the sense of smart, responsible and firm. Not stylish or fashionable. Considering there are millions of skinny boys in UTAR, he is the exceptional one. Big size. No. Not fat. With a pair of glasses put on his big body, it is cute for a girl though. (Well, according to my friends)

Even worse, she told me she likes his hand. Warm and gentle. And the most important of all: he is not too hairy, and not too smooth. Optimum state.

Oh, hell. Why am I discussing this in my blog?


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I dreamed of you

Chinese always says: 'What you think at day, will dream at night.'
Now I finally got it.

It was X. No, not the previous X. It's the X that live in my social circle a long time before. No. Not more than two years. If I write X here and he reads about it, then I think he knows I am talking about him.

Apologises kill. That's the first and major lesson I learnt during building a friendship. And that's the thing I screwed up with. And I got a bitter price to pay. It's not good. Trust me.

I make out with him. (No, not make love. Don't misunderstand. Seriously). It was recent. But I know the gap between us is still there. A kind of crack that no matter how you seal it, it just opens for you.

It's sad and hurt.

Last night, I dreamt I was walking along the stairs and I saw him walking down. I avoided eye contact at first, but later I forced out a stiff smile and said 'hi' to him. He smiled back and waved to me, calling me to him.

So I went.

He put his arm over my shoulder and asked me, 'So, are you going to tell me why you did that to me before?' He wasn't questioning me. The tone was like, I dunno, caring or somewhat curious. I am confused, alright?

Before I can reply...


I know. I know. But the tone, the voice, the smile, the ever-forgiving face, tell me that he is still as open-hearted as before. And that, had made me feel more miserable.

I am sorry again, X, for what I have done to you. Just me being kecil hati and make you innocently blocked out from my life. I hope one day, we will just go back the way we were once.

Haiz... beautiful and yet, miserable dream...

PS: I know this whole point of blog is useless. A dream. Unreal. Uninteresting. But who cares?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Athair ar Neamh

2 keyboardists
1 guitarist
1 violinist

NEAMHUS band...

Yup. I derived that name from Enya's Athair ar Neamh, meaning 'Father in Heaven'. We play classical, romantic, sentimental and instrumental songs. No vocalist unless necessary. We give a feel of fantasy, gentleness, relaxing and soothing music.




Phobias. Yup. Fears. I am telling you, I have one of the weirdest fears in the world. Here, let me list them down for you:
  1. Spectrophobia (fear of own reflections). Yup. I scared to look at my own photo. Even I hesitate to look at the mirror.
  2. Globophobia (fear of balloons). I never blow a balloon before in my entire life. I can touch it, but not for long. If the balloon is big, please STAY AWAY from me.
  3. Lastihophobia (fear of rubber bands). Those who know me will understand perfectly well how I open a economic rice box, or a nasi lemak wrapper. Never shoot a rubber band on me. You can see how freakingly devilish my face get and I will NOT hesitate to kill you. Seriously.

Besides, I have Altophobia (fear of heights) as well. I cannot even stand the third level of the ladder. I never fixed a ceiling light bulb, paint the ceilings or wipe the fans. NEVER.

However, I used to have a Glossophobia (stage fright). My hands shake. My mind blanks.

But today, after my English for Management presentation, I think I have got a little hold on it. Mr Gerard praised me, saying 'Wow, you did very great after all.', an Indian girl said, 'I love your presentation. It's real and confident. It's natural.' Another said, 'I love your animation.'

I smiled and just said 'Yeah, thanks. But I was nervous...'

Of course no one believes me. They think I am lan-c-ing. But I am not. My hands are shaking like hell. I just put a lot of gestures to cover that up. LOL. And I got tongue-slips, saying meaningless words. Such as:

'...enforcing the relationship bonding...'

What the HELL? How can you ENFORCE the relationship, not to say RELATIONSHIP and BONDING is redundancy. OMG. I don't even know what am I saying in some parts. Well, I think I just get on.

4.57 minutes.

That's my presentation duration. I have picked up from my past mistakes and warned myself not to over do it.

Well, Glossophobia, I will be ready to say goodbye to you!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lunar River (Episode 3)

Weeks had passed and there was still no sign of Lunar River. By Sylvina's reckoning, it might as well have fallen out of sensor range. Lunar River was huge compared to Umbraic Nova. It was two kilometres long and a quarter as wide. The size like that would take it months to match Sylvina's little ship.

'I am having a little discomfort here,' Vohne said. 'It's not right. I feel that someone is still following us.'

'Adema or the Vapidus?' Sylvina asked.

'Come on, we've been through this already.'

'I know,' Sylvina said. 'I just wish Deriph is here to help us. My mind is now an empty large hole without her. I need her guidance.'

'She is just a machine, Sylvina. You know that one,' Vohne said, holding her hand. 'You used to be without her once, did you? She just gave you the stars.'

She nodded. She sighed. Deriph. A familiar name and a very friendly one, too. It was the last message sent by the Serenus system of a human origin. It was the grandest project ever launched into the universe. Initiated by the governor, Deriph was a super-intelligent nano-robots that seeded the galaxy, listening out for Vapidus activities, alien entities as well as deep-space exploring. One of them had landed on Othripus and penetrated Sylvina's mind.

That had changed the entire equation.

Deriph had rewired Sylvina's cortex to interpret and suppress electric field generated by machines. In other words, Sylvina was able to speak with machines. In turn, she had to sacrifice her hair to change into a machine hair filaments to dissipate extra heat from the machines in her mind.

But the War of the Machines had forced Deriph out from Sylvina's mind to take over the intelligence-controlled core of the human city. And now, Sylvina was alone in her mind, save for a few milligrams of swarming machines.

However, this was not the end for her mind. She suddenly felt a mind-numbingly clear picture, like a diamond that had just been polished. She knew it happened during the days of War of the Machines back on Othripus. No doctors in the city knew what went wrong in her mind. They wanted to flush out the machines in her mind, but she refused because she knew it was something other than the machines.

Something alien and yet familiar had entered her mind as well, fighting a place for survival. It didn't affect her much. She just felt like the mist in her mind had cleared away. She could think quick and sharp. Her senses were never been underestimated.

'Alright, here comes the nebula,' Vohne said.

'Fine, turn off all non-essential subsystems,' she said. She knew traversing in the nebula was dangerous. Ionised particles and gases shrouded the area. If more magnetic field lines were emitted from the ship, chances were the ship was going to be paralysed. Even non-electric compliant navigational systems were turned down. As an analogy, it was like venturing in a deep forest.

'Secondary engine off,' Vohne reported. 'We are slowing down to seventy percent of light speed in three more days. Sensors off in three, two and one.'

'Right,' Sylvina said. 'Leave the sonar on.'

'Copy that,' Vohne said. Although they were in vacuum, nebula was a dense place of atoms. Specialised sonar can be trained to look for abnormally agitated atoms due to slipstreams or ripples as some object passed through. 'Sonar on... that's weird...'

Sylvina breathed. 'What?'

'There were two blips on the sonar, one at the stern and one at the starboard side,' Vohne said.

That was right. She could see both blips in grey. It meant that there was no identification code on these two objects. They weren't natural objects. They were clearly closing in. Maybe they were hostile. Maybe they weren't.

'Sensors might be jammed by the electric field in the nebula,' Vohne said. 'These two things are moving in exact speed to each other. Maybe it's a mirror image or a mirage something...'

'It still worries me,' Sylvina said. 'No stealth mode?'

'Unless you want the ship to get electrocuted,' Vohne said.

'It's just a nebula.'

'I can't risk that.'

She sighed. She had to make options again: either to turn off the engines to let it drift through the nebula and risk being found by the two mysterious objects, or ramp up the engines and risk being paralysed.

Both options were equally risky.

Deriph, she sighed. I really need your help on this.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blurry Tutor

I am not afraid to BLURT IT OUT here! If you want to kill me, you are welcome! (Wei Fa, you still owe me one kill! XD)

The first day of tutoring Keyboard class, one little girl sat in front of me. I handed a piece of manuscript paper and she was like:
'Erm, I know music already...'

I was like: 'Then are you the new tutor?'

'No. Dunno who ask me to come in geh.'

'Then you are neither a student, nor a tutor. So what are you?'


*FAINT*........................... x1

She is PANDA... Panda Wei Wei.... Super blur. Like we used to tease her 'Didn't you learn critical thinking skills?' She would reply:


When she asked one of my tutors her phone number, the tutor refused. So I said, 'Ala, I give you lah!'

She switched on her handphone and got ready...

'Zero... one... two....'

'Okay, 012... then?'

'Three.... four... fivesixseveneightnine!'


She is super blur. Again.

Once I said, 'I have longed to go to mamak...'

She asked:

==!!!! (sweat to the MAX!!!!!!)



Egg >>> Caterpillar >>> Cocoon >>> Butterfly
Any other examples?


19 years, my personality has changed its course again and again. GOD!

Primary 1 & 2: Super quiet. Super concentrate on studies. Super stupid on Chinese Language.
Primary 3: Super quiet. Lazy. Started to do last minute homework. Being looked down by teacher because I slapped a boy before my primary 3. LOL
Primary 4: Hate school. Teacher too strict. Wanna go home. Careless
Primary 5: Super lazy. Never complete homework. Only half-finished. Super cool. Never smile
Primary 6: Super duper lazy. Homework still can complete, but words are horrible. Caned by teacher more than 100 times because of carelessness. But learn how to do official things, like organising trip to Langkawi with Winnie Ho... Still the same. I never smile.

Secondary 1: Super fierce. Strict and straight. Tolerance level: ZERO. Cool and never smile.
Secondary 2: Because of my super cool, never became AJK for prefect. Still cool. Misunderstandings between me and my friends erupted. Joined Celcom Youth Ambassador.
Secondary 3: Started become livelier. But EMO occasionally because of HIM. Management skills improved because of CYA. Task arrangement is neat and a perfectionist.
Secondary 4: Lively, smiling like idiot and jokes a lot. Makes people laugh so much till they got stomachache. Interpret data very fast. Able to hand in proposals and reports in 10 minutes. Tabulation of raw data and school policies in 20 minutes.
Secondary 5: Super idiotic and mou. Cold jokes are spreading around. Kienkiet once laughed so hard then being questioned by Pn Lau for not concentrating in class. Mr Oh ordered me to stand in class because I fooled around in class, telling stupid jokes that makes the whole lab group laughing.

Pre-tertiary: Back to Secondary 3 style. EMO but lively.

Tertiary 1: Always disturb and fool girls. People both hate and love me for that. Akibat, I have more female friends than male. Major laziness sweeping over me. Easy to get tired.


Neruvatar, apa pasal you tukar karakter sepuas-puas?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time Wasting

Practice.... WASTED
Performance... WASTED
Assignment... WASTED
Time... WASTED
Blogwriting... WASTED

What the hell is going on here?

Ha Fei Zhan

The pink shirt is Ha Fei Zhan....
Handsome ol'buddy
Hahaha.... when I saw this name popped up from the left hand corner of my computer screen, saying 'Han Fei Zhan likes your status' I was like.... Who is it? What the hell? Spammer?

So, curiously and carefully, I moved my cursor and right-clicked on the pop-up...

[Conscious: Would you please be quicker?]

... then chose 'Open link in new tab' (Just because I don't like open a new window again and again).... then still curiously and carefully opened the tab and took a look on it...

Don't blame me! People always say 'Curiosity kills the cat!'

[Conscious: You are a human, though. XD]

Then I know it was my buddy! Fizan! That name was given by me to him as his Chinese name! LOL!!!! It was last year when we were in PLKN White Resort, I gave him that name. Although it spelt wrongly (supposed to be Ha Fei Zhan, not Han Fei Zhen), it still accounts for the same feeling!

Then I told him again his correct name... And immediately he posted it on his wall, saying:

哈菲占。哈=ketawa, kegembiraan... 菲=kehijauan, kemudaan, evergreen... 占= memiliki


Fizan oh Fizan....
Miss you!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lunar River (Episode 2)

'You won't do it,' Adema said.

'What makes you think otherwise?' Vohne asked.

'Captain, or what should I call you?' Adema asked.

'Sylvina would be fine.'

'Good then, Sylvina. We have a large number of technologies uncovered at the edge of Noxus system. Previously unfound. In fact, the Angels gave us some of their weapons. I hope you will be impressed if you don't mind me introducing them to you.'

'Go ahead then,' Sylvina said, crossing her arms across her chest.

'We have a Dark Drive. Of course you know what it means. It makes your ship shrouded into the background of the universe. Nothing bounce back. It absorbs light and blends with the environment,' Adema said, cheerily.

'Boring,' Sylvina rolled her eyes. She had heard of Dark Drives before. Rimdi had told her about it and it was a very dangerous engine drive. It would simply explode if it was not installed properly. Useful against combats, but risky.

'We have more. Heard of Angel's Flare?' Adema tried to give another trade.

'No,' Sylvina and Vohne said together.

'Then you should have them. It's a weapon that deals large scale damage. Not kilometres, Sylvina, but hundreds and thousands of kilometres. Enough to wipe out an entire solar system.'

Sylvina sighed. 'Adema, it is not that we want to trade with you. We are trying to say we have no more supplies for you. Keep those weapons and technologies. Use them when we face the Vapidus after we have arrived at the Nexus.'

'Yes, please don't waste our time here,' Vohne added. 'When I mean our, I mean you and me as well. War is getting on, Adema. Rimdi is expecting us.'

'We need fuel to go to war, Sylvina,' Adema said.

'We have checked your drive signature. It seems like you are on a high burn trajectory. That consumes fuel. You have more fuel than you have told us. Don't lie to us. You wouldn't catch up on us unless you are powering up to the max,' Sylvina said. 'And don't doubt our scanning system. It's military grade.'

'I have told you: we are not lying,' Adema insisted.

'Listen here,' Vohne said. 'If you depart on Noxus and still reach us, then I can say, your ship and ours departed together in more or less the same time frame. Don't lie to us, Adema. There are no Vapidus behind us.'

'Go now, we have nothing to offer,' Sylvina said, finally. 'Get your ship out from my immediate volume of three hundred kilometres. I am giving you twenty minutes to do that. Or we will make you a wishing star.'

'A wishing star?' Adema blinked.

'We will blast you out of the sky,' Vohne sighed, like a teacher who was fed up with his student.

'Please, Sylvina. We checked your ship already. We saw extra packages of fuel. You don't need all those just to reach the Nexus, don't you?' Adema said.

'You spied on our ship?' Sylvina bellowed.

Adema quickly corrected her mistake. 'We didn't. Please, no offence. We have to do some final checkups to make sure your ship is not hostile.'

'Does our ship look hostile?' Vohne glared.

Adema forced out a hoarse laugh. 'Of course not, but we still have to make sure.'

'Well, thanks for dropping by anyway. We have to leave now. Farewell,' Sylvina said. She nodded to Vohne and shut off the communication window. He nodded back in agreement. He switched on a green holographic display of three dimensional patterns. He dragged a few shapes and fit them into other gaps. He rotated the figure and rearranged once more. Later, he dabbed on the figure twice to make it yellow.

The ship juddered and the centre of gravity was shifting. They were accelerating hard. Lunar River was falling behind. The ship was two kilometres long, at least. It needed time to match Umbraic Nova speed. Like said, size matters in the universe.

'They are not sincere, as far as I can tell,' Vohne said. 'Poor liars.'

'You don't need another eye to see them lying,' Sylvina said. She called up a large display which filled in the room. The lights dimmed. Vohne and she was like swimming in the sea of graphics. A red icon blinked at her eye level, with a blue one at the south of it. Around these two icons, different yellow lights dotted around.

'So we are the red one and the blue one...' Vohne touched his chin with his finger.

'Lunar River, yes,' Sylvina said. 'By twenty minutes, they should be effectively outside our range. Unless they still head on to our direction. If they are capable of speeding that fast, I am starting to worry what magic toys they have in their ship.'

'We cannot have them pass through the Booster before us,' Vohne said.

Sylvina noticed a purple dot some distance away from the two icons. 'The Booster is two months away. I doubt they can overtake us that fast...' she paused. She stared in Vohne's eyes. 'Oh my. Don't look at me like that!'

'It's only a suggestion!' Vohne exclaimed.

'We are humans, Vohne. We don't kill to make us win,' Sylvina snapped.

The blue icon flashed once and gone.

'Did you see that?' Vohne asked.

'Ship, locate Lunar River. In fact, locate any artificial object behind us. Now,' Sylvina said out aloud. She turned back to Vohne, 'This is something weird. They couldn't have possibly run out from our sensor range that quick.'

'That means our sensor malfunctioned,' Vohne said. He reached for a control panel on the deck and ran his fingers along it. He stared at the visuals for a long while. Then he said, 'Nothing here. Everything is fine here. Not even a glitch in the system.'

'No? Nothing?' Sylvina was surprised.

'Report: Clear on all sectors,' a voice echoed. It was the ship reporting.

'Where the hell is Lunar River?' Vohne asked. 'They can't decelerate that hard. Or they have teleported?'

'Please, Vohne, we don't have teleportation device on a classical scale,' Sylvina said. 'Should we turn around and scan the volume?'

'Move ahead,' Vohne said. 'We are under a very tight schedule.'

'Fine,' she replied. 'Let's hope Lunar River is not up to its tricks. We have the ammunition to be ready if it really does so.'

'I thought you disagree on killing,' Vohne said.

'I do,' Sylvina said. She switched off the holographic sea of display and brightened up the room. 'But if you scare the daylights out from my living soul, you aren't going to see one more light in your eyes.'

[Where is Lunar River? Why Adema needed fuel so much? Has Sylvina guessed correctly that she is a bandit? But why Lunar River has vanished from the sensors? Where has it gone?]

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lunar River (Episode 1)

It had been two years in the small spacecraft no larger than eight hundred metres called Umbraic Nova, or also known as the Shadow Burst. Yet, their final destination had not reached. The ship had no interstellar travel capability, but Rimdi, their great friend had modified the engine drive.

In space, small is good. You can ramp up the acceleration to impossible speeds. Inertia plays a little role in small things. Large ships however would need to take months to reach interstellar speed. When it comes to interstellar speed, it simply means speed about ninety-nine point nine percent of the speed of light.

But small things have a slight drawback: they could not mount enough power to gallivant around the universe. That's the paradox. You can have a brontosaurus, but it moves in inches, or you can have an ant, but it can only travel short distances.

Sylvina Aluna Celumbus had made a difficult choice. She chose to head towards a spatial void where no stars, planets or nebulae existed because there ahead laid a strange ring structure called the Booster. As its name suggested, the Booster would boost any incoming object very, very close to the speed of light by injecting high energy to space-time.

However, getting through the Booster was a bet. You would never know where the Booster would bring you, unless you had been through before. Even that had a possibility of throwing you too far as the energy density changed. Another risk was the Booster could be used only once in a specific period. Sometimes once in a few millenia. So if you planned to head for the Booster, you wouldn't know whether it was still active till you actually passed through it.

Both risks were Sylvina's concern. She had never been through this Booster before.

She held Vohne's hand when they walked through the hallway. Nervousness was creeping her spine. Besides, the news of a fast approaching ship had worried her as well. It was not the first time they encountered a ship, but usually those ships were of bandits. So far, suicide bombing and hijacking had topped the list.

Most came for a same reason: to obtain the Solar Catapult. A magnificent and yet remained a myth among most pilots weapon. It was said to be capable of tearing stars apart and catapult them away. Those bandits knew Rimdi's allies. They would hunt them down till they found the weapon, althought killing was sometimes necessary.

The communication window opened. A woman having a stern-looking face forced out a warm smile to them. She was wearing a profession short-collared black blazer. She spoke, 'Captains of the starship Umbraic Nova, I am Captain Adema of the starship Lunar River. We are announcing our presence to you at the last hour and now we find no time to speak of our urgency.' She paused, as if she allowed Sylvina to speak. Then she continued, 'We are in dire need of supply. We need a trade. We want more power. Our ship has run its full capacity since its departure on Noxus system. But the Vapidus are still on our tail. We cannot fend them off. We sincerely hope that the captains of Umbraic Nova would consider this seriously.'

Sylvina stood straight and thought for a while for what to say. 'I am sorry, Adema,' she said, at last. 'We don't have much fuel for us as well. We are having a small ship here. We need more power than you do. I am sure you understand the flight dynamics pretty well. We pitied your condition but it is the same for us too.'

'Are you heading to the Nexus?' Adema asked.

'Yes,' Sylvina said. 'Why?' she sensed a trap somewhere.

'Aren't we all? But the difference is there is a pack of Vapidus behind us. Tailing us for months. Your ship is small. They can hardly notice it. But my ship is big...'

'Vapidus is ahead of us, not behind, Adema. Stop lying,' Sylvina said.

'Well, I am not,' Adema said.

'Listen here, Adema, we are on our way to the Nexus and we are applying full thrust. Now you want to communicate with us and our acceleration has dropped by two orders of magnitude. That costs us more fuel than expected. Unless you have something better to let us treasure,' Vohne interrupted. 'We are in no position to negotiate here. Show us what you got and then leave our immediate space volume.'

'I am sensing an "or" behind your sentence, captain,' Adema said.

'Or we will shoot you out of the sky,' Vohne said firmly.

[What will Sylvina do to such offer? Will she trade? Is Adema a bandit like others? Or is she telling the truth? The Vapidus Nexus is where they are heading but how come some elements of the Vapidus are found behind Adema?

What will become of their fate?]

My Past Has Caught Me

I thought it was over when I screwed up the bridge of friendship with HIM. I thought it is time to know how selfish I was when I was in secondary school. Egocentric. After that incident, I know I was wrong. But every apologies fall on deaf ear (or death ear, whatever suits you).

My heart cried. I never knew the thing I wished for the most has actually slipped through my fingers. It was like trying to hold a sand castle in my palm, knowing that the sand will slip anytime.

Then I have my own theory: things that I wanted the most, often slip.

I held on to this till I entered University. I thought the past will let me go, like a shadow receding away. I thought there come a day where HE will forgive me, just like B. But day after day, I thought HE had forgotten me. So, I went on with my life.

Then now, HE didn't forgive me. I think it is someone wants to punish me. Someone's face who look strikingly similar to HIM appeared in my life. I am not afraid of saying his name though: Chey Wei Fa, my violinist friend.

Everything on him is the same as HIM... except his deep gruffing voice though...
Attitudes and characters. It's just the same...

My God, has my Past finally caught me?

Well folks

Well, folks, after a long and tiresome weekend, I am going to tell you what EXACTLY I did that makes me so damn busy.

~Musical Gathering~

Yup, that's what makes me busy. Busy on rehearsals. Practice. Play. Perform.

It was held in IDK 2. Goddamn it. The place is grand big but the stage is damn small. Many joked about the seatings of Chinese Orchestra, saying it would fight with each other for spaces. I even joked that one person helped three others to pull the Er Hu bow.

Sorry Chinese Orchestra. I am still your loyal fans!

During our performance, damn panic. Our guitarist Weng You lost his guitar peg. Gan jiong dao..... even the audience help him find but still lost. Akibatnya..... haiz.... you know I know lah...

The place I stand is even worse! Wires around and plugs laying. It's like standing on a pit of snakes! Any time I might get electrocuted! Somemore, the photographer, DAMN ANNOYING! Squating next to me, aiming at my handsome face for 3 minutes with a SUPER CLOSE-UP view. Now I know why people hate paparazzi so much (papa... paparazzi! GAGA)

Our performance sucks. Mic sucks. Guitar without peg sucks. Wire sucks. Photographer sucks. Stage sucks. Typing of seats sucks (Chinese ORCHESTAR, and WEELY classes....).SUCKS!!!

You know where the guitar peg is? Its on our seat. Stuck at the table there... SWT!!!

Overall, the performance (except us) is good. Except those 60s songs... PLEASE.... 60s songs are okay with me, but the rest???

Anyway, I super love chinese orchestra... Beatbox can go away ma... LOL... Nvm lah...


PS: Wei Wei, show your middle finger to the crowd please!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Performance TODAY!!!

GO GO GO!!!!
2 words... millions of feelings.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today gonna rehearse in school from 3pm... Who knows it ended at 11.15pm...


Walao, UTAR so kiamsiap, light never switch on. Whole block I is just pitch black. Not even a tiny LED was lit. What la UTAR! LOL! Making girls scream... Especially out of nowhere someone playing a violin in the dark... Yeah, Wei Fa, talking about you here.... so scary...

Again... T...I...R...E...D..........................

It seems like because of this, me and my band got along pretty well... We are like becoming good friends. Especially that Panda, I keep bullying her. Calling her to carry the super heavy keyboard around and naming the keyboard her coffin. (Now everyone calls it a Coffin)

Now, my guilt in me grow even stronger when I finally see Wei Fa in the dark... He looks so much like HIM, except his voice was deeper. The more I see Wei Fa, the more I feel the obligation to help him do something...

Do what actually? I also don't know. As if I owe him something before. Or maybe I am just making my redemption for my past mistakes...

Ah, the past has finally got me...

Night, surround me and bless me!


Tiresome week

Dammit... feel so sleepy nowadays. My left eyelid keeps jumping all the time for a week already. Tak tau buat apa. Very annoying.

I think I am super tired.

The trio performance for the Musical Gathering is a headache for me. My younger brother and I rewrote the song Classical Gas (go and listen it at Youtube) for keyboard, violin and guitar. Then during week 2, 3 players promised to play the song.

And so we practised a week later, asking them to familiarise with the song.


The keyboardist didn't practise, He said he had exams, assignments and he said his songwriting competition had elected him into the semifinals. Whatever. And he can't play the first page for 2 hours. WASTED.

Then the guitarist quit as well. WASTED.

Soon, a new guitarist and keyboardist were chosen to play. The day before Deepavali, we had practised. Keyboardist was an ultimate failure at that time. Guitarist couldn't get hang over the timings.

Next Monday (aka this week), managed to play 5 pages. Tuesday 7 pages. Wednesday all pages. But I feel we are lagging behind so much. By right, this week should only rehearse. NOT PRACTISE.

What can I say? A lot of time has been wasted,

My exam is coming and I am bothering over these stuffs that I don't even participate. WHAT FOR???

And my friend had passed away because of a terrible accident...

My mind is totally messed up!

MUET and Marketing... haiz.............................

Fortunately SiewCheng still can somehow... SOMEHOW... managed to comfort me... Haiz... Thanks anyway...

Tired... zzzZZZZZZZ

PS: Evil Emun, I am so sorry we disturb your beauty sleep for the whole week. I don't know whether you can hear the stretchy violin sound from two houses away or not, Anyway, just so sorry for such disturbance... Hope you can score well in your PMR... LOL XD....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Warning: This blog post might be hard to see due to its conflicting colours.

I am going to write the entire blog in RED, in honour of CHLOE, my dear friend, who has just passed away.

I have met Chloe when I was in Foundation 2009, Semester 2. We both met at Introduction to Sociology class. The first day we met, I remembered passing the attendance list to her and she passed it back to me, thinking I hadn't signed. Then from there, we started talking. She said my face is familiar throughout the lecture halls. She said she could see me everywhere. Then I jokingly replied saying I never saw her before. She said, 'Because I am not famous mah!' Then I shot back, 'I famous meh?' Then she laughed...

* * *

I am sorry for taking your photos without permission. But would you allow me to spread your heart to everyone?

When I saw Chloe, the first impression was: RED. She had a red scarf across her neck, a pair of red sneakers, holding a red file with a red pencil box in her bag. Even her handphone was red.

RED, was her signature. (And always be)

She had a wonderful personality. She was hardworking. She could finish the entire Socio assignment in just a week and passed to me for checking. I didn't know how she did that. And I will never know for now. Her speed and diligence had made me comfortable throughout Sem 2 because she had lifted off a burden of assignment list from my mind, so I can focus the other 5 assignments.

Her voice was confident. She knew what she was doing. And you could never take a second chance. Her presentation skills had made my jaw dropped. Despite certain 'uhs' and 'ahs', she could finish the presentation smoothly and answered our tutor's questions well.

Besides that, she was fun and exciting. I remembered we were having a Midterm examination. She and her gang wore all RED into class and sat the last row. I admired her leadership and her attitudes. That RED WAVE in the lecture hall will burn in my mind forever.

Then, we never saw each other again...

Till degree year 1, I saw you rushing by when I was rushing by as well. We just said 'hi' to each other and rushed to class respectively.

A short 'hi'. But a friendly smile. That accounts for EVERYTHING.

Yet, I have never expected you to go so quickly.

It was a shock, yes, and I can't help blaming myself for not blessing you much. I thought it was... ah, never mind...

You have made my life to see RED in a different perspective (because I used to dislike RED, it is so feminine). You taught me what are GANGS. You taught me how to be diligent. You taught me to find humour in every aspect of life.

Your RED, is your passion. Your life.

Now, I cannot say something to you in person anymore. But I know:





Sunday, November 7, 2010

Need your comments on this!

Hard to say this, let's name this individual 'X'. And here is the story. Hope you can give lots of comments about it!

X has a great result. But his attitude sucks. Not to mention he made his own mother cries more than 5 times in a month. Question: who can tolerate this? And yet, each time he NEVER apologises. LOL!

This is not the main problem though. Let's start off with something personal:

He had a laptop a long, long time ago. But due to his carelessness, his monitor screen began to dim, then the plug became loose and then the monitor lost its hinge. For your information, the laptop hangs. God knows what he did to his laptop. It just... SPOILED!

Then his brother and his mum shared a laptop. And he envied them for having a better laptop than his. So one day, after his family sent him back to his university, he called on the next day, demanding a new laptop because he needed to complete his Sociology assignment.

Now, you see, the university is located 2.5 hours away from his house and how was his family going to send another laptop? Due to this complication, his mum was forced to call her sister and bring the laptop his brother and mum shared to his university. For your information, his mum's sister is living 5 hours away from him.

So, she just went THERE to give him the laptop.

Fastforward. So now he owns the laptop which his brother supposed to have. And because his brother was entering a new university, he needed a new laptop. So, his mum's sister gave him a brand new one. Even faster than before.

Next, when X came home for holidays, he saw his brother having a laptop and of course, he envied as well. He kept saying things like 'wow, nice laptop'.

Then, an unfortunate thing happened. The laptop crashed. Fortunately, the semester was closing in and he didn't have to use the laptop. But still, his aunt gave him ANOTHER laptop (stop confusing here. draw a mindmap instead) with RAM up to 1GB. (Caution: in X's family, no one had a computer capable of having 1GB)

Again, the laptop spoiled because of the display chip problem. This time was a serious one. The semester had just begun and he needed to complete his assignment. So he asked his mum what to do. Mum told him to stay calm and she will fetch the ORIGINAL laptop he owned BEFORE (that is the one X was using).

But again, X argued and hurt his own mum's feelings. He said laptop are supposed to be 'personal' and couldn't lend to anyone. Then he stormed upstairs by accusing his own mother of wasting his time talking nonsense. (Get the picture)

Of course, that night, his mother cried.

So, as X's brother is in dire need of laptop, his mum forced to use X's brother's loan to buy a new laptop. And now, he is still using it.

Get the picture?

No, it isn't finish yet.

Then, X's piano teacher chose him to be the MC of the award ceremony whereas his two other brothers perform. X rejected.

You know what X said?

He said, he had lost contact with music for a long time, so he cannot be an MC.

EXCUSE ME, who said be an MC must have specific knowledge on that? Last time he was an MC for POPULAR bookfair and did he had a specific knowledge on books? Anyway, he scrapped that reason off with saying 'that's not the same thing!'

He just said he is not free, busy, sick and so on.

But the ceremony was a month later. Sunday. How on Earth can anyone BUSY on SUNDAY from 8am to 11am?

Those are just LAME excuses. So when his brother called him to tell him the details, he just SHUT OFF the phone.


Besides, X said his brother was never a brother before and deleted him out from Facebook. LOL! What a childish behavior!

And, when his mum told him his public relation skills are poor, he said, he only treat his family like this, but public he won't be like that.


Of Lamb and Duck

Honestly speaking, I don't like chicken meat anymore.

(Conscious: What about KFC?)
I haven't take it for YEARS!
(Conscious: What about McD?)
For 15 years I have not take that!

Roasted chicken, Steam chicken, fried chicken, BBQ chicken, seared chicken, grilled chicken, panfried chicken, boiled chicken, poached chicken.... ALL THOSE ARE A BIG CROSS FOR ME!

It's disgusting to eat chicken with those hormones and antibiotics. I don't rule out the possibilities that other meat might have those as well, but come on, besides beef, chicken is the 2nd largest market share of eating in the WORLD. To increase supply, those are necessary actions.

Now, my mum bought me a roasted duck. I never liked duck drumstick until yesterday. The drumstick was so juicy. When you chew it, the juice just burst and fill your mouth with all the aroma and herbs. The meat is so tender that you thought you are eating a fish. Every chew is a satisfaction to the MAX!

Lamb. My favourite meat. People complain lamb having a weird smell. Well, let me tell you this. Those are not smell unless you buy the wrong lamb. I don't see this probem at all. The meat is firm and when you chew it, the meat just melts! Special offer: go to Ola-Ola Cafe in Ipoh, somewhere near Jusco... SUPERB!!!

Well, anyway, I don't see the point of writing blog... Just me being gelojoh....


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kiasu Kamparians

WARNING: Readers' discretion advised. The following post contained harsh language which is inappropriate for readers below 13 or any equivalent age in any region

I can't stand it anymore!
(Conscious: Sit down lah!)
[Shut up, conscious! I'm angry here!]

You know what, Kampar students, specifically UTARians who drive cars, MOST of them are SOOOOOO KIASU! Because of that, many cyclists' lives are in danger. F it!

Incident #1
One day, I was cycling to school. I was at the bridge crossing the lake in the campus. Then I have to cross to the other side to reach for the shortcut near Block A which will lead me directly to Block B. But the point is, I was cycling on the right shoulder of the road. So, I have to cross the road to reach to the left and take that ramp down.

I look ahead (or the incoming traffic): NO CARS.
I look behind (or the tailing traffic): ONE CAR, but it is about 500m away with a bump between us.

Decision: CROSS

Then guess what? The car behind began to speed up incredibly. So fast that the driver ignored the road bump and just rammed over just to drive through before I could cross.

At that moment, I was already at the middle of the road. I was like: WHAT THE HELL? Do you honestly think a cyclist will make you LATE for school? By the way, you are so far. Even after I crossed the road, you still hadn't reach me. IDIOT!

Incident #2
Me and my friend was trying to cross the Westlake Homes junction. We were going to Harvard. When we reached the junction, we did all we did.

Look left: NO CARS
Look right: A FEW. But they were at the Guard house. Too far to take into consideration.

And so, we crossed.

Just as we cycled one full round, the cars began to pick up speed and zoom so fast. We thought we were going to be killed. Even the guards were also stunned. Come on, drivers! We are just cyclists crossing the road. We know we are slow, because WE DON'T HAVE AN ENGINE!!! But can't you just be patient while we cross the road about 1 KILOMETRE away???

Incident #3
This thing happened today. In the morning. 9.05am.

I cycled out of my house and prepared to go to school. There was this Kenari parking at Beijing houses (I was cycling on the Oxford houses side. So we are just opposite each other). The driver apparently was picking up 4 passengers. The engine was still off and the passengers was about to board the Kenari.

So, I ignored them. I just kept my lane and continued cycling. But when I approached the Kenari, that driver just got insane. He quickly ignited the engine and swerved his car to make a U-turn so fast that his passenger hadn't even close the door after boarding. The U-turn was made 3 INCHES away from my bike.


You want me to get KILLED is it? I am cycling. So what if I passed your car first? This is not a race at all.


Incident #4

Yup. This is a common situation in Kampar. Speed.

I hate them. Speed for what? Like Chinese always curses: 'You speed for can't wait to get reincarnate, is it?'

The students driving sucks. Drive so fast, thinking very 'yeng'. Then before the road bump, they apply brake (or they sometimes don't), then continue speeding AGAIN.

When bumps were made in Kampar, they complained like old ladies of the bumps being too high.

Excuse me, if you don't speed, THERE WON'T BE A SPEED BUMP! IDIOT!!!

Incident #5
Along the road leading to YumYum, erm, I mean from the Westlake Guard post to YumYum that road, is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS place to cycle.

Cars speed and come out of nowhere without warning.

So, the authorities made a few bumps.


You see, there is a red lane on both sides of the road. Those are for cyclists. And the bumps are stretched over the bitumen road, but not the red lanes.

And so, those bastards, they drive on the red lane just to avoid the bumps.



Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It seems like the 'Male vs Female' post has received lots of comments and remarks...

But hey, like I've said, it's just a posting, not something to discriminate sex.

I am just telling how girls and boys learn in my keyboard class.

Differences between genders actually brings fun.

You will be bored if the genders act the same.



Male vs Female

Today's topic eh? It's NOT about me being sex discriminate. I am talking about my experience. Just don't judge me too quick ok? I am trying to tell a story here. True story. Period.

Problem statement: Does girls learn music faster than boys?
Hypothesis: Girls learn music in a more efficient way and faster than boys.

Fixed: 10 boys and 10 girls of the age range between 18 to 24, a song called 'Eine Klein Nachtmusik', same tutor
Manipulated: Introduction of different stages of music
Responding: Blurriness


It was like this. I teaches keyboard for 2 semesters now in the university. Nothing great. Just beginner class. And I find myself teaching a lot more girls than boys. However, I always strike equality of two genders. So I teach equal number of males and females.

As the teaching goes, I realise that girls have a lot of problem in picking up timings, beats and notes. They just can't get it. They just frown and look at you in an accusing way as you did not do your job well. What can I say? I did pretty well eh. I have already explained everything.

Never mind, I guess. I approach them and teach them. And here they are asking all sorts of weird questions. 'Why must draw like this?'. 'Why when the notes getting higher means we have to play higher in the keyboard?', 'I don't understand half-count. Is there a three quarter count? Why must there be quarters anyway? No whole numbers?'

Yeah, that sort of questions.

How I answer? Easy. Quick. Correct. That is:
ask the goddamn first musicians.

Nawh. I didn't answer them like this. I still tell them the answers. (Pardon me, blogspot doesn't allow me to write much here)

But the whole point is, at the end of the class, they still don't know what they are supposed to do. Then I tell them to practise at home and play for me for next week.

1 day
2 days
3 days
4 days...

When the week comes, they smile and says: 'I don't know how to play.'

That's it?

Of course again, I teach them one more time. Well the result is obviously clear. It repeats the story I've just told you.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Optical Illusion

WARNING: If you feel dizzy, close one eye. Don't close both or it will increase the uneasiness.
Watch how it twists and distorts

Stare at it, then look at other areas of the same picture.

Stare at it and you will see it growing and pulsing

Oh I see

After several years, I realise I like to guide someone. Erm, how to say this... To be honest, I like to guide only ONE single person rather than a group. I always tend to take care and teach whatever I know to him or her.


Primary 6

I taught and took great care of a girl. I taught her how to type good formal letters to the ministry department.

Secondary 1

I taught my friend how to be a good prefect whereas I sucks at being a prefect that time. He was later a debater and a secretary

Secondary 2

I was forced to take care and guide a junior which I hated the most. But this relationship turns out to be complicated and chaotic. It ends tragically

Secondary 4

Again, I guide the one from above

Secondary 5

I took another person instead. Taught him how to work his way to the Division Heads. I have failed because I finished study before I could guide him further.

Another one from Secondary 2. He pleaded to me to teach him English. He got it finally.

Foundation Sem 1

Had a great friend, but somehow too much TTM-ing, creating unwanted misunderstandings. Akibatnya, I lost everything. Well, almost.

Foundation Sem 2

A friend found me. Not I found him, like all other years. I taught him Webpage patiently and helped him with the assignments. He failed his Webpage. But I was relieved he made it through finally.

Degree Sem 1

Guided a lost friend. Although his information processing skills need to improve in many orders of magnitude, I still find that it is impossible to guide forever. His speed will drag me slower in my own progress.

Degree Sem 2

JUST found a person I wish to guide. But judging on the history, I believe it will end disastrously as well. So, control myself...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Selipar and Seluar Pendek

'Cik, tak bleh pakai selipar dan seluar pendek ya!'
'Tapi dulu saya...'
'Ah, itu dulu, Ni sekarang. Ingat. Kalau kena tangkap, denda RM10 ya!'
'Oh, ok...'

And so, the little girl continued her tiresome cycle, cursing the university for such matter.
'What is this huh? Slippers also not allowed to be in campus! That stupid Jaga!'


Before you curse the Jaga OR the university, think about yourself
As a student, did you respect yourself? Why are you wearing shorts to school?
School is a very disciplined place. Keep your fashion for your shopping, not studying. By the way, who cares if you wear such funky costumes?

If you wear less, you are humiliating yourself and the surrounding people. To be frank, you look like a prostitute more than a student.

Slippers? Oh come on, are you thinking you are going to the bathroom or what?



Moonlight Lovers

This is a love song composed by me for my own novel. The characters in this song are Herphecius and Tyrus. They were once lovers, but later they separated because Tyrus has gone to a faraway place. Now, this song is about both of them singing under the moonlight at the same time but at a different place.

Red: Herphecius
Blue: Tyrus

Can you see the silver moon that sails so full and shiny white
All the stars come out and hold it all the night?
You are like the silver moon and I am holding all the night
But I feel that you are slipping out of sight.

Can you listen to my voice now screaming in the dark?
WIshing you are somehow here...
I am wondering if I have really have any love luck
Because I have lost you and the voice I hear...

You said I am a shadow
and you're just like the red sun,
I will tell you what I do know
wrong is the shadow and sun
because the shadow stays behind
when the sun shines up a front

In the night I always pray that you are here
In the night I want you whisper in my ear
In the night I need you to hug me so near
Can you hear my voice tonight?
Can you please come back to me?
Do you know what we're once called?
I tell you we're Moonlight Lovers...

When I see the silver moon that sails so full and shiny white
I know my heart starts to shatter in pieces
I am sorry that I never tell you where I have gone to
But I want you wait for me, dear...

I can hear you voices in me telling me "come back,
I have been waiting for you."
I can tell you how sorry I'm for leaving you that night
All I want to say is "Please forgive me dear."

I am the red sun for you (I am a shadow)
You're the rshadow in my heart (You're the sun)
Together we'll be forever till the time the darkness swept
In the night we'll be together, in the dreams as true lovers

In the night I always pray that you are here
In the night I want you whisper in my ear
In the night I need you to hug me so near
Can you hear my voice right now?
Can you promise what you've said?
My dear I will promise you
I will never ever leave you

I am not a mere shadow
I am not a mere red sun
We are trees and the silver moon
We hold each other as one

I miss you every day and night
When the sun and moon shines bright
When we'll be together again
like we used to be before?
In the moonlight I pray you're safe always
So when I come back I can see your face...

In the night I always pray that you are here
In the night I want you whisper in my ear
In the night I need you to huge me so near
We were once called Moonlight Lovers...

Can you see the silver moon that sails so full and shiny white
Yes I know that you are calling after me
Will you promise that you will come back quickly to my side
Yes I will return as fast as I can be

I am counting how many days
you have left me here
without any word to say
I am counting how many steps
before I reach home
My heart telling me that I'll soon be home...