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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh I see

After several years, I realise I like to guide someone. Erm, how to say this... To be honest, I like to guide only ONE single person rather than a group. I always tend to take care and teach whatever I know to him or her.


Primary 6

I taught and took great care of a girl. I taught her how to type good formal letters to the ministry department.

Secondary 1

I taught my friend how to be a good prefect whereas I sucks at being a prefect that time. He was later a debater and a secretary

Secondary 2

I was forced to take care and guide a junior which I hated the most. But this relationship turns out to be complicated and chaotic. It ends tragically

Secondary 4

Again, I guide the one from above

Secondary 5

I took another person instead. Taught him how to work his way to the Division Heads. I have failed because I finished study before I could guide him further.

Another one from Secondary 2. He pleaded to me to teach him English. He got it finally.

Foundation Sem 1

Had a great friend, but somehow too much TTM-ing, creating unwanted misunderstandings. Akibatnya, I lost everything. Well, almost.

Foundation Sem 2

A friend found me. Not I found him, like all other years. I taught him Webpage patiently and helped him with the assignments. He failed his Webpage. But I was relieved he made it through finally.

Degree Sem 1

Guided a lost friend. Although his information processing skills need to improve in many orders of magnitude, I still find that it is impossible to guide forever. His speed will drag me slower in my own progress.

Degree Sem 2

JUST found a person I wish to guide. But judging on the history, I believe it will end disastrously as well. So, control myself...

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