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Thursday, November 25, 2010

FE Dinner Night 2010

It was my 2nd time performance in UTAR. Yup, playing keyboard.

The night was held at Restaurant 'Jia Hao Yue Yuan'. Honestly speaking, the food there was, erm, simple. Yup. Simple. Not not tasty. It's just... simple. Buffet style and I expected more. LOL.

First, sorry ya, Yi Ching, my so-called 'Crazy fan' for my song 'Moonlight Lover'. Haha. Sorry to demand food from you. Thanks anyway. You are a nice girl. LOL. Next time help you balik.

Second, kudos to the 'River of Death' Cocytus Chong (because Cocytus is one of the rivers in Hell). You have done a good job anyway. Your efforts are salutable. Good and responsible programme planner. A busy week for you all. Go take a rest. Yup, with your entire team as well.

Third, to Jing Cong, our precious saxophonist who is going to give up his saxophone to his friend soon. Don't be sad over the loss of possession. You did great. You can still get another saxophone at another time. You did great.

Fourth, to our 'table mates', singers Yen Peng, Kimiro and others, as well as my Neamhus band. Thanks for making all of us laugh till we can't finish our food. Really appreciate that moment. Great singers all four of you. Hope you have a great future.

Fifth, my dear Neamhus band. Yeah yeah, you all did great, but we all need to be better. Sorry for playing some errors in my own composed songs. Sorry ya....

Sixth, nothing more. Just... FUN!!!

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