Thursday, November 18, 2010


Egg >>> Caterpillar >>> Cocoon >>> Butterfly
Any other examples?


19 years, my personality has changed its course again and again. GOD!

Primary 1 & 2: Super quiet. Super concentrate on studies. Super stupid on Chinese Language.
Primary 3: Super quiet. Lazy. Started to do last minute homework. Being looked down by teacher because I slapped a boy before my primary 3. LOL
Primary 4: Hate school. Teacher too strict. Wanna go home. Careless
Primary 5: Super lazy. Never complete homework. Only half-finished. Super cool. Never smile
Primary 6: Super duper lazy. Homework still can complete, but words are horrible. Caned by teacher more than 100 times because of carelessness. But learn how to do official things, like organising trip to Langkawi with Winnie Ho... Still the same. I never smile.

Secondary 1: Super fierce. Strict and straight. Tolerance level: ZERO. Cool and never smile.
Secondary 2: Because of my super cool, never became AJK for prefect. Still cool. Misunderstandings between me and my friends erupted. Joined Celcom Youth Ambassador.
Secondary 3: Started become livelier. But EMO occasionally because of HIM. Management skills improved because of CYA. Task arrangement is neat and a perfectionist.
Secondary 4: Lively, smiling like idiot and jokes a lot. Makes people laugh so much till they got stomachache. Interpret data very fast. Able to hand in proposals and reports in 10 minutes. Tabulation of raw data and school policies in 20 minutes.
Secondary 5: Super idiotic and mou. Cold jokes are spreading around. Kienkiet once laughed so hard then being questioned by Pn Lau for not concentrating in class. Mr Oh ordered me to stand in class because I fooled around in class, telling stupid jokes that makes the whole lab group laughing.

Pre-tertiary: Back to Secondary 3 style. EMO but lively.

Tertiary 1: Always disturb and fool girls. People both hate and love me for that. Akibat, I have more female friends than male. Major laziness sweeping over me. Easy to get tired.


Neruvatar, apa pasal you tukar karakter sepuas-puas?


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