Monday, November 1, 2010

Selipar and Seluar Pendek

'Cik, tak bleh pakai selipar dan seluar pendek ya!'
'Tapi dulu saya...'
'Ah, itu dulu, Ni sekarang. Ingat. Kalau kena tangkap, denda RM10 ya!'
'Oh, ok...'

And so, the little girl continued her tiresome cycle, cursing the university for such matter.
'What is this huh? Slippers also not allowed to be in campus! That stupid Jaga!'


Before you curse the Jaga OR the university, think about yourself
As a student, did you respect yourself? Why are you wearing shorts to school?
School is a very disciplined place. Keep your fashion for your shopping, not studying. By the way, who cares if you wear such funky costumes?

If you wear less, you are humiliating yourself and the surrounding people. To be frank, you look like a prostitute more than a student.

Slippers? Oh come on, are you thinking you are going to the bathroom or what?



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