Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Past Has Caught Me

I thought it was over when I screwed up the bridge of friendship with HIM. I thought it is time to know how selfish I was when I was in secondary school. Egocentric. After that incident, I know I was wrong. But every apologies fall on deaf ear (or death ear, whatever suits you).

My heart cried. I never knew the thing I wished for the most has actually slipped through my fingers. It was like trying to hold a sand castle in my palm, knowing that the sand will slip anytime.

Then I have my own theory: things that I wanted the most, often slip.

I held on to this till I entered University. I thought the past will let me go, like a shadow receding away. I thought there come a day where HE will forgive me, just like B. But day after day, I thought HE had forgotten me. So, I went on with my life.

Then now, HE didn't forgive me. I think it is someone wants to punish me. Someone's face who look strikingly similar to HIM appeared in my life. I am not afraid of saying his name though: Chey Wei Fa, my violinist friend.

Everything on him is the same as HIM... except his deep gruffing voice though...
Attitudes and characters. It's just the same...

My God, has my Past finally caught me?

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