Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Male vs Female

Today's topic eh? It's NOT about me being sex discriminate. I am talking about my experience. Just don't judge me too quick ok? I am trying to tell a story here. True story. Period.

Problem statement: Does girls learn music faster than boys?
Hypothesis: Girls learn music in a more efficient way and faster than boys.

Fixed: 10 boys and 10 girls of the age range between 18 to 24, a song called 'Eine Klein Nachtmusik', same tutor
Manipulated: Introduction of different stages of music
Responding: Blurriness


It was like this. I teaches keyboard for 2 semesters now in the university. Nothing great. Just beginner class. And I find myself teaching a lot more girls than boys. However, I always strike equality of two genders. So I teach equal number of males and females.

As the teaching goes, I realise that girls have a lot of problem in picking up timings, beats and notes. They just can't get it. They just frown and look at you in an accusing way as you did not do your job well. What can I say? I did pretty well eh. I have already explained everything.

Never mind, I guess. I approach them and teach them. And here they are asking all sorts of weird questions. 'Why must draw like this?'. 'Why when the notes getting higher means we have to play higher in the keyboard?', 'I don't understand half-count. Is there a three quarter count? Why must there be quarters anyway? No whole numbers?'

Yeah, that sort of questions.

How I answer? Easy. Quick. Correct. That is:
ask the goddamn first musicians.

Nawh. I didn't answer them like this. I still tell them the answers. (Pardon me, blogspot doesn't allow me to write much here)

But the whole point is, at the end of the class, they still don't know what they are supposed to do. Then I tell them to practise at home and play for me for next week.

1 day
2 days
3 days
4 days...

When the week comes, they smile and says: 'I don't know how to play.'

That's it?

Of course again, I teach them one more time. Well the result is obviously clear. It repeats the story I've just told you.


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