Monday, November 22, 2010


Phobias. Yup. Fears. I am telling you, I have one of the weirdest fears in the world. Here, let me list them down for you:
  1. Spectrophobia (fear of own reflections). Yup. I scared to look at my own photo. Even I hesitate to look at the mirror.
  2. Globophobia (fear of balloons). I never blow a balloon before in my entire life. I can touch it, but not for long. If the balloon is big, please STAY AWAY from me.
  3. Lastihophobia (fear of rubber bands). Those who know me will understand perfectly well how I open a economic rice box, or a nasi lemak wrapper. Never shoot a rubber band on me. You can see how freakingly devilish my face get and I will NOT hesitate to kill you. Seriously.

Besides, I have Altophobia (fear of heights) as well. I cannot even stand the third level of the ladder. I never fixed a ceiling light bulb, paint the ceilings or wipe the fans. NEVER.

However, I used to have a Glossophobia (stage fright). My hands shake. My mind blanks.

But today, after my English for Management presentation, I think I have got a little hold on it. Mr Gerard praised me, saying 'Wow, you did very great after all.', an Indian girl said, 'I love your presentation. It's real and confident. It's natural.' Another said, 'I love your animation.'

I smiled and just said 'Yeah, thanks. But I was nervous...'

Of course no one believes me. They think I am lan-c-ing. But I am not. My hands are shaking like hell. I just put a lot of gestures to cover that up. LOL. And I got tongue-slips, saying meaningless words. Such as:

'...enforcing the relationship bonding...'

What the HELL? How can you ENFORCE the relationship, not to say RELATIONSHIP and BONDING is redundancy. OMG. I don't even know what am I saying in some parts. Well, I think I just get on.

4.57 minutes.

That's my presentation duration. I have picked up from my past mistakes and warned myself not to over do it.

Well, Glossophobia, I will be ready to say goodbye to you!

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