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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tiresome week

Dammit... feel so sleepy nowadays. My left eyelid keeps jumping all the time for a week already. Tak tau buat apa. Very annoying.

I think I am super tired.

The trio performance for the Musical Gathering is a headache for me. My younger brother and I rewrote the song Classical Gas (go and listen it at Youtube) for keyboard, violin and guitar. Then during week 2, 3 players promised to play the song.

And so we practised a week later, asking them to familiarise with the song.


The keyboardist didn't practise, He said he had exams, assignments and he said his songwriting competition had elected him into the semifinals. Whatever. And he can't play the first page for 2 hours. WASTED.

Then the guitarist quit as well. WASTED.

Soon, a new guitarist and keyboardist were chosen to play. The day before Deepavali, we had practised. Keyboardist was an ultimate failure at that time. Guitarist couldn't get hang over the timings.

Next Monday (aka this week), managed to play 5 pages. Tuesday 7 pages. Wednesday all pages. But I feel we are lagging behind so much. By right, this week should only rehearse. NOT PRACTISE.

What can I say? A lot of time has been wasted,

My exam is coming and I am bothering over these stuffs that I don't even participate. WHAT FOR???

And my friend had passed away because of a terrible accident...

My mind is totally messed up!

MUET and Marketing... haiz.............................

Fortunately SiewCheng still can somehow... SOMEHOW... managed to comfort me... Haiz... Thanks anyway...

Tired... zzzZZZZZZZ

PS: Evil Emun, I am so sorry we disturb your beauty sleep for the whole week. I don't know whether you can hear the stretchy violin sound from two houses away or not, Anyway, just so sorry for such disturbance... Hope you can score well in your PMR... LOL XD....

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