Saturday, November 13, 2010

Well folks

Well, folks, after a long and tiresome weekend, I am going to tell you what EXACTLY I did that makes me so damn busy.

~Musical Gathering~

Yup, that's what makes me busy. Busy on rehearsals. Practice. Play. Perform.

It was held in IDK 2. Goddamn it. The place is grand big but the stage is damn small. Many joked about the seatings of Chinese Orchestra, saying it would fight with each other for spaces. I even joked that one person helped three others to pull the Er Hu bow.

Sorry Chinese Orchestra. I am still your loyal fans!

During our performance, damn panic. Our guitarist Weng You lost his guitar peg. Gan jiong dao..... even the audience help him find but still lost. Akibatnya..... haiz.... you know I know lah...

The place I stand is even worse! Wires around and plugs laying. It's like standing on a pit of snakes! Any time I might get electrocuted! Somemore, the photographer, DAMN ANNOYING! Squating next to me, aiming at my handsome face for 3 minutes with a SUPER CLOSE-UP view. Now I know why people hate paparazzi so much (papa... paparazzi! GAGA)

Our performance sucks. Mic sucks. Guitar without peg sucks. Wire sucks. Photographer sucks. Stage sucks. Typing of seats sucks (Chinese ORCHESTAR, and WEELY classes....).SUCKS!!!

You know where the guitar peg is? Its on our seat. Stuck at the table there... SWT!!!

Overall, the performance (except us) is good. Except those 60s songs... PLEASE.... 60s songs are okay with me, but the rest???

Anyway, I super love chinese orchestra... Beatbox can go away ma... LOL... Nvm lah...


PS: Wei Wei, show your middle finger to the crowd please!

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