Sunday, November 7, 2010

Need your comments on this!

Hard to say this, let's name this individual 'X'. And here is the story. Hope you can give lots of comments about it!

X has a great result. But his attitude sucks. Not to mention he made his own mother cries more than 5 times in a month. Question: who can tolerate this? And yet, each time he NEVER apologises. LOL!

This is not the main problem though. Let's start off with something personal:

He had a laptop a long, long time ago. But due to his carelessness, his monitor screen began to dim, then the plug became loose and then the monitor lost its hinge. For your information, the laptop hangs. God knows what he did to his laptop. It just... SPOILED!

Then his brother and his mum shared a laptop. And he envied them for having a better laptop than his. So one day, after his family sent him back to his university, he called on the next day, demanding a new laptop because he needed to complete his Sociology assignment.

Now, you see, the university is located 2.5 hours away from his house and how was his family going to send another laptop? Due to this complication, his mum was forced to call her sister and bring the laptop his brother and mum shared to his university. For your information, his mum's sister is living 5 hours away from him.

So, she just went THERE to give him the laptop.

Fastforward. So now he owns the laptop which his brother supposed to have. And because his brother was entering a new university, he needed a new laptop. So, his mum's sister gave him a brand new one. Even faster than before.

Next, when X came home for holidays, he saw his brother having a laptop and of course, he envied as well. He kept saying things like 'wow, nice laptop'.

Then, an unfortunate thing happened. The laptop crashed. Fortunately, the semester was closing in and he didn't have to use the laptop. But still, his aunt gave him ANOTHER laptop (stop confusing here. draw a mindmap instead) with RAM up to 1GB. (Caution: in X's family, no one had a computer capable of having 1GB)

Again, the laptop spoiled because of the display chip problem. This time was a serious one. The semester had just begun and he needed to complete his assignment. So he asked his mum what to do. Mum told him to stay calm and she will fetch the ORIGINAL laptop he owned BEFORE (that is the one X was using).

But again, X argued and hurt his own mum's feelings. He said laptop are supposed to be 'personal' and couldn't lend to anyone. Then he stormed upstairs by accusing his own mother of wasting his time talking nonsense. (Get the picture)

Of course, that night, his mother cried.

So, as X's brother is in dire need of laptop, his mum forced to use X's brother's loan to buy a new laptop. And now, he is still using it.

Get the picture?

No, it isn't finish yet.

Then, X's piano teacher chose him to be the MC of the award ceremony whereas his two other brothers perform. X rejected.

You know what X said?

He said, he had lost contact with music for a long time, so he cannot be an MC.

EXCUSE ME, who said be an MC must have specific knowledge on that? Last time he was an MC for POPULAR bookfair and did he had a specific knowledge on books? Anyway, he scrapped that reason off with saying 'that's not the same thing!'

He just said he is not free, busy, sick and so on.

But the ceremony was a month later. Sunday. How on Earth can anyone BUSY on SUNDAY from 8am to 11am?

Those are just LAME excuses. So when his brother called him to tell him the details, he just SHUT OFF the phone.


Besides, X said his brother was never a brother before and deleted him out from Facebook. LOL! What a childish behavior!

And, when his mum told him his public relation skills are poor, he said, he only treat his family like this, but public he won't be like that.


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