Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ha Fei Zhan

The pink shirt is Ha Fei Zhan....
Handsome ol'buddy
Hahaha.... when I saw this name popped up from the left hand corner of my computer screen, saying 'Han Fei Zhan likes your status' I was like.... Who is it? What the hell? Spammer?

So, curiously and carefully, I moved my cursor and right-clicked on the pop-up...

[Conscious: Would you please be quicker?]

... then chose 'Open link in new tab' (Just because I don't like open a new window again and again).... then still curiously and carefully opened the tab and took a look on it...

Don't blame me! People always say 'Curiosity kills the cat!'

[Conscious: You are a human, though. XD]

Then I know it was my buddy! Fizan! That name was given by me to him as his Chinese name! LOL!!!! It was last year when we were in PLKN White Resort, I gave him that name. Although it spelt wrongly (supposed to be Ha Fei Zhan, not Han Fei Zhen), it still accounts for the same feeling!

Then I told him again his correct name... And immediately he posted it on his wall, saying:

哈菲占。哈=ketawa, kegembiraan... 菲=kehijauan, kemudaan, evergreen... 占= memiliki


Fizan oh Fizan....
Miss you!


  1. effing cute, hook me up with him teeheee

  2. Nurul, I knw you would say him cute.... LOL... when he chose me to be his buddy, i immediately 'fall in love' with him... LOL!!!!!!!