Sunday, October 31, 2010

Birthday present

Ok, I know it's a bit too early for Christmas and definitely TOO EARLY for Birthday presents
I realise one thing: whenever someone is having a birthday, I have a trouble of thinking what to give as a present.

Girls: Bag again! I don't want bag lah!
Boys: This bag doesn't suit my style.

Girls: Eee! Cute! But put where ah? Got what use?
Boys: Excuse me? Do you honestly think I am a teenager?

Cups and Mugs
Girls: Oi? No pink colour! Black also don't have! I receive many times liao la!
Boys: What is the meaning of this? LOL!

Girls: Gila meh!
Boys: Pen I can sendiri beli

Girls: Not trendy and girlish enough! Don't want!
Boys: You curse me to die is it? Ha? Is it?!!!

Girls: Megapixel how much? I want to take my photo one you know!
Boys: Hello? Pakai otak sikit! I want Blackberry! Iphone4!

... ... ...

For me, it is simple:
Crystal (erm, if Crystal is reading this, I am not refering to you... LOL)
Parker pen
even a bag also never mind


















Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Girl I know Is Different!

(Begging your pardon, I am going to use broken English here)

Yitmun lah. That is the girl I am talking about. I remember last time, she was my Computer Studies group mate. Well hell, I am kinda 'dislike' her because she has her own attitude and I had mine which often conflicted and collided with a BOOM.

I hated her and she hated me. Full stop. Simple. Understandable. Concludable. (Is there such word called 'concludable'? LOL)

Then during Sem 2, things changed abruptly till we talk and boom like the World War 2. Spreading propaganda (in this context: information), mission tactics (context: gossip) and launching attacks (context: joke and boom), along with our 1st Sem boy boy Siew Cheng, which we call her as 'small orange', which her names similarly sounds like it, but the body size... erm... erm.... (Don't kill me Siew Cheng, I am being honest! XD)

Then we've got crazier and crazier. Talking craps and meaningless jokes as well as bullying each other that often end in laughter.

By then, I used to call her 'Electronic Mosquito', because her favourite name is 'Emun' ('Emun', 'E-mail', got it? 'mun' means mosquito in Cantonese dialect). And sometimes we call her Ip Man.
Good gracious, NOT IP man, some kind of weirdo hero who saves people from IP address problem!


I call her Evil Emun, or E-Mun.
She is so evil that she can make people piss off with herself laughing her head off.

still cute...

Night of My Heart

The silver moon sails high and the stars sparkles,
a silver willow tree grows tall just to grab the heaven.
I walk below the tree and touch its wood
Smooth and cold is the feel that I should
But I feel a heartbeat within the silver bark
And a whisper that says 'Hold me...'

A thousand leaves fall from the willow
I am surrounded by the fallen angel snow
I sit and gaze up at the waving willow tree
Wondering what it means to me

As the leaves have all fallen
I can see the silver moon hidden behind
It is like a hand touching the moon
Holding it so tight...

And then I find that I know

It's not the stars who give me wonder
It's not the moon who gives me joy
It's not the tree who gives me love
It's me who need to hold on to my heart

Night in my heart,
wishing you a happy life...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Si Pat Por

Dear bloggie,
If Emun didn't tell me about it, I will continue to dream Miss Por in UTAR as the best academic advisor and one day I will meet her and give her some presents. That's right, she has RESIGNED.

Wait, no confusion here. The title 'Si pat por' is NOT referring to Miss Por... Those of you who likes Miss Por, add her on Facebook, by the name 'Christine Por'... (Sounds like Christine Dior, LOL)

I really cannot stand (Conscious: 'Then sit lah!') the attitude of that SI PAT POR. Everything also ask. None of my business also ask. Not my subject also ask. Go ask your boyfriend la.

Ask ask ask... you EVOLVE already is it? Last time 'WHY WHY WHY', now not only 'WHY' still have 'WHAT, WHO, WHERE, HOW, WHICH' and ended with giggle.

Giggle your head lah, si pat por!

Don't just study for your CGPA, what about your brain and common sense? When I see your photos emerging from my right hand corner of my computer screen, I shake violently (WARNING: not shudder, is SHAKE), as if a terrorist finding a place to plant a bomb....

Counter-strike: the bomb has been planted!

Si pat por, do things please use your brain!

PS: now the time is 1230am, and guess what, our little girl Emun (Evil emun) is still awake!)

I can't believe it!
Pengajian Malaysia is having an exam next week! And till Chapter 5! OMG~~~
I haven't even study that subject... @@

And one other thing:
I am busying myself on the studies as well as the MUSIC CLUB WEEKLY CLASSES and MUSIC PERFORMANCE. I have arranged a meeting with all tutors at Monday 2.30pm to brief them on the first classes.

Tuesday 5.30pm is a rehearsal for the performance. That is the 2nd rehearsal.

Wondering where the 1st rehearsal goes?
Answer: My keyboardist DID NOT even practise on it for A WEEK, by saying he has MIDTERM exam.

EXCUSE ME, if I am not mistaken, the song is only 5 MINUTES. What makes it occupy your 24 HOURS?

I am getting strict this time.


Removing flabby tummy


Warning: This exercise has certain conditions, namely~

  1. You are not that fat

  2. You are aware that only your tummy is growing

  3. You are not after middle-aged

  4. You are not having a gas-bloated stomach

  5. You have not eaten for the past 3 hours, at least

  6. You must warm up and stretch before doing this

  7. Be patient

  8. Obey the above instructions.

Removing flabby tummy in 10 minutes a day:

First, you have to understand that your flabby tummy is caused by the droop of your innards (eg liver, pancreas, stomach and intestine) and not the fat. This is due to long period of sitting, remain immobile or hunchback. The innards begin to collapse and thus pushing your pelvic muscle. To adapt an analogy, it is like pushing a small balloon down to your pelvic region, stressing your pelvic muscle.

Now, to remove it:

  1. Place a pillow under your waist and hip to make your body a gentle U-shape. (But NOT TOO MUCH!!!)

  2. Stretch your arms straight, pointing away from your head.

  3. Stretch your legs straight, pointing away from your body.

  4. Hold that position for 10 minutes per day

  5. Voila! Well done!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


The heavy burden on my heart is finally lift off.
Promise myself not to do that ANYMORE

I am sorry


I know you have meant well. I know you did well. But I took things for granted. I screwed up. But hey, I am not angry because of that. And I promised I will change. And I did. Did I?

From Your Best Friend
PS: Do you remember the tongue-sensing device which you told me about those 'naughty things'?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tears are pearls

When we cry, our tears fall
when the tears fall, it tells a story

But do you know
making someone cry out of hurt
is a sin, a terrible sin

Tears are pearls
They are precious and yet they cannot be taken
They are for the eyes

Especially the tears of our dearest parents
Ask: How many times have you seen your parents cry?
Crying because of how you hurt them?
Crying because of how you speak to them?
Crying because of how you deny them?
Crying because of how you throw harsh words?
Crying because of how you wouldn't listen?
Crying because of how you ignore the best advice?
Crying because of YOU?

Once a parent shed a tear
it is meant that you have hurt them deep.
Think about this:
Your parents can sustain those pressure of all those years
bringing you up from a baby to a child to a teenager to an adult
did you see them cry as they do so?
But they cry because of what you did to them...
Shame on you...

When your parents cry,
I think it is time to think
what you have said
what you have done
to them.

Don't make excuses just because to prove yourself right (when you aren't even right!)
Don't tell lies just because you want things to be in your favour
Don't be self-centred and think you are the greatest while your parents cannot interfere
Don't be selfish till you can't even help to wipe those tears away

Tears are pearls
How many pearls you have got from your parents?

Don't answer this
It's a rhetorical question.
But let me remind you on this.
The pearls aren't for anyone.
They are for your parents
so that they can use it
when you graduate
when you find your first job
when you find your family
when you can stand on your own feet

Keep those tears for the eyes...

Assignments... siens....

I really admire and jealous of the Commercial Accounting students for this semester

No CGPA counted
Not much assignment
Not much presentation


I, on the other hand and leg,
3 assignments
1 presentation
2 subjects are subjected to CGPA grading


Now, I am really tired.
I split my time into:
Music performing
Music class
and normal classes

When doing the freaking Marketing assignments
I have 3 textbooks on my bed which I have to constantly glance all of them as I typed the in the computer AS WELL AS open as many as 6 TABS of BURGER KING information...

I am SO GONNA eat BURGER KING after this sem

Gila gila gila.... alalalla....


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nicky namey

Today, while at the Music Club counter at Block C, I met a guy whose face is strikingly similar to my uncle (my mother's sister's husband, to be specific), about 99.98% similar, just he is smaller and skinnier in size. He was introduced by Isaac and he was told that I am the conductor for the coming performance

(I coordinate and conduct three performers: one keyboardist, one guitarist, and one violinist for the song 'Variations of the Classical Gas'. You can try listen to it by Googling it in terms of 'Classical Gas' either by Mason Williams or Vanessa Mae)

Then that guy asked me my name. Of course, the counter people laughed their asses off. When I said my name in chinese, he thought I was kinda joking... ==.... then he comforted me by saying names that are special and easy to remember are people who are extraordinary...

yeah... as if I need comforting here..... HELLO

What's so funny about my name?

My past nicknames:
  1. Tissue paper (in Cantonese)
  2. Dead people money (also in Cantonese)
  3. Namewee (please, for God's sake!)
  4. Name (==!!)
  5. Lobster
  6. Burgerman
  7. Rotiboy
  8. WBM (trust me, you don't wanna know)
  9. Skinny monkey
  10. MZ mosquito spray
  11. Encik Tembikai
  12. Durian


Poi Lam, anyways

Just snooping around in Nurul's blog about her post on reminiscing her Poi Lam days. So, now I think I can contribute some for her stories... LOL

Well, to be frank, the fight in the canteen is caused by me though.

That was when? October 2008, I think. Somewhere near 'Poverty Day'... LOL...
Here is the story:

My prefect life was over and retired, as I was preparing for my SPM. On a particular day of a regular routine (ignore that redundancy), I went to the canteen with some of my friends, well, to be specific, they were Kailing and Weng Chee (aka Orangutan) for our recess time.


So, I usually buy myself burgers, bread, french fries and kacang putih. Well, there is a nickname for me back then: Rotiboy, because I ate bread in Poi Lam since primary 1. HEHE...

After buying a meat burger, I saw Kailing found a nice place with no one there. So I sat with her and Orangutan sat in my opposite and started eating.

Then when the bell rang, students came pouring in (yeah, we Form 5 have the privilege to have recess 10 minutes earlier). Then there was a group of girl gang surrounded our table after Kevin, JianLe, YiShan (aka Japanese Monkey) and WaiHong sat with us.

Here is the dialogue:
Girls: 'Do you know this is our table?
Us: (ignored)
Girls: Shit motherfucker! I am talking to you guys!'
JianLe: We sat here first...
Girls: I don't care who sat first. We usually sit on this table and we just go and buy some things and back. We don't expect you to be here eating.
Kailing: When I sit here, there is no one here!
Girls: SHIT! DAMN! Just get outta here before we do something to you!
(Kevin and Kailing moved away by muttering 'you want to sit, then I give you!')
JianLe: Prefect! Call Mr Oh come to settle this!
Girls: Trust me, you don't have to be such big deal. FUCKER! Leave or we won't kacau you!
(JianLe and YiShan left)
Girls: You fucker boy! (pointing to me) Don't you think when you are eating that damn burger you can pull out a shitty face and pretend you don't hear a thing!'
(I ignored her)
Girls: I tell you, you sonofabitch, motherfucker, throw your mother's smelly shoes! If you don't leave right now, you will suffer after dismiss!
(I still ignored and ate my burger)

Then Mr Oh came. He swiped his cane on the table so hard and fast that I have no time to response. He kicked the dustbin and questioned those girls.

Result: I am able to finish my burger. The girls were punished taking the table out and have their meals there while each of them has to meet the principal.

Final Result: I was nicknamed: BURGERMAN


In case you are wondering, the background of the blog is designed by me, by merely using powerpoint.
Just a simple trick, nothing much.
But, warn you, there will be a better background later.
This background comprises of all the elements in the universe:
Water, Wood, Metal, Light, Fire and the purple one is Mystic.
For my novel, they are named as:
Nea, Drus, Elrg, Elra, Arader and Irtha (who cares? except my FANS)

Later, I will post up a background
of a blue moon setting on a tree shadow.
Not downloaded
Not copied
Not plagiarised
Not scanned

(PS: I miss you so much when we talked about your problems, now we barely speak because of the distances. Hope you can listen to me. Goodnight, TrueHollywoodStory (That is your codename. Kepoh ppl, you want to check who is that, you are my guest)

Guess which is you!

  1. When you see me, you will always smile with good teeth and asks a lot about my welbeing. You even consult me if you have problems. You know how worried I am when I help you so much but you cannot perform well
  2. We never actually chat face-to-face, instead we chat most on MSN or Facebook. Somehow, I always help you when you have some problems (that usually those are not intended for me to say anything)
  3. Everytime you see me, you will shout 'MingZhi Gor Gor!' or sometimes you say I am very fierce when I joke. And you are very afraid to talk to me because you scared I will bully you
  4. I always say TTM, my version and SC's version, to you. And you are very easy to be fooled by my jokes too. Anyhow, you have a boyfriend already which was at first jealous of me for being so close to you
  5. You call me 'Abang' whenever you see me. Seriously, I don't even know why you call me Abang... sounds old and awkward to me...
  6. We used to tease each other 'MY ENGLISH NOT PRO'... got that?
  7. You just love to say 'LAN C!', or previously 'GOOD HEART' and 'JI WEI'...
  8. You, on the other hand, is 'married to' the word 'WHY'... you just can't stop that, can't you?
  9. Hmm, I shouldn't say this, But it is the truth that I say 'I LOVE YOU' to you everytime... hehehe

Monday, October 25, 2010









And hence it begins...

MSN spaces are amalgamating with soon. My realm will be destroyed by March 2011. In order to save my 'people' and 'citizens', I have moved my space to

It's new, it's neon, it's striking and nothing similar to what you have seen...

Anyway, if you have noticed the dagger at the background of, it is the Neamhus Dagger which I've drawn using Powerpoint. I will move it here soon...

Happy Birthday to my new realm!