Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Girl I know Is Different!

(Begging your pardon, I am going to use broken English here)

Yitmun lah. That is the girl I am talking about. I remember last time, she was my Computer Studies group mate. Well hell, I am kinda 'dislike' her because she has her own attitude and I had mine which often conflicted and collided with a BOOM.

I hated her and she hated me. Full stop. Simple. Understandable. Concludable. (Is there such word called 'concludable'? LOL)

Then during Sem 2, things changed abruptly till we talk and boom like the World War 2. Spreading propaganda (in this context: information), mission tactics (context: gossip) and launching attacks (context: joke and boom), along with our 1st Sem boy boy Siew Cheng, which we call her as 'small orange', which her names similarly sounds like it, but the body size... erm... erm.... (Don't kill me Siew Cheng, I am being honest! XD)

Then we've got crazier and crazier. Talking craps and meaningless jokes as well as bullying each other that often end in laughter.

By then, I used to call her 'Electronic Mosquito', because her favourite name is 'Emun' ('Emun', 'E-mail', got it? 'mun' means mosquito in Cantonese dialect). And sometimes we call her Ip Man.
Good gracious, NOT IP man, some kind of weirdo hero who saves people from IP address problem!


I call her Evil Emun, or E-Mun.
She is so evil that she can make people piss off with herself laughing her head off.

still cute...

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