Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nicky namey

Today, while at the Music Club counter at Block C, I met a guy whose face is strikingly similar to my uncle (my mother's sister's husband, to be specific), about 99.98% similar, just he is smaller and skinnier in size. He was introduced by Isaac and he was told that I am the conductor for the coming performance

(I coordinate and conduct three performers: one keyboardist, one guitarist, and one violinist for the song 'Variations of the Classical Gas'. You can try listen to it by Googling it in terms of 'Classical Gas' either by Mason Williams or Vanessa Mae)

Then that guy asked me my name. Of course, the counter people laughed their asses off. When I said my name in chinese, he thought I was kinda joking... ==.... then he comforted me by saying names that are special and easy to remember are people who are extraordinary...

yeah... as if I need comforting here..... HELLO

What's so funny about my name?

My past nicknames:
  1. Tissue paper (in Cantonese)
  2. Dead people money (also in Cantonese)
  3. Namewee (please, for God's sake!)
  4. Name (==!!)
  5. Lobster
  6. Burgerman
  7. Rotiboy
  8. WBM (trust me, you don't wanna know)
  9. Skinny monkey
  10. MZ mosquito spray
  11. Encik Tembikai
  12. Durian


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