Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guess which is you!

  1. When you see me, you will always smile with good teeth and asks a lot about my welbeing. You even consult me if you have problems. You know how worried I am when I help you so much but you cannot perform well
  2. We never actually chat face-to-face, instead we chat most on MSN or Facebook. Somehow, I always help you when you have some problems (that usually those are not intended for me to say anything)
  3. Everytime you see me, you will shout 'MingZhi Gor Gor!' or sometimes you say I am very fierce when I joke. And you are very afraid to talk to me because you scared I will bully you
  4. I always say TTM, my version and SC's version, to you. And you are very easy to be fooled by my jokes too. Anyhow, you have a boyfriend already which was at first jealous of me for being so close to you
  5. You call me 'Abang' whenever you see me. Seriously, I don't even know why you call me Abang... sounds old and awkward to me...
  6. We used to tease each other 'MY ENGLISH NOT PRO'... got that?
  7. You just love to say 'LAN C!', or previously 'GOOD HEART' and 'JI WEI'...
  8. You, on the other hand, is 'married to' the word 'WHY'... you just can't stop that, can't you?
  9. Hmm, I shouldn't say this, But it is the truth that I say 'I LOVE YOU' to you everytime... hehehe

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