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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Night of My Heart

The silver moon sails high and the stars sparkles,
a silver willow tree grows tall just to grab the heaven.
I walk below the tree and touch its wood
Smooth and cold is the feel that I should
But I feel a heartbeat within the silver bark
And a whisper that says 'Hold me...'

A thousand leaves fall from the willow
I am surrounded by the fallen angel snow
I sit and gaze up at the waving willow tree
Wondering what it means to me

As the leaves have all fallen
I can see the silver moon hidden behind
It is like a hand touching the moon
Holding it so tight...

And then I find that I know

It's not the stars who give me wonder
It's not the moon who gives me joy
It's not the tree who gives me love
It's me who need to hold on to my heart

Night in my heart,
wishing you a happy life...

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