Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poi Lam, anyways

Just snooping around in Nurul's blog http://princessrockandradical.blogspot.com about her post on reminiscing her Poi Lam days. So, now I think I can contribute some for her stories... LOL

Well, to be frank, the fight in the canteen is caused by me though.

That was when? October 2008, I think. Somewhere near 'Poverty Day'... LOL...
Here is the story:

My prefect life was over and retired, as I was preparing for my SPM. On a particular day of a regular routine (ignore that redundancy), I went to the canteen with some of my friends, well, to be specific, they were Kailing and Weng Chee (aka Orangutan) for our recess time.


So, I usually buy myself burgers, bread, french fries and kacang putih. Well, there is a nickname for me back then: Rotiboy, because I ate bread in Poi Lam since primary 1. HEHE...

After buying a meat burger, I saw Kailing found a nice place with no one there. So I sat with her and Orangutan sat in my opposite and started eating.

Then when the bell rang, students came pouring in (yeah, we Form 5 have the privilege to have recess 10 minutes earlier). Then there was a group of girl gang surrounded our table after Kevin, JianLe, YiShan (aka Japanese Monkey) and WaiHong sat with us.

Here is the dialogue:
Girls: 'Do you know this is our table?
Us: (ignored)
Girls: Shit motherfucker! I am talking to you guys!'
JianLe: We sat here first...
Girls: I don't care who sat first. We usually sit on this table and we just go and buy some things and back. We don't expect you to be here eating.
Kailing: When I sit here, there is no one here!
Girls: SHIT! DAMN! Just get outta here before we do something to you!
(Kevin and Kailing moved away by muttering 'you want to sit, then I give you!')
JianLe: Prefect! Call Mr Oh come to settle this!
Girls: Trust me, you don't have to be such big deal. FUCKER! Leave or we won't kacau you!
(JianLe and YiShan left)
Girls: You fucker boy! (pointing to me) Don't you think when you are eating that damn burger you can pull out a shitty face and pretend you don't hear a thing!'
(I ignored her)
Girls: I tell you, you sonofabitch, motherfucker, throw your mother's smelly shoes! If you don't leave right now, you will suffer after dismiss!
(I still ignored and ate my burger)

Then Mr Oh came. He swiped his cane on the table so hard and fast that I have no time to response. He kicked the dustbin and questioned those girls.

Result: I am able to finish my burger. The girls were punished taking the table out and have their meals there while each of them has to meet the principal.

Final Result: I was nicknamed: BURGERMAN

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