Friday, October 29, 2010

I can't believe it!
Pengajian Malaysia is having an exam next week! And till Chapter 5! OMG~~~
I haven't even study that subject... @@

And one other thing:
I am busying myself on the studies as well as the MUSIC CLUB WEEKLY CLASSES and MUSIC PERFORMANCE. I have arranged a meeting with all tutors at Monday 2.30pm to brief them on the first classes.

Tuesday 5.30pm is a rehearsal for the performance. That is the 2nd rehearsal.

Wondering where the 1st rehearsal goes?
Answer: My keyboardist DID NOT even practise on it for A WEEK, by saying he has MIDTERM exam.

EXCUSE ME, if I am not mistaken, the song is only 5 MINUTES. What makes it occupy your 24 HOURS?

I am getting strict this time.


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