Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tears are pearls

When we cry, our tears fall
when the tears fall, it tells a story

But do you know
making someone cry out of hurt
is a sin, a terrible sin

Tears are pearls
They are precious and yet they cannot be taken
They are for the eyes

Especially the tears of our dearest parents
Ask: How many times have you seen your parents cry?
Crying because of how you hurt them?
Crying because of how you speak to them?
Crying because of how you deny them?
Crying because of how you throw harsh words?
Crying because of how you wouldn't listen?
Crying because of how you ignore the best advice?
Crying because of YOU?

Once a parent shed a tear
it is meant that you have hurt them deep.
Think about this:
Your parents can sustain those pressure of all those years
bringing you up from a baby to a child to a teenager to an adult
did you see them cry as they do so?
But they cry because of what you did to them...
Shame on you...

When your parents cry,
I think it is time to think
what you have said
what you have done
to them.

Don't make excuses just because to prove yourself right (when you aren't even right!)
Don't tell lies just because you want things to be in your favour
Don't be self-centred and think you are the greatest while your parents cannot interfere
Don't be selfish till you can't even help to wipe those tears away

Tears are pearls
How many pearls you have got from your parents?

Don't answer this
It's a rhetorical question.
But let me remind you on this.
The pearls aren't for anyone.
They are for your parents
so that they can use it
when you graduate
when you find your first job
when you find your family
when you can stand on your own feet

Keep those tears for the eyes...

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