Friday, December 16, 2011


People boast. Don't deny that.

People say my life is boring. I don't club and I don't watch dramas. But I want to say something back, besides watching nonsensical dramas, what you've got in your life? I pity those people who grew up playing and watching TV.

I puke on that.

I am lucky to have lovable parents. They took me out to the park and play. They taught me how to look for centipedes and millipedes. They taught me those are rubber seeds, not stones and how they burst and flew across the park. They taught me how snail lay eggs.

They took me to a book fair where I can buy my favourite book. I didn't read as a child. I looked at pictures. I have a huge encyclopedia "for children" (the title) and filled with loads of British history, performing arts techniques, evolution, astronomy and culture as well as literature. I never read those. I gazed through. That's how I learn. I have photographic learning skills. I still can remember how Joseph Haydn perform for his father.

I bet you don't know who is he.

Let's throw out another name: Yuri Gagarin.

Doesn't ring a bell? Too bad... That's what I am worrying now. Youngsters nowadays have almost 0 knowledge on general knowledge. It's sad to even hear "Where is Eiffel Tower hah?"

My parents encourage me to read mostly because TV wasn't that great back then, only TV1, TV2 and TV3, while cartoons only show on 9am to 11am and Ultraman or Power Rangers in the evenings. So I watched only Batman, Robocop, X-files and of course National Geographic.

I have a piano to play with and a huge stack of paper to draw with. My parents encouraged creativity. There I am, writing novels and short stories, composing songs, teaching performings, drawing fantasy animals and even invent technologies to manipulate matter and energy.

Nowadays, people are just showing off gadgets and cars. Samsung, Toshiba and Apple. I am not really fancy into this, but so what if you have those gadgets? Your primary function of those aren't any different than a Nokia 3310.

I have a galaxy and universe map pasted on my wall, a period table full with crystalisation form and electrovoltage on my wall. I have a star chart. I have relativity equation. Alcubierre drive metrics. Krasnikov tube solutions...

I am lucky enough that I know more plants than my friends.
I am lucky enough to even know the Linnaeus Binomial species name. (If you don't know L.B,, you are forgivable because you are in the wrong category).
I am lucky enough to know how Earth was formed and when.
I am lucky enough to tell the entire evolution of animals from bacteria way up to Homo Sapiens.
I am lucky enough to play Mozart's masterpiece and Debussy's picture.

Now, let me ask you, if I take away your laptop and TV, and give you a Nokia 3310. Will you be able to survive?

I am disappointed to know that nobody knows who is Lewis Carroll or even Brothers Grimm.

Change your learning attitude youths! Learning is not confined to textbooks and formal education. Go search your own knowledge for knowledge equals infinity!

*Prays hard the next generation won't be like this

Photo Problem

OK, I changed my Facebook profile into Facebook Timeline. Seriously, I don't know what's the fuss about. I mean, Facebook was fine when I first used it. Then came the stalking ticker that shows what you have commented, shared, liked... making my porn moves a little difficult.

The point is, the Timeline thingy isn't all the much different. Just you can put a banner above your page and the statuses are still listed in chronological order and separated into left and right linked with a spinal time line. It looks like trachea and lungs. Hmm.

Anyway, I put my profile picture the one me and my two brothers close up. I like that photo. I feel the warmth from it. LOL. That's not the point though.

It's my profile picture.

People are claiming I look like a businessman with evil motives. My buddy call me a politician. A successful politician.


That smile...

Never mind. Random post anyway

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Favourite Food

Credits given to Japanese Monkey for posting up one of my favourite food and made me unable to concentrate on my studies. ;)

OK, first I want to declare that I am not picky. No food that turns me down. I am not like those who turns down on dried shrimp, broccolis (hey, it's me!), peas and petai. But, I do have certain food that I reduce my intake because of certain reason, for example chicken.

"You've got to be kidding, right?" <-------- your reaction

But, it's true. I don't take much chicken (Except in Kampar, because other meat is such rarities that I thought all other animals have gone extinct, especially fish @@). Chicken is oily, fatty... OK, I do sound like a girl trying to keep slim, but no, it's true. Pop a chicken into pot of water and observe what is drifting on the surface. And, chickens are often injected with hormones and antibiotics (I am not saying other meat don't have! At least they don't inject in fish, or do they?).

So, I eat no chicken at home.

"What do you eat?" <-------- your question

I eat veggies, fish and p*** (I am respecting Muslims here). Mostly I eat fish.

"Fish has high levels of mercury..." a nerd said.

Whatever. I am not here to argue science and pollution.

So, there is this list of food I love to eat, very much love. So love 'em that I always wish for a day I can eat it with my friends, special friends, and of course brothers (for now is only bruder. XD).

Here let me show you:

Note #1: It is referred from Disclaimer #2, go to Disclaimer #3.
Note #2: Read Disclaimer #5 as it has nothing related.
Note #3: I am joking!

1) Rojak.
For those international readers, it is a dish full of fruits and drizzled some spicy sauce made out of shrimp paste. Yeah, something like your fruit salad. But it is topped with peanut chunks. Nice!

 Actually, seriously, I don't like this picture of Rojak. LOL. I see that the gravy is too less. Way too less. I need more. Individual preference, so don't shoot me. You know, you cover the whole fruit with that gravy and sprinkle the peanuts on... yum yum, it's like Haagen-Dazs Ice-cream. OK, this is not a luxury food, but the concept is there! Don't ask me what those orangey things are in the photo, because [Read disclaimer below] and another thing for my preference is I don't want any crackers or kangkung in my rojak. Friggin' spoil the taste!

2) Fried Oyster with Egg
Penang food (OK, Penangites puh-leeeze stop saying "Oh, I know, Penang right? The best!") and I like it not because it is what it is. I like it because... I don't know, maybe the juicy oyster perhaps? But I never had the chance to eat much =(. I heard from someone said that it is expensive, and rather to "invest" in other food better than this. Invest huh. We eat and we have to evaluate it. =.=

Anyway I love the chilli sauce that matches with the juicy oyster. When the boiling oyster *BURST* the juice in your mouth, it mingles with the slightly sour chilli sauce and voila! You fainted!

 Oh, I can't get any better photos because [Read disclaimer below] and other photos are too... UNREAL, as if cooked with such caution that the egg is very very yellow and the chilli is very very red. =.=... You know, you've gotta try EVERY single fried oyster with egg everywhere. It tastes different! And don't you compare your hometown and other states and claim yours is better just because you like the hometown recipe. This is something we called "unique". You objective person!

3)Stinky Tofu
I ate this when I was in my Form 2 years, accidentally. It smelled like rubbish at that moment. Like something just brought up from the sewer or IndahWater. But hey, now I eat it like I am a hungry wolf (although wolf is carnivorous). I always order it at the nightmarket near my house (yeah, for those who goes clubbing often in Ipoh, it's THERE)

There are two different styles: Taiwanese and HongKong. Taiwanese is less juicier but more crunchy while HongKong, well, you know, vice versa. Now I prefer HongKong style because when you bite crunchy outer layer, the inner tofu just erupts in your mouth with all the juices and aroma of the yellow bean. Dip with a dark spicy sauce, coat it and put in your mouth, slowly chew it... the aroma... Ohh god!

 This is HongKong Stinky Tofu, more cube-y and juicy... But I don't like to eat it with the pickled veggies, it tastes so wrong (personal preference again, haha). So when I order this, I always tell the tauke to remove the veggies XD... This photo is better than the rest because [Read disclaimer below].

4) Minced Lamb Curry
I tell you, this is the best curry. The aroma of the lamb... mmmm. Lamb meat has lesser fat than beef or any other meat, especially Chicken because lamb store their fat in certain parts only (unless you buy lamb meat during winter time). My mum cooked this twice and with tumeric and 3 different ratios of spices, it kicks me up and eat two plates of rice. Serious!

You can also eat it with bread, something like capati wrapping it. I took to Kampar once, but I ate it alone. Maybe I will ask my mum (politely) to bring it over next time. Watch out for my FB notice guys! Hehehehe....

I got this photo from and it resembles much like my mum's cooking. But my mum prefer it to be less wet so that the natural fragrant from the lamb meat can absorb into the oil and spices. I personally don't like the green peas swimming in there because green peas will absorb the fragrant, although it balances the saltiness by inducing some mild sweetness into the curry. If there is a green pea, and I bite it, the pea will have lamb taste. No, don't say a word. It's like eating a bread that has fish taste. Personal preference, you can put it in as you like if you want your curry to have a little sweetness! Try it! The recipe is in that link! Go clickety click!

5) Fried Terubok
OK, I went to search for it's English name and it pops up this: Tenualosa toli or Chinese Herring or Toli Shad so, don't ask me how it looks like because you can still Google (R) it. Anyway, this fish is not for the faint-hearted because the number of bones is more than the number of your hair (joking). Serious, it has a lot of bones. Maybe two or three fine as hair bones per centimetre. But one thing great is you can eat the scales after you fry the fish. It's better than crackers! Dip it with some soy sauce and a bit of oil, you can eat 3 bowls of rice with just one fish.

Sadly, this overpriced fish is dwindling in number because of overfishing in South East Asia, but you can still buy it once a while. Don't buy it like you are buying anchovies (Bilis Fish, haha, no, it's Ikan Bilis). Most of the fish in Malaysia market comes from Sarawak! All hail Sarawak!!!

Ignore the myserious number at the lower right corner because [Read disclaimer below]. I don't know you guys like this fish, but its meat is very sweet, sweeter than catfish!


Before I begin, don't say I didn't warn you!

6) Kuih Chap
Seriously, I don't know what's its English name. It took me 1 hour to Google (R) the photo (because Sarawak style of this is very different. I am from Kedah, so you know...) and it took me another hour to find any meaningul translation. In the end...

I gave up.

This food is very nice for breakfast: salty brown thing and plain white thing in a aromatic soupy thing. OK, it's salted pork skin and flour in duck soup. In Chinese, kuih chap means flour juice. Yucks! Anyway it's good for breakfast, with protein, fat and carbohydrate, with H2O to help in digestion too! Usually you can eat it with Yau Char Kuey. And it tastes very nice! I can only find it in the Northern states like Penang and Kedah, I can't find it in Perak... =(. So I only eat it when I go back to my birthplace...

This is the right photo. Other photos provided look more like bak kut teh than this, just because they are Sarawakian style. All hail Sarawak!!!

7) Bak Kut Teh
OMG, I remember my uncle taught his son that this food in English is "meat bone tea". I faint at such sight!

I tell you, it is nutritious but heaty. Do not take it on hot weather! Either you get pimples, or fever. Unless the one you eat is actually not boiled herbs, but already pre-packed herbs. It's difficult to find nice bak kut teh. But anyway, show you the pic and save me from typing:

Above:  In case you don't know what is Yau Char Kuey, this is it

Disclaimer #1: All this [Read disclaimer below] refers to the Disclaimer #2 below.
Disclaimer #2: Disclaimer: Disclaimer #2 actually refers to Note #1 above.
Disclaimer #3: All photos are taken from elsewhere. See Disclaimer #4
Disclaimer #4: I am handsome. See Note #2.
Disclaimer #5: Photos are taken from Google(R)
Disclaimer #6: I do not intend to irritate you. See Note #3.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Suit Tastes

I am a man who suits people tastes. Oh God.

I remember once,
I was going for a drink, I called up my friends who love to drink and chitchat with me.
I was going for Harry Potter, I rang my Potter-friends to watch with me.
I was going to cook something, I brought my hungry friends to eat.

And I am very sad to see that none of them could do the same till I made the offer.

I am afraid of celebrating my own birthday without my family, because I know nobody will celebrate with me.
I am afraid of asking people out because they don't like me go to the bookstore for even 2 minutes.
I am afraid of celebrating people's birthday because I can see that how lonely I am.

Nonetheless, I have to get strong =).

I am born alone, not born as twins, not born with soul friends, unless I am an Avicor which two birds are meant to fly together, mate together and lay the eggs together. Avicor is fictitious, but I am no fiction.

If I were to fly, I have to fly it myself. =)


I don't know why you all like to lie to me. I fucking hate lies. Because I am emotionally unstable so you tell lies? Whatever. I don't know who am I to you or who are you to me anymore. Trust me, I don't want to know because I hate people tell lies to me. Every time a lie pops up, the hurting truth appears.

Fuck that shit.

I hold on to my words. I slapped myself awake, I punched myself in the stomach. I needed to wake up. And I did, I just vomited after punching myself up. Don't care to look at my bruised body, because I will tell the same lie you tell me. I don't like telling lies, so I won't. So that means I won't talk.

You guys are liars, fucking liars!

Now, besides my real family, I am not going to trust you guys anymore. On acquaintance level? Maybe. Friends? Lower possibility. Best friends? Deleted. That's it. Weivian was right. I shouldn't have placed too much trust.

My parents are right about friendship. My parents knew all way long and I didn't listen. I dedicated a wrong portion of time to a wrong person. Always.

Now I take that portion away and give it to myself. Don't care. Too many times I make a mistake, and too many times I never wake. This time, after battering myself, I woke. I only torture myself twice, this is the third time.

Yes, I am a psycho. I am a lunatic. So?

Just get the fucking way off from me! It's my life and I am born this way!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Slappity Slap!


Ouch.... not?
Hmm, I remembered when I was in primary school, there was this one psycho teacher who asked us to slap ourselves whenever we did something wrong. She said, "I won't cane you because it's not my responsibility to cane you. You did something wrong, you have to bear the responsibility. You did something wrong, you have to punish yourself. Why ask me to cane you?"

And thus: *PIAK~!*

I woke up from a slap. It's... enlightening, I tell you. When you are blur, lost or pissed, give yourself a nice tight slap on your cheek. That slap, sparks fire. I am a lunatic, I know, but who doesn't know that? *troll face*

I remember the first time I beat someone up. I slapped him on the cheek till he got internal bleeding. The red veins that pulsed under his thin pale skin while he cried and begged for me to let go. I held on to his arm and continued slapping him for 5 minutes.

Those rosy cheeks, are rosier than rose. *troll face*

Anyway. Just a random blog.

*PIAK~!* Haven't you got something else to do?