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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Slappity Slap!


Ouch.... not?
Hmm, I remembered when I was in primary school, there was this one psycho teacher who asked us to slap ourselves whenever we did something wrong. She said, "I won't cane you because it's not my responsibility to cane you. You did something wrong, you have to bear the responsibility. You did something wrong, you have to punish yourself. Why ask me to cane you?"

And thus: *PIAK~!*

I woke up from a slap. It's... enlightening, I tell you. When you are blur, lost or pissed, give yourself a nice tight slap on your cheek. That slap, sparks fire. I am a lunatic, I know, but who doesn't know that? *troll face*

I remember the first time I beat someone up. I slapped him on the cheek till he got internal bleeding. The red veins that pulsed under his thin pale skin while he cried and begged for me to let go. I held on to his arm and continued slapping him for 5 minutes.

Those rosy cheeks, are rosier than rose. *troll face*

Anyway. Just a random blog.

*PIAK~!* Haven't you got something else to do?

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