Sunday, December 11, 2011

Suit Tastes

I am a man who suits people tastes. Oh God.

I remember once,
I was going for a drink, I called up my friends who love to drink and chitchat with me.
I was going for Harry Potter, I rang my Potter-friends to watch with me.
I was going to cook something, I brought my hungry friends to eat.

And I am very sad to see that none of them could do the same till I made the offer.

I am afraid of celebrating my own birthday without my family, because I know nobody will celebrate with me.
I am afraid of asking people out because they don't like me go to the bookstore for even 2 minutes.
I am afraid of celebrating people's birthday because I can see that how lonely I am.

Nonetheless, I have to get strong =).

I am born alone, not born as twins, not born with soul friends, unless I am an Avicor which two birds are meant to fly together, mate together and lay the eggs together. Avicor is fictitious, but I am no fiction.

If I were to fly, I have to fly it myself. =)

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