Friday, December 16, 2011


People boast. Don't deny that.

People say my life is boring. I don't club and I don't watch dramas. But I want to say something back, besides watching nonsensical dramas, what you've got in your life? I pity those people who grew up playing and watching TV.

I puke on that.

I am lucky to have lovable parents. They took me out to the park and play. They taught me how to look for centipedes and millipedes. They taught me those are rubber seeds, not stones and how they burst and flew across the park. They taught me how snail lay eggs.

They took me to a book fair where I can buy my favourite book. I didn't read as a child. I looked at pictures. I have a huge encyclopedia "for children" (the title) and filled with loads of British history, performing arts techniques, evolution, astronomy and culture as well as literature. I never read those. I gazed through. That's how I learn. I have photographic learning skills. I still can remember how Joseph Haydn perform for his father.

I bet you don't know who is he.

Let's throw out another name: Yuri Gagarin.

Doesn't ring a bell? Too bad... That's what I am worrying now. Youngsters nowadays have almost 0 knowledge on general knowledge. It's sad to even hear "Where is Eiffel Tower hah?"

My parents encourage me to read mostly because TV wasn't that great back then, only TV1, TV2 and TV3, while cartoons only show on 9am to 11am and Ultraman or Power Rangers in the evenings. So I watched only Batman, Robocop, X-files and of course National Geographic.

I have a piano to play with and a huge stack of paper to draw with. My parents encouraged creativity. There I am, writing novels and short stories, composing songs, teaching performings, drawing fantasy animals and even invent technologies to manipulate matter and energy.

Nowadays, people are just showing off gadgets and cars. Samsung, Toshiba and Apple. I am not really fancy into this, but so what if you have those gadgets? Your primary function of those aren't any different than a Nokia 3310.

I have a galaxy and universe map pasted on my wall, a period table full with crystalisation form and electrovoltage on my wall. I have a star chart. I have relativity equation. Alcubierre drive metrics. Krasnikov tube solutions...

I am lucky enough that I know more plants than my friends.
I am lucky enough to even know the Linnaeus Binomial species name. (If you don't know L.B,, you are forgivable because you are in the wrong category).
I am lucky enough to know how Earth was formed and when.
I am lucky enough to tell the entire evolution of animals from bacteria way up to Homo Sapiens.
I am lucky enough to play Mozart's masterpiece and Debussy's picture.

Now, let me ask you, if I take away your laptop and TV, and give you a Nokia 3310. Will you be able to survive?

I am disappointed to know that nobody knows who is Lewis Carroll or even Brothers Grimm.

Change your learning attitude youths! Learning is not confined to textbooks and formal education. Go search your own knowledge for knowledge equals infinity!

*Prays hard the next generation won't be like this


  1. ok..out of all..i envy this:

    "I am lucky enough to play Mozart's masterpiece and Debussy's picture."


  2. haha.... dun jiajia... u shake hands with that fellow guitarist!!!