Sunday, December 11, 2011


I don't know why you all like to lie to me. I fucking hate lies. Because I am emotionally unstable so you tell lies? Whatever. I don't know who am I to you or who are you to me anymore. Trust me, I don't want to know because I hate people tell lies to me. Every time a lie pops up, the hurting truth appears.

Fuck that shit.

I hold on to my words. I slapped myself awake, I punched myself in the stomach. I needed to wake up. And I did, I just vomited after punching myself up. Don't care to look at my bruised body, because I will tell the same lie you tell me. I don't like telling lies, so I won't. So that means I won't talk.

You guys are liars, fucking liars!

Now, besides my real family, I am not going to trust you guys anymore. On acquaintance level? Maybe. Friends? Lower possibility. Best friends? Deleted. That's it. Weivian was right. I shouldn't have placed too much trust.

My parents are right about friendship. My parents knew all way long and I didn't listen. I dedicated a wrong portion of time to a wrong person. Always.

Now I take that portion away and give it to myself. Don't care. Too many times I make a mistake, and too many times I never wake. This time, after battering myself, I woke. I only torture myself twice, this is the third time.

Yes, I am a psycho. I am a lunatic. So?

Just get the fucking way off from me! It's my life and I am born this way!

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