Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Soul Friends

If only I have someone like myself, no gamble, no beer, no clubbing... and someone who can feel the same thing as I do, that would be awesome. Really awesome.

Damn, how I dislike people doing that three no-nos! I think it's a trend. Whatever.

I got envious yesterday. LOL. I saw my friend is being taken out for ENTIRE day because his friend said he had to take a time off from the studies, so they went and played for one whole day. Don't ask me whether they involved in the three no-nos, I don't want to know. I just know he came back after midnight... @@, more than 24 hours of fun: movies, eating, strolling...

Ahhh.... sentimental.

It's much better than the three no-nos. Walk around the streets while chatting, sit inside a quiet restaurant, play computer games together etc.

Gosh! They are actually 'dating'! LOL! I don't mind, because they are good friends. You should see how they celebrate each other's birthday! It makes people wish to have such friends. =). And of course, because of this, I started to TTM. I wonder when I can get some friend like them.


Back to reality.

Soul friends are getting rarer and rarer through time. Let's make a new move!

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