Friday, November 11, 2011

Rain Over Me

Seriously this 'Rain Over Me' song sounds like Old McDonald Had A Farm, in which the rhyme goes 'Ee-aye-ee-aye'. LOL. Don't beat me, fans. I am just being... crappy.

I am in the library now, facing the window that shows the sky being divided into two halves. One is grey and another in white. Two totally different weather climate. Stormy and clear. Perhaps it is meant to depict my heart inside? I dunno.

Lately I have been feeling different. Feeling relieved that at least the pressure in my mind has successfully dispersed into everyone around me and received better auras. True, previously I have been pouring all my life into a single person and I always tell myself I only trust that single person. Now, I am sprinkling it all over. Haha.

I had fun with everyone this week, at least not to bother something that has the possibility slightly above zero on the scale. LOL. Mixed around more with Vancy and the gang, like Chin Min, joke with Wei Vian, saw Siew Cheng and JiXuan, usual partnering with Puay Cian and Sock Thing, got 'taken' care by Rachel and the sarcastic gang, talked super lot with many people like Zhi Bin and Dinesh as well as Andy.

Countless of people. Love you guys. At least my time is not about just waiting for a single reply or people to spend with me. ^^. Wai Hong is true all along.XD.

And one more thing, first came Nicara, then came Areiqira and Tyr-Hura Khan, now comes the new family of Othripus Lords ---- Aradnere! He is Dinesh. Hehe. So plus me, as Neruvatar, there are five of us now! I am keen to give him a name. Now I will call him Aradnere instead of Dinesh now.


Well, there is a major cock-up about the 11.11.11 thingy. For me, it might mean something like spending with someone special as the double '1' could mean anything like couple. Since I don't have any gf, or anything close to special (When the special-ed one was apparently to be too busy to spend time with me more), I think it's already 'self-compensating' that I have someone else already.

Sheesh, sounds horrible.

No, it isn't. I assure you. I am merely pointing the fact that I am just too focus on someone else last time. Now it isn't. Hehe... Well, gotta study now! Just recovered from ill yesterday, gotta take care of my self. Thanks to my twin!

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