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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Stupid coined word. A person who is very prone to emo is described as being 'emotical'. Really. It's a stupid word. Don't ask why and where that word comes from.

I don't know it is worth writing, but hmm, Zhi Bin's H2O campaign keeps hitting me at the back of my brain like this campaign is to mean something. It's not any sense of deja vu. It's like something I have missed. Anyway, I am glad we finally talked.

Yeah, go ahead and asked who made the first move. Yeah, it was me (what? You didn't expect it?)

I am glad, seriously. More than glad perhaps. I think he is one of the person (only) that I can see myself in him. Hehe.

Anyway, move on.

People have been asking me about "Sayang" here and there. And I wondered why. What, you mean when you see me you have to see him too? Well, bad news, I ain't with him very much in this semester, maybe the next as well.

Nah, nothing has gone wrong (insofar). Did I miss him? Err, I don't know. The main thing I miss the time I spend with him like last semester. Yeah, he is busy, so what can I do? Wait patiently? No, I did something more beneficial. So I guess, I can put him behind my back for some while till he is free (which the probability is close to anywhere above zero. LOL). So why wait for something?

So yeah, I didn't make any move to SMS him or anything because everything will be just washed down the drain. So, advice for this semester: don't waste money on fruitless effort.


OK. I don't have much time to write this blog either. I have a bigger thing to come with this Saturday. So, sorry blog, I can't write much or draw something on you, but please be patient yeah. I still come back to you.


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