Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hmm, seems like yesterday everyone was into alcohols. You know, I got sick with these. Beer. And they don't even know the real process of making commercialized beer. How pathetic! When they want to have fun: Beer. When they are emo-ing: Beer.

Beer is the solution?

Everybody is going down to Ipoh, just for that. I think I feel disgraced about that. My state as a place for 'beer-ing'. How great.

Anyway, I am not going to talk about those. Those are the trends. "If you are old enough, you should visit those places". It makes my face turns into this: =.=

So yeah, yesterday I came back from PJ with tired and hungry soul. It was raining and I walked back from McDonald's. The footsteps I have taken, slamming those energy into my weakened heart. I have realised that who are the ones I can turn to when I have problem.

It was a pleasant thought. Seriously.

I am happy I made my first step to somebody. A Rogula. For me, Rogula is always there whenever I need help. Always. Unless you count sleeping time and bathing time and meal time in. While everyone was busy making assumptions out of me such as "he doesn't play DotA; he doesn't drink; he is weak", I think Rogula is the one truly understands.

We are just like twins!

I mean, we have the same likes and dislikes!

How great can that be! A total similarity that reflects over its axis!

I don't like people to suit my taste. I want them to do whatever they want. If they feel I am left out, I seriously don't wish them to act like my way and have time with me. You think that's great consoling people? Nah, in me, I am ripping myself into pieces.

I hate people take pity on me when I am not pitiful.

I prefer people to be like me. Like a reflection. Then we can go a long way from there. Just like Rogula. You can't have believed how fast things grow between us, even we didn't meet each other much. But I learn a lot from Rogula and so does he, without pressure.

We are on equal terms.

I have reforged myself. Instead of pursuing fantasy dreams of relationships, I prefer this one. Seriously. I bet many of you (except those who are from NS) know what I like and dislike. Most of you get it because I sometimes slip it out from my mouth, but is that the true one? Maybe. But definitely not wholly.

So before you say what I like and dislike, I think you better think twice. No, I don't want to be taken out for dinners because nobody takes me out. No, I don't want to be taken out for fun because nobody takes me out. No, I don't want to have fun because you want to see me smile.

There is definitely more to those than those. If you can't figure it out, then don't do all these to me and I will be a happy bunny. The reason why you can't figure it out is because I don't even want to tell you. Not even a try.

So, yeah, I have reforged myself. After the meeting, I got some new missions now. Hypochlorus action. I won't wait for you anymore. The moment you say "next time", is another cross-out I made on my list. So those of you have said this, you should know what's "left" on my list.

I am not being strict on relationship. I am being cautious. I am a person who puts a lot of hope in people. In return, I don't want to get disappointed. That's why.

So, have you said "next time" to me many times before?

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