Thursday, November 24, 2011

Strong Heart

It would seem that I am weak huh? Irregular heartbeats, sensitive to sugar level, sensitive to preservatives and additives...

And one thing is, I keep complaining it to people.

Eff it!

I remembered I said I won't whine one effing bit of word about my being. I remembered I am being labelled as 'Sick-O' and 'Psycho'.

Eff it!

I won't do that again. I won't. I don't care. If I am sick, I am sick. If people ask me to do something while I am ill, I just tell them I am not able to do it YET. I won't tell them I am ill. I am sick of people trying to taunt me. SICK OF IT.

Who the eff you are to have to know I am sick right? It's my body, my mind and my soul. It's not effing yours. I know it. So don't you effing worry about it.

My wellbeing, can only be known by my family. If I feel I am not quite right, I will only tell my family. At least they know what's going on. So, who are YOU to know? Even if you know you still pass me tasks to complete. What, you mean you can't draw those wood on your own? Eff it! That's a pretty lame excuse!

I shouldn't have told people I can speak English.
I shouldn't have told people I can draw.

This place is full of shit and junk. You all just want to use me. Nobody truly understands how to treasure and acknowledge.

Eff it!

I don't want to talk anymore.

I am glad the only one who is so supportive now is Rogula. Tomorrow, to hell to those people who keeps demanding my work. It's NOT MY WORK. You want it, you GO DO IT YOURSELF.

UNsunkerable creatures.

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