Friday, November 18, 2011

It's A Bad Day

It's not that bad after all.

I see you asking me "When are you cycling home?"
I replied, "Around 1pm. Why?"

There wasn't any reply till I saw you grinning in front of my house when I reached home. That grin made me somewhat a little better. The little burger you held between your palm, asking, "You hungry? I haven't eaten yet, maybe we can sit down and have some burger before we go, k?"

Even though you said you haven't eaten, you are the one who kept stuffing my plate with food.

I am really grateful. You are supposed to do your assignment, but you still came over. I feel... I don't know. I am just really grateful to know you. And thanks to you, I am feeling much better, hopefully tomorrow will be another great day, despite my midterm coming (T.T).

You know what's great about you?

You are like a shifting shadow. Whenever I feel like I need someone, you are there for me. You are always there. I am not sure whether you skip class or not, but you keep saying you only take 3 subjects in this semester.


It's not a bad day with you.

I am looking forward to see more of this rainbow-y day with you, if you are able to. =D

For now, I have to figure out my dinner again.

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