Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Don't Blame Me

Don't blame me. It's just that I feel very vulnerable in my past till it makes me feel like I am a shattered-but-pieced-up glass. That's why when I have some great relationships which I wished for, I tend to do whatever it takes to protect it.

If it even means boiling down to pure jealousy.

It's not my fault. Just like my serious, hard-ass face. It's because of my past, I have this stucked face on me. So, if I appear to be bothering you too much, protecting you too much, you should be aware that I am really treasuring this kind of relationship till I never intend to let it go.

"Your eyes perceive, not see. Don't blame the photons shooting at your retina to spoil your mood. Blame your brain for perceiving those neural signal negatively.
Photons from what you see are innocent. Spare them."

This is what I wrote on Facebook just now.

So, I guess I know several mistakes of mine when I sense one. Just thank everyone who has their patience on me. I think something from Zhi Bin has 'contaminated' me. Thanks!

And of course my brother, who suffers the most from my emotional turmoils, and still forgiving.

My girl friends (please notice the space between the word 'girl' and 'friends') who sometimes lift my soul up when I thought the world is grey.

Hey, weather has its patterns. So I have to bear in mind that it is my own perception. I have to control it now. The photons are still innocent

Photons, you are so unbiased that I SALUTE YOU!!!!

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