Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Formalities vs Informalities

I want to get crazy with friends. The older I get, the lesser crazy friends I've got. People keep boasting about how close between them and me, keep saying how proud they are to have me, keep saying love you to me etc


Sadly, it's not me.

I want to feel being loved. I want to get crazy with all the jokes on Earth. People have been cautious and thinking thrice before telling me a joke. They are so afraid that their jokes went beyond sex, nudity, torture, discrimination and violence.

I mean, come on. =.=

Nobody knows my true colours now. The older I get, the more people think I am slightly serious, but never crazy.

Oh how I missed those days I sliced my dick and catered for the girls. Oh how I missed the days where we tugged each other shirts and laughed like idiots.

Face it, there isn't anyone like this now

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