Friday, October 29, 2010

Si Pat Por

Dear bloggie,
If Emun didn't tell me about it, I will continue to dream Miss Por in UTAR as the best academic advisor and one day I will meet her and give her some presents. That's right, she has RESIGNED.

Wait, no confusion here. The title 'Si pat por' is NOT referring to Miss Por... Those of you who likes Miss Por, add her on Facebook, by the name 'Christine Por'... (Sounds like Christine Dior, LOL)

I really cannot stand (Conscious: 'Then sit lah!') the attitude of that SI PAT POR. Everything also ask. None of my business also ask. Not my subject also ask. Go ask your boyfriend la.

Ask ask ask... you EVOLVE already is it? Last time 'WHY WHY WHY', now not only 'WHY' still have 'WHAT, WHO, WHERE, HOW, WHICH' and ended with giggle.

Giggle your head lah, si pat por!

Don't just study for your CGPA, what about your brain and common sense? When I see your photos emerging from my right hand corner of my computer screen, I shake violently (WARNING: not shudder, is SHAKE), as if a terrorist finding a place to plant a bomb....

Counter-strike: the bomb has been planted!

Si pat por, do things please use your brain!

PS: now the time is 1230am, and guess what, our little girl Emun (Evil emun) is still awake!)

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