Friday, October 29, 2010

Removing flabby tummy


Warning: This exercise has certain conditions, namely~

  1. You are not that fat

  2. You are aware that only your tummy is growing

  3. You are not after middle-aged

  4. You are not having a gas-bloated stomach

  5. You have not eaten for the past 3 hours, at least

  6. You must warm up and stretch before doing this

  7. Be patient

  8. Obey the above instructions.

Removing flabby tummy in 10 minutes a day:

First, you have to understand that your flabby tummy is caused by the droop of your innards (eg liver, pancreas, stomach and intestine) and not the fat. This is due to long period of sitting, remain immobile or hunchback. The innards begin to collapse and thus pushing your pelvic muscle. To adapt an analogy, it is like pushing a small balloon down to your pelvic region, stressing your pelvic muscle.

Now, to remove it:

  1. Place a pillow under your waist and hip to make your body a gentle U-shape. (But NOT TOO MUCH!!!)

  2. Stretch your arms straight, pointing away from your head.

  3. Stretch your legs straight, pointing away from your body.

  4. Hold that position for 10 minutes per day

  5. Voila! Well done!

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