Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kiasu Kamparians

WARNING: Readers' discretion advised. The following post contained harsh language which is inappropriate for readers below 13 or any equivalent age in any region

I can't stand it anymore!
(Conscious: Sit down lah!)
[Shut up, conscious! I'm angry here!]

You know what, Kampar students, specifically UTARians who drive cars, MOST of them are SOOOOOO KIASU! Because of that, many cyclists' lives are in danger. F it!

Incident #1
One day, I was cycling to school. I was at the bridge crossing the lake in the campus. Then I have to cross to the other side to reach for the shortcut near Block A which will lead me directly to Block B. But the point is, I was cycling on the right shoulder of the road. So, I have to cross the road to reach to the left and take that ramp down.

I look ahead (or the incoming traffic): NO CARS.
I look behind (or the tailing traffic): ONE CAR, but it is about 500m away with a bump between us.

Decision: CROSS

Then guess what? The car behind began to speed up incredibly. So fast that the driver ignored the road bump and just rammed over just to drive through before I could cross.

At that moment, I was already at the middle of the road. I was like: WHAT THE HELL? Do you honestly think a cyclist will make you LATE for school? By the way, you are so far. Even after I crossed the road, you still hadn't reach me. IDIOT!

Incident #2
Me and my friend was trying to cross the Westlake Homes junction. We were going to Harvard. When we reached the junction, we did all we did.

Look left: NO CARS
Look right: A FEW. But they were at the Guard house. Too far to take into consideration.

And so, we crossed.

Just as we cycled one full round, the cars began to pick up speed and zoom so fast. We thought we were going to be killed. Even the guards were also stunned. Come on, drivers! We are just cyclists crossing the road. We know we are slow, because WE DON'T HAVE AN ENGINE!!! But can't you just be patient while we cross the road about 1 KILOMETRE away???

Incident #3
This thing happened today. In the morning. 9.05am.

I cycled out of my house and prepared to go to school. There was this Kenari parking at Beijing houses (I was cycling on the Oxford houses side. So we are just opposite each other). The driver apparently was picking up 4 passengers. The engine was still off and the passengers was about to board the Kenari.

So, I ignored them. I just kept my lane and continued cycling. But when I approached the Kenari, that driver just got insane. He quickly ignited the engine and swerved his car to make a U-turn so fast that his passenger hadn't even close the door after boarding. The U-turn was made 3 INCHES away from my bike.


You want me to get KILLED is it? I am cycling. So what if I passed your car first? This is not a race at all.


Incident #4

Yup. This is a common situation in Kampar. Speed.

I hate them. Speed for what? Like Chinese always curses: 'You speed for can't wait to get reincarnate, is it?'

The students driving sucks. Drive so fast, thinking very 'yeng'. Then before the road bump, they apply brake (or they sometimes don't), then continue speeding AGAIN.

When bumps were made in Kampar, they complained like old ladies of the bumps being too high.

Excuse me, if you don't speed, THERE WON'T BE A SPEED BUMP! IDIOT!!!

Incident #5
Along the road leading to YumYum, erm, I mean from the Westlake Guard post to YumYum that road, is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS place to cycle.

Cars speed and come out of nowhere without warning.

So, the authorities made a few bumps.


You see, there is a red lane on both sides of the road. Those are for cyclists. And the bumps are stretched over the bitumen road, but not the red lanes.

And so, those bastards, they drive on the red lane just to avoid the bumps.



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