Sunday, November 7, 2010

Of Lamb and Duck

Honestly speaking, I don't like chicken meat anymore.

(Conscious: What about KFC?)
I haven't take it for YEARS!
(Conscious: What about McD?)
For 15 years I have not take that!

Roasted chicken, Steam chicken, fried chicken, BBQ chicken, seared chicken, grilled chicken, panfried chicken, boiled chicken, poached chicken.... ALL THOSE ARE A BIG CROSS FOR ME!

It's disgusting to eat chicken with those hormones and antibiotics. I don't rule out the possibilities that other meat might have those as well, but come on, besides beef, chicken is the 2nd largest market share of eating in the WORLD. To increase supply, those are necessary actions.

Now, my mum bought me a roasted duck. I never liked duck drumstick until yesterday. The drumstick was so juicy. When you chew it, the juice just burst and fill your mouth with all the aroma and herbs. The meat is so tender that you thought you are eating a fish. Every chew is a satisfaction to the MAX!

Lamb. My favourite meat. People complain lamb having a weird smell. Well, let me tell you this. Those are not smell unless you buy the wrong lamb. I don't see this probem at all. The meat is firm and when you chew it, the meat just melts! Special offer: go to Ola-Ola Cafe in Ipoh, somewhere near Jusco... SUPERB!!!

Well, anyway, I don't see the point of writing blog... Just me being gelojoh....


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