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Monday, January 17, 2011

13th Horoscope

Bah, because of the newspaper report, many people are surprised. I am not, actually.

The 13th Horoscope, Ophiuchus, exists far before human ever step on land. It is just after Scorpio and before Saggitarius. Now, let me tell you what about Horoscopes.

Zodiacs, or Horoscopes, are NOT as equal-length as each other. Previously (or presently, if you want to argue) the 12 Horoscopes are divided EQUALLY to accomodate the 12 months of our Earth year. Why? To ease calculation and astrology. Really.


Some horoscopes (constellations) are smaller than another. The biggest constellation in the nightsky is Virgo, it should span about 3 months appearing at the Earth's sky. But Astrologers make it available for only 1 month. Scorpio, is very small, lasting about 2 to 3 weeks, and yet, in the Zodiac, it lasts for 1 month.

Short conclusion: Easy calculation.

And, ancient people wondered the 13th horoscope appearing: Ophiuchus. They didn't take it in as one of the horoscopes. Reasons?

Number 1: There are twelve months in a year with each zodiac taking care of each month. What if there are 13th horoscopes? Imagine that. What, you get 3 weeks, 2 days, 4 hours, 32 minutes and 5 seconds duration for a horoscope (just a rough guess). So, by having 12 horoscopes, one horoscope duration is only a month. SENANG KIRA.

Number 2: Superstitious. People are so superstitious that they avoid number 13 everywhere they go. Trisdekaphobia. Fear of 13. Demon's number. Don't believe me? You won't find 13th floor in any buildings, including Malaysia. You won't find 13th house in Malaysia. They are simply named as 11A, or 12A.

So guys, the 13th Horoscope is always there, but if you are faithful enough, keep the one that you are born in. Because when you are born, the constellation Ophiuchus is not permanent yet. So stick to it, No point changing. It's like you are born in 1 December 1991 (365 days), then when the year 2012 comes, you said 'Hey, my birthday is 2 December because this year got 366 days!'

No comment.

So, stick back to your horoscopes. Nothing changes. OK?

Byebye my Stalkers.

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